Flipkart Big Saving Days (06th to 10th Aug)
  • Lenovo M8 Full HD 4 GB RAM 64 GB ROM 8 inches with Wi-Fi+4G Tablet (platinum grey)

    Rs.13999 Rs.25000

    Lenovo M8 Full HD 4 GB RAM 64 GB ROM 8 inches with Wi-Fi+4G Tablet (platinum grey)

    Upto 4.2% PW Reward

  • Fire-Boltt Talk Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

    Rs.1999 Rs.9999

    Fire-Boltt Talk Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

    Upto 4.2% PW Reward

Flipkart Big Saving Days 2022 is Here

Flipkart Saving Days

Flipkart is the trending and most used e-commerce platform by people all around the world. And most people will be eager to this amazing big saving day sale every year. And this year in 2022 Flipkart's big saving days is coming bigger than ever with great discounts and deals.

The Flipkart Big Saving Days will happen for 5 days and in the prior 24 hours before the sale access will be given to Flipkart's members. If you're a member then get excited for this year's big saving day sale. 

And if you are not a member then fasten your fingers and hold your phones tight and don't miss this offer of big saver deals from Flipkart. Shop your favorites and pay less with 50-80% off on the products you purchase. 

Highlights of Flipkart Big Saving Day 2022

  • Discounts go upto 80% off on products this year 

  • Exclusive offers, deals, early prior access & premieres right from midnight on 23rd July

  • And tick-tock deals for straight 5 days 10 PM-12 PM

  • Get Extra on the purchase you make Buy 5 and get 10% off on consumer goods

  • 60-80% Off on Groceries and electronic gadgets

Everything To Know About Flipkart Big Saving Day 2022

Flipkart Big Saving Days



Big save Start Date

23rd July

12:00 am

Big save End date

27th July

11:59 pm

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Offers on Big Saving Days 2022

On the Flipkart's big saving day 2022, you can get upto 50-80% discounts on a large number of products. Let us know what products Flipkart is offering on the big saving day. And what are the deals that you could grab on? 

And always remember don't miss the dates and then regret it. The big saving sale starts on 23rd July. Join the sale and enjoy shopping for your necessities and save money and return with a bundle of Joy.

Following are the deals offered by Flipkart during the Big Saving Day 2022.

  1. Big Saving Day Saver Deals on SmartPhones

During the Big Saving Day sale 2022 you can get the latest best-selling Smartphones at great deals. Where you can save upto 30-50% on smartphones you buy. Following are the smartphone brands that you can get with amazon offers in Flipkart's sale of big saving days.

Flipkart Big Saving Days

SmartPhone Brands

Saving Offers

Oppo Phones

20-40% Off

Vivo Phones

20-30% Off

Apple iPhone

15-20% Off

Moto g

20-40% Off

  1. Flipkart Saving Day Offers on TV and Home Appliances

This year during the gig saving day sale you can find the best discount on Home electronics. Those are TV, air coolers, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, and many more to grab on. Flipkart Big saving day sale gives upto 70% Off on home appliances and TVs.

Following are the deals offered by Flipkart in the 2022 big saving day sale.

Flipkart Saving Day Deals


Starting Price/Off

Kitchen Appliances 

Starts @299/- 

Air Conditioners

Upto 70% Off

Ultra HD 4K Smart TVs 

Starting @ 20,749/-

Fans & Air Coolers

Starting @ 999/-

  1. 2022 Big Saving Day deals on Fashion Wear and Beauty Products

Flipkart always hosts best deals on fashion wear, and during the 2022 big saving day you can get the trending clothes and new fashion drops that have happened in this year. You can almost find 50% discounts on clothing in the sale. As I told you don't want to miss it so we have to remember to mark the dates 23rd July to 27th July.

Following is the made-up list of fashion accessories that you can buy on the best offers in the big saving day sale.

Flipkart Fashion Deals

Fashion Accessories 

Starting Price/off

Men, Women&Kids Watches

10-70% Off

Dresses, Denims & Inners 

60-80% Off

Jeans, Trackpants & Trousers

80% Off

Kurtas, Sarees and More

Starts @ 149

  1. Flipkart Big Saving Day 2022 Sale on Furniture & Mattress

If your someone who loves decorating your home with eyecatching and elegant, products? Then, this category is for you. The 2022 Big saving day sale has a flurry of deals on products for home decor. From cushions to curtains, cabinets to furnishing, cookware to garden equipment. You ask for it they got everything wrapped up in their arms to offer you.

Following are the wishlist offers that you can buy during this year's Big Save Day sale by Flipkart.

Saving Days Offers on Furniture

Types of Furniture

Starting Price

Office Chair & tables 

Starting from 1650/-

Collapsible Wardrobe

Starts @ 690/-


Starting from 8,590/-


Starts @ 2990/-

  1. Big Saving Day Offers on SmartWatches, Electronics & More

Yep, who doesn't want to get electronics at low prices nowadays everything is at high peaks of rate. This Flipkart is set to offer great saver deals on Electronic products on the big saving day sale of 2022.

So let's get started and know what Flipkart has in the box to offer for us in the following list or so it is said the wishlist.

Flipkart Electronics Offers

Electronic Products

Starting price/Offers


Upto 60% Off

Router, Mouse, Keyboards&more

Starting at 99/-


Upto 45% Off


Upto 65% Off

  1. Flipkart 2022 Big Saving Day Offers on Flipkart Originals

Flipkart originals have some great deals to offer for the customers. The originals of Flipkart are what people crave the most and there is no doubt Flipkart does a great job of impressing its customers. 

This year in 2022 Flipkart originals can be bought at an 80% discount. The products of the originals that Flipkart is set to host are listed below, 

Flipkart Originals

Offers/starting Price 

Nokia Android 11 Tv

Starts at 14,499/-

Sports and fitness tools/essentials

Upto 74% off 

Motorola Android 11 Tv

Starting at 13,999/-

Babycare essentials

From 129/-

  1. Flipkart Big Saving Day Sale on Travelling, Flight Booking

Yes, this is the best discovery deal offered by Flipkart for all your adventures. You can great offers and cashback on flight bookings, ticket bookings, and for what you want to spend on your travel diary.

Amazing Lighting Crazy Offers During Big Saving Day 

This year Flipkart is doing some crazy deal offers. Which is all set to make even customers go crazy with lightning deals. Deals!! Deals!! The crazy deals are all about giving you time to shop.

You don't have to worry about missing the deals in the whole day due to your work hours. Because you can order your favorite needed essentials during the lightning hours of your day.

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