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Formerly known as the West Bengal state electricity board (WBSEB), West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. or wbelec came into existence in 2007. Its sole purpose is to supply electricity to the state of West Bengal. It has several more than 1.68 crore consumers across the state. West Bengal state electricity distribution company limited is owned by the state government of West Bengal. And you can check online electric bill payments WBSEDCL easily. Want to know how?

Check bill status check online to find out your wbelectric bill pay and get your West Bengal bill payment receipt. Not only this, but you can also view your wbsedcl status, wbseb bill pay, and update your wbelectric bill payment through West Bengal Electricity or by wbelectric bill. Because doing from West Bengal state electricity board online bill payment for wbsedcl bill status; wb electricity bill payment; wb electric bill check saves a lot of time& money. Get your wbseb online bill payment from your home.

The West Bengal state electricity board bill payment was responsible for generating and distributing power across the state. However, the government divided the organization into two different entities providing single objectives for each of them. Here’s a list of their names and the purposes of their establishment.

  1. West Bengal state electricity distribution company Ltd. (WBSEDCL) – Power distribution company.
  2. West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company (WBSETCL) – transmission of power and generation.

With a customer base of 2.03 crores, West Bengal state electricity distribution company Ltd has its service network spanned across the state through 5 Zones, 20 Regional Offices, 76 distribution divisions, and 534 Customer Care centers.

Check out Online Electric Bill Payment WBSEDCL and what we will cover in this blog and many more related to WBSEDCL.

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Applying a new electricity connection for WBSEDCL

According to the web portal of West Bengal state electricity distribution company Ltd, the only option available is, to load up to 125 KVA. To avail of a new connection, the user has to follow these sets of instructions.

  1. To apply for a new connection, the user has to register themselves in the web portal using their Name, User ID (any legitimate documents), email ID, and Mobile number as well.
  2. After entering all the required details, the system will generate a password and display it on the screen as well as send it over to the user’s email ID.
  3.  After successful completion of the log in the user can change his or her password according to their needs.
  4. The user needs to fill out the forms within the portal and will have to submit the required documents along with the form.
  5. Once completed, the system will generate an instant quotation for the intended consumer. Instant quotation is downloadable by the user.
  6. The user has to pay the quotation through an e-payment gateway. They can use a Debit card, credit card, or net banking mode in the WBSEDCL web portal. The user can download the payment receipt from the web portal. Alternatively, the user can also submit the required quote amount to an authorized service center.
  7. Thereafter the service connection will be taken care of by the utility.
  8. During the time of effecting service connection, the user has to produce his application documents and his residential documents in front of the authorized representative of West Bengal state electricity distribution company Ltd.


Check Online Electric Bill Payment WBSEDCL

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Check WBSEDCL West Bengal Electricity Bill Online

To check your West Bengal electricity distribution company Limited’s electricity bill status online, follow this simple set of instructions. Also, get your West Bengal electricity bill payment done quickly and instantly by just checking your electricity bill status and you’re done. Know your wbsedcl bill payment status online by following these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of West Bengal electricity distribution company Ltd.
  2.  For the wbsedcl login, enter your user ID and password and log into the domain.
  3. Click on the option “bill view” and check your wbsedcl bill view with a tap,
  4. Thereafter you will be redirected to another page where you will have to enter your Consumer number.
  5. Enter the installation number and enter the captcha.
  6. Thereafter, a new page will open where you can view your electricity bill status.

Hence, Online Electric Bill Payment WBSEDCL is so easy. Right? Additionally, you can check bill status check online with this procedure, and West Bengal electric bill payment can be viewed easily.

WBSEDCL Bill Payment Online

Now, make your WBSEDCL Bill payment online by electric bill check. You are no longer required to face the crowd or stand in a long queue to pay your keep bill pay. To make your WBSEDCL payment online, go through the following procedures.

and get your bill status checked with the wbsedcl payment through Online Electric Bill Payment WBSEDCL.  Because checking and comparing with the previous bills let us know about our expenses. So, this is how the wbsedcl online bill payment procedure works:

