How to deal with a gap in your resume (CV): Know the best tips and tricks now

No everyone has a picture perfect employment history, there are ups and downs in everybody’s life. With the ongoing pandemic and reliving the amount of job people are loosing are adding up everyday. Things aren’t same with the loss of economy for the country. With less stellar economics over the past decade, many professionals find themselves with large job gaps or a series of short or inconsistent gigs and those that go on and on. Still others are struggling with similar issues because they have to take time off to raise a family, to care for a sick relative, or to overcome a health problem.

Ways to deal with gap in resume:

  • Highlight unpaid employment history
  • Group freelance work together
  • Remove a position
  • Invest in professional development
  • Consider using a different resume format
  • Keep your employment history consistent

How to highlight unpaid employment history?

If you volunteered for a particular role or did unpaid work that allowed you to develop relevant skills or gain industry knowledge, then these positions deserve a place in your employment resume history. Take every opportunity as you do a paid job by explaining your role and highlighting your major contributions and achievements in your career.

Hihlighting group freelance work together

If you work independently on many different clients over a period of time, consider gathering these experiences together under one position and combining dates. When you break a position, use the role description section to describe your expertise (eg the services you provided). After that, focus on each dot to highlight the work you did for a particular client and the results you got. This will give your resume a clean look and make you look different from a hopper job and look like a dedicated consultant.

Always Invest in professional development

If your recent work experience has little to do with your current career goals, look for opportunities to strengthen the skills that your employers are caring for. If you are unsure which of your skills need further promotion, search your network for people who work in the next field and ask them. It’s amazing how many details and you can restart tips you can get over lunch or on a coffee date.

How to use a Resume Format to minimise the career gap?

If it is not possible for you to make your skills and experience shine in a standard continuous format, you have the option to use it to get started. Career resume is a different approach to resilience that is more focused on skills than professional knowledge, which can help a person with gaps in his or her career history.

Let us know if our ideas help you a bit in setting up an appropriate Resume.

Posted by Srishti