6 Must Visit Destinations In India

April 17, 2016

A wanderlust is always in a quest for beautiful places to explore and what better place is there than India which provides a plethora of destinations to be traversed. India is a diverse country of various regions, religions, flora and fauna accompanied with a vivid history, visible in its monuments and temples. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from the metropolitan Delhi to the greens of Meghalaya, from the humid Mumbai to the deserts of…


The Union Budget 2016

March 3, 2016

The much awaited Union Budget 2016 is out and has received mixed reactions: appreciation and criticism alike. It has received mixed responses from different sectors, including business and the social sector. The Budget 2016 has proposed plans in line with the developmental priorities of the nation; efforts are visible in the budget for the development of rural economy which is apparent from the 17000 Cr. Rs have been allotted to…


The Best Fest Jest

February 22, 2016

Fests are the magical things that make you forget everything and enjoy your time at college with your friends. There’s always great music, awesome food, star-studded concerts, colorful sights, and a lot more to enjoy as the camaraderie with friends builds and good moments turn into memories you shall reminiscence forever.   Hopping from one fest to another over the weekends filled with cool February nights and beautiful March mornings,…


Bollywood Bonanza 2016

February 17, 2016

While many are bouncing off the walls over the epic “Dead pool” or the most awaited “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice”; we, Bollywood folks, are turning bright eyed just looking at the long list of awesome movies that have been or are to be released this year! And for those poor ignorant souls who still haven’t heard about these movies of the millennium, hold you horses because 2016 seems to be a…


Victory’s Vendor: Virat

Virat Kohli
February 4, 2016

 Virat Kohli is charting a very special career for himself. He has been branded as the next “Sachin Tendulkar” for a better part of his career; it took a lot of runs and centuries to get rid of that tag, to make a name for himself, to be the first “Virat Kohli”. Virat Kohli is the polar opposite of a typical Indian cricketer, he is aggressive on field, he does…



January 16, 2016

It was a normal Thursday morning for Jakarta as people milled about when several gunmen and terrorists attacked in the heart of the capital. The first explosion that shook the country was around 10.30 in the morning near Starbucks that is close to the United Nations office as reported by Reuters. This explosion was followed by a coordinated assault by gunmen and suicide bombers across the city of Jakarta. The…


Happy New Year!

December 27, 2015

New years are always beautiful occasions. There is festivity in air, and the music of bursting firecrackers and the cacophony of laughter surrounds us as the fairy lights warm up the cold night. It is a magical sight to behold. As the clock strikes 12, we all open our arms to a new year of new beginnings, new things and a new soul. With New Year, comes hope that rejuvenates…


The Odd Epiphany

December 9, 2015

The chaotic morning of 4th December wasn’t anything out of ordinary for the Gupta household. The pressure cooker whistled in the kitchen forgotten as the mother argued with the maid, the kids busy playing odd even while waiting for breakfast, news running on the loudest volume and Mr. Gupta murmuring an old hindi song while he got ready to leave for office. It was chaos but this was a regular…