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A Fine Line Between Optimism & Denial

A few months back, when everyone was dealing with the pandemic. There were memes on social sites of individuals denying the pandemic situation. You remember, right? “There is no Corona” and more. But some were there being optimistic, thinking that everything will be okay. This can explain to you the difference between optimism and denial but no. This isn’t what it looks like. 

Optimism is a good thing. But when optimism becomes mandatory, when people have it, there is no other option but to be optimistic, optimism can cause real problems. 
There is a fine line between optimism and delusion. When we have to be optimistic, we cannot see what we need to see. We cannot see clearly. We are deluded. 

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I spent many years in delusion, optimistically thinking that I was just about to “turn the corner” and that things were about to get better. But the reality of my life was that it wasn’t changing. I was treading water at best. My bank account, my client base, happiness, and relationship health – none of those things had improved at all in years. 
I had to let go of my ferocious optimism and get real and honest with myself. What I was doing wasn’t working and I needed to start doing some things differently – and more importantly, I needed to start being someone different. I had to deal with what was rather than some fanciful optimism-fueled delusion of how I hoped they were. 
The day I did that was the day my life changed!!! Optimism is a great thing – until it becomes mandatory.” 
When you connect with your highest expression and honestly reflect, you know if denial is acting to mask who you really are and what you are resisting. This concept is powerful. 
Negative emotions are important messengers – beckoning you to change course, release a belief, ditch a pattern of behavior or path. 
Are you in any form of denial? 
 When you take time to fall in love with who you are authentically, all your aspects (what feels good and what feels bad), you can effectively be free of denial and self-sabotage and align with your highest way of being. 

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