Xiaomi Mi3 – How the Chinese managed another blitzkrieg

The latest phone launched by Xiaomi electronics company in the Indian market has sparked a nationwide craze for what is supposedly the most cost effective machinery in the android phone market.

The strategy employed although simple in description was something which no other company could think of.

Needless to say, the Chinese Blitzkrieg ruled the Indian markets not to mention the worldwide camaraderie that it ignited.

With specifications that would increase the price three folds if bought from a Samsung or an LG or an HTC or any other conventional manufacturer, Xiaomi decided to cut down on its profit and concentrated on increasing the volume of sales with injecting the Indian market with spurts of supply which got sold out at break-neck speed.

With a little help from our e-commerce competitor Flipkart, the Indian public was privy to the existence of quite possibly, the super phone. Another interesting fact was the outsourcing of distribution channels from the part of Xiaomi Tech which was primarily handled by Flipkart who in turn got its own share of the cake. With devices getting sold out in mere seconds, the message reached the people and furthered the Chinese cause.

After sales services could have posed a problem to them considering the device would have to be shifted to China in order to be repaired under official guarantees but since everything from laptops to phones to literally everything under the sun being manufactured in the Orient, little problems will be envisaged.

This can quite possibly work only as a one-time marketing stint considering this was a case of only spurts of supplies in the market with prolonged publicity. To experience large scale stable profits, one must be an active and regular player in the Indian market. The phone manufacturers need not be worried about any future implications but should be wary about any such rampages in the future lest they become a regular phenomenon, for there will exist e-commerce ventures like ours to facilitate the bane of their existence.

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