Zee Marathi Serial List

Zee Marathi Serial List

There is no doubt that the Zee platform has been meeting all the entertainment needs of the Indian people for decades. It is an exceptional platform that exposes almost all types of cultures of the country to the people. Broadcasting from this platform are news, games, entertainment serials, web series, reality shows, musical shows, and much more.

For more than a decade, the channel’s authorities have focused on bringing the cultural aspects of different parts of India to the attention of the people of the area. For this reason, various regional channels have been set up to cater to the entertainment needs of the people of a particular state. Zee Marathi tv is such a unique endeavor from this very popular platform.

A little about the Zee Marathi channel and its programs 

Of course, it is a regional channel, yet it is one of the most popular and frequently viewed channels of all the types of channels in India. This channel is a channel directly owned by the Zee Authority, which, like the other channels included on this platform, is credible in terms of entertainment.

Moreover, this Zee tv Marathi channel airs almost every type of program that is very effective in ensuring the entertainment of the viewers. Follow us on this article to get a better idea about this channel.

List of Zee Marathi Serials

It is an entertainment platform that is capable of meeting the entertainment needs of all regional people. This channel has many popular serials that can keep people sitting in front of the TV for hours on end. If you want to create the best entertainment experience, you must watch this channel. Here is some basic information about the Marathi serials list shown on this channel.

  • Tula Pahate Re

The series features a middle-aged man in love with a young girl. A rich man named Vikram Saranjame is a lonely businessman. An employee of his office named Esha fell in love with him. These two are the main characters of this serial and they are later married. You need to watch this show to know more. Visit the channel or download Zee Five for Zeetv Marathi serials.

  • Ratris Khel Chale  

The story is about a large family where Anna lives with his wife and three sons and a widowed daughter. They went to Mumbai for a family function and there he died of a heart attack. Then began the sharing of their property. A member of their family commits suicide in their own home and that is where the main story and its problems begin. Basically, after this incident, various miracles happen in this house.

One part of the family thinks that ghosts are happening here and the other part doesn’t want to believe it. The plot of the story continues in this way. If you want to know more than this, you have to watch this miracle story on the channel or by downloading the app and also get a list of zee Marathi serials.

  • Lagira Zhala Jee 

This is one of the most popular shows on this channel. Ajinkya, whose home is in Satara, wants to join the Indian Army. He is introduced to a girl named Shital. This lively and free-spirited scoop made his love with the girl. The plot of this serial is based on their love affair.

  • Tujhyat Jeev Rangala 

This list will never be complete without mentioning this serial name. It is a love story where the main characters are Rana and Anjali. Rana is a strong man and a farmer. Anjali, on the other hand, is a highly educated woman whose job is to teach. Anjali came to Runner village for her work. There is a big difference in the mentality of these two.

There is a difference in lifestyle and family life. A sweet love affair is formed between them. This beautiful serial is made with all these things. You can see it on the Zee Maratha channel and the app created by the authority of the channel.

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  • Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji 

There is no doubt that the great Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj is a glorious name not only in the history of the Maratha Empire but in the history of India as a whole. Various films and serials have been made about him at different times. This serial is currently being aired in his honor on behalf of this channel. The main theme of this serial is various aspects of the life of Holomahan Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj.

  • Aamhi Saare Khavayye 

This is an exceptional program created on behalf of this regional channel. It has been around since 2018 and has been popular with people for so long. Usually, various religious aspects of Hindu culture are highlighted through this program. Sankarshan Karhade is in charge of conducting this program, which is a major month of Hinduism.

  • Kanala Khada 

It is a Maratha chat show where many Marathi actors and actresses are invited. Famous Marathi actor Sanjay Mone is in charge of this show. Through various conversations and funny tricks, this reality chat show tries to present the deep truth of the lives of all these incoming actors and actresses in front of the audience.

  • Zing Zing Zingat  

As we mentioned earlier, this platform is designed to entertain viewers with all kinds of entertainment. It is a unique event where music protests are thought to be recognized. The popular bhaji of Maharashtra Aadesh Bhandarkar is in charge of this program. Here, like other music reality shows, a musical evening is planned with a family member without the predominance of a particular singer.

  • Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi 

This is one of the most popular shows on this channel. The main character of this story is Jahnavi. It’s a family drama. Jahnavi is the daughter of a very ordinary middle-class family who is married to a successful and wealthy and kind businessman. But as a result of this marriage, he has 6 sisters. Problems continue to arise. This is where the plot of this story begins and spreads. Apart from that, you can download the mobile app for the upcoming serial on zee Marathi.

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Overall, Zee Marathi’s platform programming is full of entertainment. In other words, it is an ideal platform for Marathi serial that meets the entertainment needs of all types of family members. From the above discussion, our reader friends must have understood how many new programs are constantly appearing on this platform. So if you haven’t done that yet, start watching this channel’s programs today or download Zee Five and enjoy your favorite entertainment.

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