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11 Best Leggings Brands in India

Leggings are the most comfortable bottom wear for women. If you are looking to know more about the leggings brands for your wardrobe then this place is the right for you. Let’s talk about the branded leggings names because it’s about your comfort. There are many top leggings brands in India such as Lyra, Prisma, Biba, etc. However, before picking the right brand you need to know about the pros and cons of the brand.

What are leggings?

It is the bottom wear for women like the Pyjamas or Jeans but the stuff and fitting are quite smooth of leggings. These are flexible and fitted bottom wear for women. If you want to make your wardrobe complete with all major color leggings such as black, white, pink, etc. then you must take a look at the review of the best leggings brand in India from this blog.

How to Choose the Right Legging For You?

First of all, you need to check the best quality leggings brands in India because with this you can determine the right product for you. Selecting the right legging is not an easy thing for women when they pick the wrong size. Hence, you must be sure about the fitted size for your body and then check the branded leggings names that offer your size compatibility.

1). Lyra (Best Leggings Brand in India) 

A major brand in the Indian market is Lyra Lux. This brand is from Lux and Lyra brand is so much popular because of its excellent comfort. This brand was started in 2012 and all products of this brand sell under Ebell Fashions Pvt. Ltd. Lyra Lux is the leading brand of leggings trousers, shirts, and bottom wear. If you are finding maternity leggings then you can consider this brand for your requirement.

Why Choose Lyra Lux Leggings?

1). Due to the ultrasoft cotton and spandex, products of these brands are pretty much comfortable in comparison to other brands.

2). You can find a solid pattern with a stylish look.

3). Lyra offers extensive designs and colors in the range of Churidar leggings.

4). Easy to fit according to the waist.

5). Small to extra-large sizes are available.

2). Libas (Ladies Leggings Brands in India) 

It is one of the good quality leggings in the market that you can purchase with your pink top or yellow Kurti because Libas offers extensive designs and sizes available to its customers. It is the branded leggings company which you can trust for your bottom wear this time. Different color availability is a plus point for the customers. There are different types of leggings available for customers through the Libas brand such as short and flayer leggings.

Why Choose Libas Leggings?

1). Name of Libas came in the list of best Leggings brand names.

2). Easy to wear.

3). Comfortable for the big waist as well.

3). Athleta’s. (Best Gym Leggings for Women in India) 

Let’s talk about the third position holder in the list of 11 top leggings brands in India and this one is Athleta’s. If you are a fitness lover and love to buy flexible and comfortable bottom wear then you should go with this option. Don’t worry about the size because from plus size leggings to small size leggings, you can explore everything in this brand.

Why choose Athleta’s Leggings? 

1). It is among the Best Quality Leggings Brand in India.

2). Athleta’s legging is known for its long use.

3). Athleta’s leggings are affordable.

4). Twin Birds (Best Leggings for Girls) 

The next option for the buyers is Twin Birds. The name of this brand ranks among the top Leggings Brand Names in India due to the optimum quality features. When you are finding stylish appearance leggings brands in India, then you can go for this option because it is one of the most iconic and modern leggings in the Indian market. Every single feature of the Twin Birds leggings attracts you to buy this bottom wear for daily use. A girl is always looking for ankle legging with a wide waistband and this brand offers these features to the buyers.

Why choose Twin Birds Leggings?

1). Look stylish.

2). Made with ultra-stretchy nylon elastane fabric.

3). Comfortable to wear.

4). Plus size available.

5). You can also choose straight-fit leggings from this brand.

5). Go Colors (Best Leggings Pants in India)

Another popular brand that you need to know as the best leggings brand is “Go Colors”. Just like the name sounds, this brand offers a wide range of colors to its customers and they can choose a wide collection of leggings types, designs, and colors in this brand. The various types of leggings in this brand that you can pick are sided stripe active leggings, churidar, denim, ribbed warm, shimmer, and ankle length.

On the other hand, when we talk about the size available in the leggings of “Go Plus” then we can say that from regular size to plus you can explore different options at once in this brand. No matter you want to choose gym wear leggings or professional leggings? This brand offers leggings for every occasion.