  1. Visit the official website of WBSEDCL,
  2. Enter your user credentials and log into the WBSEDCL website.
  3. Choose the option “online payment” for the wbsedcl online payment or the wbsedcl online bill payment for electricity
  4. Afterward, you will be taken to a different page where the website will ask for your Consumer number.
  5. After entering the Consumer Number and Captcha, proceed to the next page by clicking on the submit button.
  6. On the next page, you will see your electricity bill status. After validating the bill details click on the next button to get to the payment gateway.
  7. Then choose your payment mode on the WBSEDCL payment gateway. You can use any card, mobile wallet, or net banking account to pay your electricity bill. You can also use your UPI ID to make your transaction.
  8. After choosing your preferred payment method, click on the pay now option and proceed with the transaction.
  9. You will receive a payment acknowledgment message on your registered mobile number as well as in your email.
  10. Hence, you have paid your wbsedcl quickly and pay in seconds. 
  11. Moreover, you can update your wbsedcl bill download for easy search.
  12. Also, get your wbsedcl receipt with the wbsedcl bill view download.

Hence, you are done with your wbsedcl electric bill payment in a simple way at your comfortable time and your place. As West Bengal electricity board or the govt. counters where you go to pay bills, you have to stay in the queue. Instead, the wbsedcl payment online method is safe and secure. 

 Check Online Electric Bill Payment WBSEDCL

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In the future, you can easily check West Bengal’s electric bill view any time of the month before the due date as well with the help of the wbsedcl app. In other words, the electricity bill pays app. Shocked? But, this is true. And with this app, you can do wbsedcl quick bill pay in a few tabs. Because it has already your details with it saved. Therefore, it will save time and effort to get a wbsedcl electric bill, or maybe a wbsedcl bill receipt by traveling a lot to the offline payment places and staying in the queue for hours. 

Alternatively, to make your online bill payment for wbsedcl easy, Vidyut sahayogi, also accepts online payment methods from where you can make an instant pay for your wbsedcl payment bill. Hence, you can use the online payment wbsedcl and kseb bill payment online with different modes. Thus, west bengal state electricity online payment has made the process smoothen through west bengal state electricity board online payment and get your west bengal state electricity board online payment in seconds from your home. 

So once the WBSEDCL bill payment is done, you can easily-How do I download the payment receipt online. As on the bottom down near the bill payment you will see a download bill receipt. From there, you can download the WBSEDCL bill from your home and keep it in the record book.

Payment methods you can use to pay your WBSEDCL Bill or for your electricity recharge:

Methods Details
Mobile App You can use WBSEDCL’s official app to pay your electricity bill. The official app of the WBSEDCL is Vidyut Sahayogi and it is available on the play store. You can use Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) to make your transaction. You are allowed to use even all of the third-party apps to initiate your transaction such as phonepe, Google pay, Paytm etc.
Net banking you You can use a net banking account to complete your electricity bill payment. There is no definite net banking account to make the transaction that enables you to choose any bank.
UPI You can also use the Unified Payment Interface to complete your online bill payment of WBSEDCL.
Mobile Wallet You is also allowed to make your payment through legitimate RBI-approved mobile wallets such as Phonepe, Google Pay as well as Paytm
Debit card You can pay your WB electricity bill online with your debit card. All you have to do is to type in your card details and complete the payment. The payment gateway accepts all Reserve Bank of India authorized Bank Debit cards.
Credit card You can also make your WBSEDCL online bill payment through your credit cards. Its online payment portal accepts all types of credit cards, such as MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, and so on

Therefore, check online electric bill payment WBSEDCL and bill view and bill download is quickly and simply from the comfort of your home.

WBSEDCL Customer Care Number

West Bengal State electricity distribution company limited has a helping number at any time of the day. To report any complaint or to seek any assistance with your online payment procedure, you can contact the WBSEDCL customer care through these numbers,

  1. 8422990337
  2. 19121 (it is a toll-free helpline number. Active 24/7)


  1. What are the charges for using e-payment methods?

  For wb electricity, no charges will be taken when using an online payment method.

  1. Can I use my phone, Google Pay, or any other such apps to pay my electricity bill?

 Yes, you can use any third-party Mobile app to pay your electricity bill online.

  1. Can I make an e-payment after the due date?

Yes, you can also opt for e-payment to make your payment even after the due date is over. However, there will be no special or e-payment rebates that can be availed.

  1. How do I get the WBSEDCL bill payment receipt for the e-payment?

Once you are done with the electric bill payment online, you can download the WBSEDCL payment receipt using your Consumer ID and get your Bengal light bill with the Bengal state electricity bill payment receipt.

  1. What if my payable amount is submitted twice from my card or net banking account?

If, the wb electric bill pay has excess money it will be accounted for within your next unpaid electricity bill. To confirm, you can with seb bill download and see it!

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