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Amazon Assistant is a new speciality for all the wonderful users of amazon. This is actually great for all the shopping lovers. Anyone who is shopping buff wants to compare many products from different sites. This is a hectic task actually, but now Amazon has made it easy for anyone who wants to shop and explore. This is actually amazons official products for the millions of users who love and trust the products from amazon. If you are a frequent user you will know Amazon has a wide variety of products and has great service.

They gift users with special offers, deals and discounts. You can buy products from any category from Amazon. Clothing, accessories, footwear, gadgets, anything you ever want is available in Amazon at a great price. This itself is an example of why Amazon is a leading and no.1 online store. Amazon Assitant is actually a necessity any shopper would have, and fulfilling the needs of the users is a great quality of any E-Commerce platform. Amazon Assistant is a browser extension you can download from the selected browsers.

How To Add Amazon Assistant to your Browser?


Adding Amazon assistant is really simple. Your assistant is just a click away. Go to amazon assistant in the site, just click on install now. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Now you can shop from any site view the best offers. After adding you can find amazon assistant on the above task bar of your browser. When you are viewing a product in any online store, the price of that product will be shown above so that you can compare.

Features of Amazon Assistant

  • Improves the online shopping experience for the users.
  • The person can do a comparison of products available in Amazon while shopping in other sites without wasting their time.
  • Helps to know at what good you can purchase a product.
  • Can have access to your Amazon wishlist being shopping in any other site. Also, create a universal wishlist from both amazon and other sites.
  • You can check on the various daily deals and offers available in amazon.
  • Helps you make better decisions while shopping, and that is really necessary while these many wide varieties of products are available.
  • You will be updated with all the best deals, deliveries etc so that you never miss a deal and stay updated on everything.

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