6 Must Try Yoga Asanas for Beginners

Yoga Asanas For beginners

Bringing together your mind and body is very important, everyday comes along  with a lot of stress because of personal and work life , but the cure is here, yoga. In this article you’re going to read about simple yoga asanas for beginners.

01 Vrksasana ( Tree pose)

This yoga posture is all about balancing. The name “Tree pose” says it all. In this posture you need to get into position and all you need to do is fold one leg while balancing your body weight with the one touching the ground as shown in the image.

Here are simple steps of yoga :

  1. Get into position
  2. Stand straight 
  3. Choose one leg of yours which will be your standing leg , whereas fold  the other one and rest it against your  thigh
  4. Your hands should stretch and come together in prayer position
  5. Maintain balance and don’t put pressure on the standing leg
  6. Keep  repeating

02 Tadasana ( Mountain pose)

This yoga position is a very easy yoga exercise , it’s called the foundation of all standing yoga positions. For this yoga posture to happen correctly you need to relax your mind and bring your body together

here are simple steps of yoga:

  1. Stand straight
  2. Keep both your feet a little apart from each other
  3. Balance your weight equally on both legs
  4. Take a deep breath
  5. Make sure you raise your arms ( above your head) and both your hands come together in a way that your fingers interlock
  6. Keep your palm facing upwards
  7. Relax your body and maintain stability
  8. Slowly come back to normal position and relax

03 Vikrabhadrasana I ( Warrior I)

This yoga pose helps building focus, power and stability. Doing this pose everyday will help you be more stable and balanced in just few steps. This yoga posture targets the whole body.

here are few steps for yoga:

  1. Relax and stand straight
  2. Get into Tad asana(mountain pose)
  3. Step your left foot back of your right foot
  4. Don’t put pressure
  5. Slant your hips towards the back
  6. Bend your front knee
  7. Stretch your arms and raise them overhead
  8. If you feel the pressure don’t stretch to extents (the amount of flexibility your body has only can tell how much you need to stretch)
  9. Breathe
  10. Relax


04 Trikonasana ( Triangle pose)

Trikonasana is also called extended triangle pose, it helps stretching and strengthening the spine, also helps in adapting flexibility.

here are steps to follow for yoga:

  1. Stand straight
  2. Keep your right and left leg wide apart from each other
  3. Your right foot should be positioned at 90% whereas your left at 15
  4. Make sure you’ve equal balance on both your legs.
  5. Inhale and exhale
  6. While exhaling bend your body downwards, whereas your right hand downwards and left hand upwards together
  7. After which you can rest your right hand on your toes
  8. Keep stretching your body while taking deep breaths
  9. Hold this position and relax

05 Balasna ( child pose)

This pose helps to relax. It is not at all complex. Beginners as well as practitioners can do this technique.

here are steps to follow for yoga:

  1. Sit down
  2. Kneel down on the floor
  3. Bring your toes together
  4. Rest your palms on top of your thighs
  5. Inhale and exhale
  6. As you exhale lower your chest with your palms facing downwards
  7. Relax your shoulders towards the ground as well
  8. Rest in the pose

06 Savasana( Corpse Pose)

This yoga posture helps get your mind and body together, all you need to do here is relax and release every part of your body

here are steps of yoga:

  1. Lay down
  2. Put your arms next to your sides
  3. Spread your arms
  4. Consciously release every part of your body and relax your face
  5. keep your body free and extract peace and silence into your body
  6. Stay in this posture for a while
  7. To end this asana, gently exhale, move your fingers and make movements with your finger

How is yoga helpful?

  1. Improves posture

  2. Relives stress

  3. Keeps your joints healthy

  4. Calms the mind

  5. Boosts immunity

  6. Eliminates negative thoughts

  7. Brings your mind and body together

  8. Mitigates depression

  9. Improves mental health

Bottom line

The above-mentioned exercises can be really helpful, if done properly. However, there are some other exercises great too, but these are easy yoga asanas for beginners. 


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