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Aarya season 3

Aarya 3 Web Series | Aarya Cast, Review & Offers

Hotstar is the hub of some of the most happening web series and the Sushmita Sen ‘Aarya’ is garnering all the attention these days. After the resounding success of the first season and 2nd Season of Aarya series, we have Aarya season 3 web series out for the public. Watch Aarya Season 3 online on 3rd November 23 for free with your Hotstar Coupons.

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The last scene of Aarya Season 1 raises the question: Can Aarya Sareen escape from her past and the betrayal of her family to start a new life?

Aarya 2 web series has answered it quite well. This season was well-anticipated among the viewers and the anticipation ended on 10th December as it was Aarya Season 2 release date on Disney+ Hotstar. Though the series was adapted from the original and popular Dutch series, Penoza, director Ram Madhvani has conceptualized it for the Indian audience where a mother can go to every extent to keep her kids away from all danger. Now let’s Sit for Season 3 and thrill yourself in the world of Suspense.

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In this article, we will discuss the Hotstar new web series and how Aarya season 3 is sure to cross all the barriers to reaching success. Check out how to get Hotstar premium for free.

Aarya Cast Hotstar | Aarya season 3 release date

Aarya 3 will be released on the 3rd of November, 2023 making a huge social media craze about the Aarya season 3 release date. It was one of the most sought-after Hotstar web series and people loved the story and concept.

Aarya Cast Hotstar
Sushmita Sen
Chandrachur Singh
Namit Das
Ankur Bhatia
Viren Vazirani
Virti Vaghani
Pratyaksh Panwar
Sikandar Kher

In season 3 the main Role played by Sushmita Sen.Who enters in smuggling world and gangsters. The sherni is once again Sushmita Sen. This time, she turns into a gangster herself, drawing threats from both old and new adversaries. She can do anything for the safety of her children. In season 3 she wants to become a famous drug supplier and She’s offered the biggest transportation deal worth of ₹1000 crore. As in trailer shows, the one who wears the crown also becomes the target of many. So in this season, Aarya has more villains. This includes Sooraj (Indraneil Sengupta), the son-in-law of her dead father Udayveer, who’s come back to India to avenge the latter’s death. 

In Aarya season 3 Audience will watch of Full-of-attitude character as a gangster with an Angry face and how Aarya slashes people’s chests with a sword and lets out an intense war cry, in a wounded state.


It is the strong weaving of the story, the powerful directorial excellence, and undoubtedly. As per director Ram Madhvani, Aarya Sareen is a character, full of strength and vulnerability. 

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The portrayal of the central character also changed in Season 3 than in Season 2. While in Season 1, Aarya is a woman of moral value and strength and the victim of the situation, in Season 2, she is fighting for her survival and is also driven by instinct. Actor Sushmita Sen has described the character as fierce and unapologetic. Aarya is the lioness who brings her claws out to protect her children from evil and crime. In Season 3 She enters in smuggling world as a Sherni.

All the Hotstar new web series are distinct and come with spectacular characteristics. But, what acting is shown here is not always present in all Hotstar series. What Aarya Sareen has presented to us is not every series can do. Sushmita Sen did justice with the character, no other actor could do that. People can call Aarya a comeback work of Sushmita Sen, but the fact is she always has the brilliance of acting in her which comes out with such wonderful script and directorial performance.

Aarya Season 3 Watch Online Free

Aarya series is a must-watch for all crime-thriller drama lovers. The first season released in 2020, and Aarya Season 2 released in December 2021 Ans 3 Season will be released on 3rd November 2023. You definitely cannot miss this Hotstar webseries. To watch this Hotstar new web series, you need to download the Disney + Hotstar app. While you can watch the first episode for free, you need to subscribe to watch the other Aarya episodes. Explore the latest Hotstar Coupons from PaisaWapas and unlock free unlimited streaming on Hotstar.

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