13 Best Series to Watch on Amazon Mini TV

Amazon mini TV series to watch in 2023

Amazon mini TV is a free OTT platform where you can watch a number of TV series and mini movies absolutely for FREE. As it is funded by advertisements, Amazon mini TV is able to provide viewers with great programs for free. You may locate Amazon Mini TV there by simply opening the Amazon Shopping App. With this free video streaming service, you may see hip, new stuff. Nowadays, choosing what to watch and where to view it can be challenging because so many streaming services are available. The majority of these streaming services, however, require a paid subscription. Amazon Mini TV is for you if you want to watch something straight out of the box and save some money as well.

How to watch Amazon Mini Tv

To access and enjoy miniTV programming, Amazon consumers don’t require a different application. The “miniTV” symbol may be found in the app when it is opened, just below the search bar. Choose from a variety of categories and videos to view by clicking the “miniTV” icon. Amazon mini Tv app is also available at Play Store.

Here is a list of the top 13 amazon mini tv web series, which includes all the coming-of-age shows in various genres, such as romance, thriller, and more.

1. Ishq Express

Ishq Express

The narrative of Tanya Basu (Gayatri Bhardwaj) and Aarav Agarwal (Ritvik Sahore), two strangers who meet while travelling by train to their respective hometowns, is told in Ishq Express amazon Mini tv. As RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) travellers, they are compelled to share a berth. They felt weird and uneasy at first, but as they calmed down, they were able to interact with others without any trouble. Tanya and Aarav are the main characters in this endearing love story, and they both harbor unspoken sentiments for one another. Ishq Express episode list only contains 3 episodes.

2. Crushed

Crushed Amazon Mini TV series

Crushed web series on Amazon mini tv shows the protagonists of this tale are Lucknow Central Convent students Aadhya and Samvidhan. Their popular best buddies have always been under their shadow. Nevertheless, a friendship starts when they eventually become aware of one another’s existence. They feel understood, respected, and accepted for who they are for the first time in their life. Crushed Amazon mini tv is the most popular.

3. Please Find Attached

please find attached

Sanya Agarwal and Shaurya Singh, two coworkers at a startup, are the main characters in the story. Shaurya and Sanya eventually decide to live together in a flat because it is closer to her workplace and reduces travel time. As they continue to live together, their romance grows. The two fall in love, but not without encountering difficulties and conflicts along the road, both at home and at work.

4. Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah

Alakh Panday is the founder and CEO of the unicorn EdTech company Physics Wallah, and the story of Physics Wallah is based on his inspirational true story. In this short series, he talks about his goals and the challenges he faced while attempting to build a world-wide system of affordable education.

5. Aspirants

Aspirants Amazon mini TV

Abhilash, Guri, and SK are three buddies who are all aspiring UPSC candidates who work hard to realize their goals in this novel. Flashbacks and current events are used to tell the story, showing both the inside and outside of Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi, and the lives of the characters. It is one of the best tv mini series.

6. Adulting


This is a story of two youngsters Nikhat Rizvi and Ray in their adulthood in the fast moving city of Mumbai. It is a coming-of-age Adulting story where the girls learn the life skills from one another as they experience the lows and highs of their Adulthood.

7. Yeh Meri Family

Yeh Meri Family

The story takes place in the summer of 1998. Harshu Gupta, a 12-year-old boy, is the protagonist of the narrative. The difficulties that Harshu and his family encounter on a daily basis are the subject of this story. Perfectly capturing the spirit of the 1990s, the series will undoubtedly make you feel nostalgic. Anyone looking to relive their childhood would enjoy this programme.

8. Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates

When Tanya’s long-distance partner Mikesh arrives from the US, he surprises her by making a marriage proposal. Tanya, however, struggles with her own inhibitions and reservations. The couple chooses to live together first before getting married. An array of activities, such as fallout, reconciliation, premarital pregnancy, and wedding planning, occur next.

9. Murder in Agoda

Murder in Agoda

This series is ideal if you’re in the mood to see a suspenseful murder mystery. The night before Christmas Eve, Mala Coutinho, the lone proprietor of a 200-year-old Portuguese villa, is killed. Along with former forensic investigator Sarla, Sanket Salelkar, a junior detective, solves the murder case.

10. Dude

Dude Amazon mini TV

The story of Uttam, a private investigator who works for a firm of private investigators, is told in Dude, another thriller television series. He carefully analyses the instances for which he is recruited while also coping with his own inner issues. Uttam has been searching for his mother, who went missing 14 years ago.

11. Tripling

Tripling Amazon mini TV

A road trip is planned by the three siblings Chandan, Chanchal, and Chitvan. They are all struggling with different issues. The journey that comes next is hilarious.

12. Official Chukyagiri

Official Chukyagiri

An intern named Spandan Chukya moves from Meerut to Mumbai in Official Chukyagiri. Mumbai is not the city of dreams, as he had previously thought, and he discovers that every dream comes with a cost. The sequel to Official Chukyagiri is called Official CEOgiri and cast Sumeet Vyas, Preeti Hansraj, Gopal Dutt, and many more top actors.

13. The Interns

The Interns Amazon mini TV

An entertainment firm called Digital Diva employs three characters named Viveka, Ana, and Lily as interns. Their personal and professional lives each have their own unique set of issues. The show gives viewers a glimpse into young people’s difficulties when working in a cutthroat atmosphere.


This article discusses the top 13 Amazon mini tv series list that can be binge-watched briefly. So, grab some popcorn and prepare to binge-watch these series.

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