6 Things to do during the Quarantine


Quarantine has given us all enough time to explore what all hobbies we can do to improve ourselves. Just for the time being we really need good habits and things to do, to go through this quarantine. Here are 6 Things to do during the Quarantine, that will let you have a great time with your family, friends, partner, and more importantly with yourself.

It is better to keep you busy during this Covid-19 lockdown, for our own sake. Have fun being inside as you had fun going outside with these Things to do during the Quarantine. Doing something is always better than doing nothing, despite the outcome. This is actually to keep yourself happy and content during this time. Check out these things to do during the quarantine, try it out.

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Journaling – Things to do during the Quarantine


Journaling is the best way to keep yourself sane at any time, good or bad. You can let it all out in a journal and feel better. Write down everything that is bothering you, all the memories and happy moments, it’s a great way of expressing. You can also write down the things you want to do further, your plans etc.

Journaling is one best way to keep track of what you are up to or what happens in your life. Keep a journal for this purpose, or you can use your phone/laptop etc. There are several journaling apps you make use of such as Reflecty, Journey, Momento etc.

Knit a beanie – Things to do during the Quarantine


Knitting is actually fun art to do, with a useful outcome as well. Most of the people are not into knitting nowadays, it is considered granny or mommy thing. But trust me it is fun for anyone to do, and especially who doesn’t love a beanie, right?

You have to get a needle, thread etc for the same, but it’s not that hard to find. There must be something in your home itself, so open up and check all the old boxes of stuff. This is a very creative thing t do. You can learn how to knit from youtube. Also, order knitting knit online, and surprise your kids, parents, partner etc by creating something for them.

Gardening – Things to do during the Quarantine


Plants can bring more life to your home and yourself as well. It purifies the air and gives a natural happy vibe to your atmosphere. You might now think how is it possible to create a garden now? actually everything is at your home itself.

Use reusable food containers for doing the planting. Collect soil from your yard, it’s not that hard. This will help you get more connected with nature as well. Sprouting seeds you can get from vegetables/fruits, like by soaking in water etc. By this way, you can cook food with fresh veggies, try it out.

Do Yoga – Things to do during the Quarantine


Exercise should be always an essential part of everyone’s life. When exercise is to keep your body fit, Yoga is for the mind, and also for body as well. Do Yoga as a daily morning routine. This is one simple and best gift that you can give yourself.

If you are not aware of how to do Yoga or haven’t done it ever before, there are tutorials available on youtube. Get yourself a yoga mat, find that beautiful corner at your home with sunlight, and practice Yoga every morning. Maybe do it together with your family/partner, or better by yourself, however it is convenient for YOU. This is definitely one of the best things to do during the Quarantine.

Video Chat – Things to do during the Quarantine


Video Chatting is the best way to stay connected with your family, friends, partner etc. In a daily basis, do video chats with your closed ones, friends/family/partner etc. This will make you feel better and not feel literally locked down during the Quarantine.

Share with them what you are up to in the day. Maybe have a virtual party once in a while through a video call. Plan it all, like give a dress code, pick the food/drink, timing, songs etc. Decorate your room to get the vibe. This can be really mood-lifting, and why not? It is also a gathering with your favourite people so go for it.

Play game as well, which you used to do during gathering/parties. For example, dumb charades, that will fun and it is virtually possible. Find similar games and keep rewards as well by pitching money from everyone. You can send E-Gift Card/Vouchers as a prize, this will increase the fun of the activity for sure. So let’s see who will win right?

Virtual World Tour – Thing To Do During The Quarantine


The travel lovers and wanderlust people will be so fed up with this Quarantine. Everyone would love to have a trip now or travel to somewhere they love. People might be waiting for all this to get over, so they can travel and have a vacation time outside. But fr the time being you can do that by sitting at home, yes you heard me right.

Try out the virtual tour websites that can take you all around the world. There are several such websites available if you are not really aware of it. Few of them are listed below, check it out. Maybe do the virtual tour at the same time with your family/ friends. This will add more fun to it.

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