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Zivame Bra and Panty Sets to Grab: Latest Collection at the heavy sale, discounts, and offers

Zivame is an online shop that you can shop from at your convenience without having to deal with a shopkeeper or the common obstacles that stop you from taking your time in picking the perfect Zivame bra and lingerie for yourself. Zivame Bras has for too long been a hassle for Indian women, and this company aims to not only fix the problem but to take your bra shopping experience to a level that wasn’t known before. With extremely discreet bras packaging, your privacy remains yours. Being yourself no longer requires you to go through inconvenience and hassles.

Top Zivame Online Shopping Discount Offers

Zivame Offers Offer Description
20% Off on ZivameNightwear  Get discount on nightwear, sleepwear, pajama sets, shorts, tees and more
Up To 60% Discount On Zivame Bra Valid on all types of bra like sports bra, t-shirt bra, strapless bra etc.
Zivame Shapewear Under Rs.999 Shop for shapewear to wear under dresses, sarees etc. under Rs.999
50% Discount on Zivame Sports Bra Avail the 50% discount on all active wear available at Zivame

Special Zivame Coupons And Discounts Offers

Zivame Payday Sale: Up To 40% Discount

  • Applicable on bras Online, panties, active wear, night wear & more
  • Panties at flat 30% discount
  • Shape wear available under Rs.999
  • Minimum order amount is not required to avail the discount

Redeem Minimum 20% Rebate On Sleepwear

  • Zivame offer is valid on pajamas, nightwear sets, shorts etc.
  • Place order via website or mobile app
  • Get up to 40% off on your purchase

Avail 50% Discount On Active Wear

  • Buy jackets, track pants, leggings, sports bra Online starting from Rs.500
  • Both new and existing can redeem the offer
  • Place order online without applying Zivame coupon code

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Save 60% On Zivame Bra

  • Get discount on brands like Amante, Parfait, Rosaline etc.
  • Valid on types of bra: sports bra Online, t-shirt bra Online, strapless bra Online etc.
  • The constraint of the minimum order amount is not applied

Top 10 Women Bra Panty Set Online 2020

Women Bra Panty Set Zivame 2020 Women Bra Panty Online
Zivame Summer Women Bra Panty Set Rs 837 (Up to 30%Off)
Floral Satin Women Bra Panty Set Rs 1326 (Up to 30%Off)
Zivame Cotton Women Bra Panty Set Rs 837 (Up to 30%Off)
Soft Ruffles Women Bra Panty Set Online Rs 896 (Up to 25%Off)
Zivame Satin Women Bra Panty Set Rs 1257 (Up to 30%Off)
Rayon Women Bra Panty Set Rs 1271 (Up to 25%Off)
Zivame Mid Length Women Bra Panty Set Rs 796 (Up to 20%Off)
Musketeers Cotton Women Bra Panty Set Rs 796 (Up to 30%Off)
Zivame Plum Sangria Women Bra Panty Rs 1397 (Up to 30%Off)
Bohemian Women Bra Panty Set Online Rs 796 (Up to 20%Off)

How to choose perfect Zivame Ladies Bra Panty Set?

#1 Know Bra Your Size

It’s very crucial to understand your size before buying a bra of any kind. If you think the bras you wear now are not comfortable, then you’re probably wearing the wrong size. Head to a Zivame store to get yourself fitted or measure yourself with our bra size calculator.

#2 Head To A Reputable Store

Smaller lingerie stores in India will not be able to get you your right size. Head to a known retailer that specialises in lingerie. Zivame has 28 stores across the country (and counting)! Find a store near you!

#3 Try, Try, Try!

First try on a couple of sizes to make sure you have the right fit as different brands may vary in size slightly. Then try on all kinds of styles so you know which one you’re most comfortable in. Whether it’s wired or wirefree, padded or non-padded, push-up or high-coverage, there are many styles to choose from!

#4 The Move Test

With every bra, you try on, put your hands above your head and twist left or right at the waist. If the band slips up, it’s too loose, and if it hurts, it’s too tight. Next, bend over like you’re picking something up from the ground. If you slip out of the bra, then it’s too loose.

Most wanted Zivame Ladies Bra Panty Set Online

Zivame Ladies Bra Panty Set Online Ladies Bra Panty Set Online Price
Zivame Ladies Push-up Bra Panty Set Online Rs 1346 (Up to 25%Off)
Buy Ladies Bra Panty Set Online Padded Rs 971 (Up to 30% Off)
Ladies Bra Panty Set Online Non-Padded Rs 1187 (Up to 20% Off)
Zivame Ladies Bra Panty Set Online Tshirt Rs 1271 (Up to 25% Off)
Ladies Bra Panty Set Online Full Coverage Rs 796 (Up to 20%Off)

Top 5 Zivame Girls Bras Online

Buy Bras Online at Zivame Buy Bras Online at Best Price
Buy Ladies Bra Online Strapless Rs 796 (Up to 20%Off)
Buy Zivame Bras Online Backless Rs 1271 (Up to 25% Off)
Buy Ladies Bra Online Full Coverage Rs 1187 (Up to 20% Off)
Buy Zivame Bras Online Half Coverage Rs 971 (Up to 30% Off)
Buy Ladies Bra Online 3/4th Coverage Rs 1346 (Up to 25%Off)

How to choose best Night Dress for Women/ Night Dress for Girls?

1.Determine the fabric

There are various fabrics when it comes to crafting Zivame nightsuits for women. It is up to you to decide what material seems more comfortable to you. For instance, if you want that buttery smooth feel, satin women nightsuits should be your go to pick. However, if you prefer comfort and breathability more, cotton enriched women nightsuits will be the perfect pick for you.

2.Consider the climate

Another very important point is to look at the weather condition to make a functional choice. If hot, humid days are around the corner, stick to short nighties or tops with shorts. After all, the more airy your Zivame women nightsuits online are, the better will they feel on your skin. In case of winters, you should either pick long nighties or pyjamas with hoodies in order to be cozy and comfortable throughout the freezing nights.

3. Pick according to your style

While comfort is certainly a priority, style shouldn’t take a backseat either. Choose women nightsuits online for women with prints and patterns that get along with your personality. However, make sure you choose something minimal as wearing loud nightwear is certainly not a good idea. Apart from avoiding too much print, you should also stick to lighter shades. The lighter the shade of your Zivame women nightsuit online is, the calmer and relaxed you will feel.

4. Choose the right silhouette

When it comes to women nightsuits online, fitting garments are a big no-no. You should always opt for baggy Zivame women nightsuits online that allow you to let loose and don’t bind you in any manner. They shouldn’t stick to your body and irritate you, so ensure that the silhouette of your sleep tees and Zivame pyjamas falls straight. This way, you wouldn’t have to twist or turn around during your sleep. In order to further increase the comfort level, you can also go for a size up for sizing up is never a bad idea in sleepwear.

5. Refrain from too much detailing

Nightsuits should be the most relaxing outfit of your day, so avoid outfits that include a lot of details. They should have minimal or absolutely no details at all, so that you don’t get disturbed during the sleep. Refrain from unnecessary details, such as big buttons or lace fabric unless you plan to woo your man, and choose something that blends with the fabric easily, like small press buttons, or slip-ons.

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