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Happy New Year!

New Year Parties in Bangalore 2018

New years are always beautiful occasions. There is festivity in air, and the music of bursting firecrackers and the cacophony of laughter surrounds us as the fairy lights warm up the cold night. It is a magical sight to behold. As the clock strikes 12, we all open our arms to a new year of new beginnings, new things and a new soul. With New Year, comes hope that rejuvenates each soul tired because of the trials of the past year.

New Year Parties in Delhi - NCR 2018
fireworks light up the way to a new year

Every New Year Eve some of us party hard to bid the previous year goodbye, some pray into the New Year and then there are few who just wish to be surrounded with close friends and family as we welcome the New Year with open arms and happy smiles.

Another ritual many people follow is to hope for a better year but seldom do we thank for the year that passed us by. We forget all the good that happened, all the happiness we felt, but all that haunts us are the hardships we faced. Let’s not be this bitter this year, let’s reminiscence all the good we experienced. Let’s remember all the memories we created, some documented and the laughter we shared with those close and dear.

friends celebrate new year
Have a Happy New Year- Mondler

Each New Year, all of us resolve to change something or the other in hopes of building better habits.  But as the days pass, we fall back into the mold and give up on all the difficult resolutions. We stop waking up early to jog, we get tempted by that chocolate cookie staring us in the face, we again light a cigarette to quench the need, we have that small sip of liquor that throws us back into a routine we have familiarized ourselves with over years. But sometimes, we do pull through and break the monotony to do what we aspire to. And that happiness takes us to cloud nine.

New Year Parties in Goa 2018
New year resolutions are always ‘fun’

This year, let’s do things a little different. Resolve if you wish to but don’t wait for 1st January to make it happen. Don’t limit yourself to dates and years but change when you realize the need for it. No one needs a calendar to tell when to change but a will to make it happen.

Calvin and hobbs this new year

Also, this New Year Eve get yourself a big glass jar. As big as you want your happiness to be in the new year. As big as you think your happiness could ever be. Decorate it the way you want and keep it on your bedside. Each day or each moment you experience even a smidgen of happiness record it on paper and keep it in the jar. And see how fast you fill the jar you thought big enough to hold all your happiness. And for every sad day simply look or read all records in the jar and you’ll have reason to hope, to believe in life. Get yourself a jar of happiness because you deserve it and much more!


Happy New Year!

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