Why Choose “Go Colors” Leggings?

1). Price starts from Rs 599 for this brand.

2). The brand uses Cotton & Elastane, Nylon & Elastane materials in the leggings.

3). It is a slim-fit legging.

4). Ranks among “Best Leggings Brand in India 2022”.

5). 40+ colors are available in this brand.

6). Biba (Best Ankle Leggings in India)

There is no need to introduce this brand in the Indian market because every girl loves to wear clothes, Biba. It is a popular female clothing brand in India that also deals in leggings. Biba leggings are soft and fashionable and that’s why popular in the market. Due to the best quality fabric, this brand came in the list of “Best Leggings Brand in India 2022” You can wear soft, modern, and luxurious leggings as per today’s trend when you choose the Biba leggings.

Why Choose Biba Leggings? 

1). You can wear the leggings of Biba with both tops and Kurtis.

2). Different colors accessibility.

3). From small to large sizes are available.

4). Mostly straight-fit leggings.

7). Softline (Branded Leggings in India) 

Finding the Branded Leggings in India means you can’t miss the Softline brand because just like the name sounds, they offer the most superior leggings for women. Generally, branded leggings price is expensive for the customers but Softline offers a minimum range of bottom wear for women. You can explore the different colors for every occasion from the Softline leggings.

Why Choose Softline Leggings? 

1). This brand offers a wide range of colors and designs.

2). Quality is premium.

3). The brand offers innerwear for both men and women.

8). Prisma: 

We are reviewing the top companies of best leggings brands in India and we can’t forget the name Prisma. Even, most women search for this brand on e-commerce online shopping sites such as Flipkart and Amazon. Women love to wear the branded leggings of Prisma and quality is the primary thing for women of this brand. You can buy the Prisma ankle length and straight-fit leggings at a reasonable price.

Why Choose Prisma Leggings?

1). You can find more than 70 Colors in Prisma.

2). Fashionable bottom wear and trendy as well.

3). Best quality legging material.

4). Shimmer, ankle leggings, churidar leggings, and ankle leggings are popular in this brand.

9). Nike (Ankle Leggings Brands in India):

One more brand in India that is not only popular for female clothing but also male clothing is Nike. Nike designs amazing leggings with the most comfortable features. If you are thinking to choose the right option for you to find the gym wear leggings then you can go with the option of Nike. Nike leggings work on the goal of a high-intense workout. Easy to wear and a perfect fit are the main features of this brand.

Why Choose Nike Leggings?

1). Nike leggings for girls are available in 10 different colors.

2). It is a slim-fit legging.

3). From small to extra-large, every size is available in the Nike legging.

10). Saundarya (Top Brand of Leggings in India) 

Saundarya is the leading leggings brand in India and this brand offers fashionable and comfortable bottom wear for women. Thus, if you are finding the ladies leggings that came with some stylish designs, then Saundarya is the right brand for you. This brand also deals in other bottom wear for women such as trousers, palazzos, and loungewear. Due to its durability and flexibility, Saundarya is one of the top leggings brands.

Why Choose Saundarya Leggings? 

1). Ideal for the mid-rise waist.

2). This brand designed slim-fit leggings.

3). Avail of the advantage of anti-pilling fabric.

4). Fabric is soft.

11). Global Desi (Top Legging Online Retailer in India): 

Last but not least 11th best leggings brand in India is Global Desi. It is a modern brand that offers fashionable and comfortable leggings to women. You can explore the amazing modern collection of leggings in different designs with the Global Desi brand. It is one of the leading online retailers of leggings in India.

Why Choose Global Desi Leggings?

1). Modern designs available.

2). Use of high-quality fabrics.

3). Plenty of patterns available.

The Bottom Line: 

Therefore, this checklist of 11 top leggings brands in India helps you to understand the leading leggings company in the Indian market. We hope this quick review helps you a lot to understand the name of the best leggings brands in India. Hence, you can pick the brand according to your price range and requirement type of leggings.


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