Best CCTV Cameras Under Rs 20000

We have a list for you if you are looking for the best CCTV cameras on a tight budget. Here are several cameras that are now on sale in India for less than Rs. 20,000. The cameras are organized accordingly. With the most recent model at the top. The important details of each camera that should be noted always: are camera type, effective pixels, sensor type, display type, display size, and battery type, which are also given alongside.

List of Best CCTV cameras under Rs 20000/-

  • HikVision

China-based HikVision is the company. This company’s security products are well known across the world. The HikVision firm has introduced a wide variety of CCTV cameras. This firm offers a wide variety of IP and HD analog cameras. This IP camera has a built-in feature that includes a motion audio sensor as well.

This company offers a wide range of advantages to its clients, including pricing, design, and image quality. Prices for HikVision cameras range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000. This camera’s unique selling point is the excellent resolution and extensive coverage it provides.

  • Zicom

Zicom is a limited corporation that sells electronic security systems. It was founded in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in 1994. As the business expanded, it became involved in the design, import, testing, programming, installation, and provision of premium electronic security systems.

The CCTV price of Zicom is between Rs 1200 to Rs 20,000. The Zicom CCTV camera is good at night and is waterproof and dustproof. The 1MP infrared technology lens detects objects that are away in and about 10 meters.

  • CP Plus – Best CCTV Camera 2022

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The company is a leader in the provision of cutting-edge security and surveillance systems. The goal of the firm is to make monitoring relatively simple and reasonably priced. This company’s major goal is to provide a secure place for everyone on the earth. High-definition IP video security cameras for intelligent analog are among the company’s offerings.

The built-in features of CP Plus CCTV cameras include a built-in microphone, ethernet, a motion detector, and many more functions. Depending on the features, and service charges the CP Plus CCTV price range between 1000 to 18000 rupees.

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  • Samsung

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The Samsung Company sells a range of goods all over the world, including semiconductors, consumer electronics, medical equipment, household appliances, cameras, and storage devices including SD cards, DRAM, and SRAM. High resolution and unmatched Virtual Progressive Scan functionality are provided by its camera quality for a variety of applications.

The Brand Samsung is all over the world right now. And it has its trademark set to give the best electronic gadgets. Similarly, one such digital device is the HD camera by Samsung. You can buy the best Digital CCTV camera’s Under 20000 in Samsung.

A Samsung camera costs between 6,000 and 20,000 rupees. The camera has a metal body with powder coating and an internal 1.3M CMOS image sensor. Additionally, it offers a 12-volt DC power source. The Samsung camera is waterproof, dustproof, and has excellent night vision.


An international brand with registration in England and Wales is this HI-FOCUS camera. A committed R&D team creates the HI-Focus camera, offering methods for evaluating security before it is made available on the Indian market. That is the reason it is one of the best CCTV brands in India.

A broad variety of devices, including analog HD cameras and IP cameras, are available. HD video recorders, biometric systems, and PoE switches are the main key features enhanced by the company. Its initial price is Rs 15,000.00. It will make a terrific pick for you because of its excellent camera quality.

  • Dahua

A Chinese firm called Dahua supplies cutting-edge video surveillance goods and services to the public security, building, and government sectors as well as to retailers and consumers. Hence, it is a top CCTV Camera Brand in India.

Dahua Technology provides a customer-centric experience. It is highly in demand across the world covering 150+ nations. Additionally, it offers products and services of the highest caliber for a variety of network and PTZ cameras, ensuring the highest level of protection.

  • Godrej CCTV Surveillance

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One of the most popular and Best CCTV camera brands in India is Godrej. Customers have relied on the top quality and durability of their products. Customers find purchasing Godrej items more fun because of the incredible features and excellent quality at an affordable price.

Godrej is well recognized on the market for their other products, but they are also skilled in the area of security cameras. It has a smart playback feature, a 360-degree pan-tilt function, and mobile alertness.


BOSCH is a global company that sells items in a few nations. The company manufactures its goods at six facilities across Asia, Europe, and the United States, and it offers the highest quality products.

According to Bosch, the best professional video surveillance system goes beyond security with crucial video analytics standards integrated. The best brand of CCTV cameras is Bosch. As we are all aware, modern IP cameras are more feature-rich and technologically advanced than analog cameras.

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The list of the top best CCTV cameras under Rs 20,000 is now complete. They all offer cutting-edge features to wonderfully capture your treasured moments.

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