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Subtle things men do that women like

Girls are complex machinery. TRUE!! But it takes only a few pretty, little gestures to make them fall in love with you. It doesn’t always have to be a fancy dinner or an expensive gift to sweep her off her feet, sometimes just a peck on the cheek is enough. Trust me; dinner at the most extravagant restaurant is nothing compared to a home cooked food by the man with a cute candle lit on the table. It is one of the most romanticized gestures that could light up stars in her eyes.

Here are some cute little things that men do that girls find totally cute and sexy and can’t get enough of it.

Leaving sweet, little notes

It is very sweet and romantic when a guy leaves cute, little messages on the bedside table or the bathroom mirror or on a refrigerator. It shows how you think about her all the time.

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Complimenting her

Every girl loves a compliment, even if she claims to be more like a tomboy.  A little admiration never goes to waste.  Believe it or not, nothing makes a girl blush more frequently than him saying those gracious words about her.

Small physical gestures

Whether it is holding hands, a swift kiss, brushing her hair with your fingers or tickling her to make her laugh, these small gestures makes a girl’s heart skip a beat every single time.

Making long eye contacts

Conversations are important. Yes! But who said anything about blabbering all the time? Take a moment and see the love in each other’s eyes. Let them speak for you and just capture the pretty picture of your love. Girls find it a lot more sexier than you think.

Planning dates with dress code

Planning dates are important. And I say, doing it the old school way is the best way. Say, fix a date in advance, ask her to dress according to a dress code and keep her wondering what’s next to come. This will keep her excited and she will adore your efforts.

Greeting like a Gentleman

There’s is nothing sexier than a guy behaving like a perfect gentleman. From pulling out a chair for her at a restaurant to greeting her gently when they meet is a far more intimate gesture than one might think.

Walking on the outside of the road

Yeah, you see it right. It’s actually kind of cute when guys do that. It makes a girls feel protected and special. Do it quite often and you might get yourself a treat sometime soon.


While too much PDA could be gross but showing a little bit of affection in public is somewhat a need. It shows that you are proud to have what you have and the girl is always gracious to own the title of “HIS GIRL”. Hug her, put your arm around her shoulder, entangle your fingers into hers and let her and everyone around know that you are meant to be.

Taking mental notes of things that she needs

Girls love when guys remember small details about everything they once said. Be it a desire for the famous parantha from delhi-6 or a pretty, little, black dress she once saw in AND showroom, it could be anything.

Making sure you are safe sided when you are crowded

It’s pretty great when guys do this kind of stuff. Putting their arm over her should while on a bar to save her from a sleazy guy or when the guy grabs her, pulling her away from crowd where no one leans on her. It is kind of charming in some ways.

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Sharing his feelings

It is said that guys suck at sharing feelings. I know it’s not easy to open up about your feelings all the time but it means a great deal for a girl to be a part of it. Still, if it is that big a deal for you to express, then try and start sharing what you did all day, make her a part of it. She is going to love that!

Singing songs for her, even if he is off the beats

Sounds funny, huh? Well, it is actually. But it is a nice thing to do. Singing a song to her that is just for her is adorable. You couldn’t help but notice the joy in her eyes telling you how much she loves it and appreciate it.

When he cooks

OMG! Yes, that the dream. Haha. Funnily enough, it is quite amusing for a girl to see his man cook for her and that my friend, slays everything. After all, ‘Dil ka raasta paet se hokar hi to jaata hai’.

Actually listening to what she says

It really doesn’t matter if a guy can help his girl out of misery but what really matters is that he is actually willing to hear what she wants to say and try to be supportive and non-judgmental. It means a to a girl.

When guys talk about their passion in life

It’s kind of sexy when guys talk passionately about their desires and aims in life. It makes a girl look at his man a bit differently and respectfully.


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