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Videocon D2H Packages List and Prices for 2022

Videocon D2H Recharge Plan 2022

In addition to having a client base of 19 million circles, Videocon D2H is India’s fastest-growing DTH brand. The brand offers a selection of 650 channels and services, including high definition and regional networks. It has also introduced the Stream set-top box, which allows you to convert your existing television into a Smart TV. Looking for the Videocon D2H Packages List?

Social media, YouTube, and other websites may be accessed using this set-top box. List down the most popular channels of the Videocon d2h recharge plans. Moreover, videocon packages and prices for 2022 are arranged by category for your convenience. Hence, you can check what videocon d2h packages list you need for your DTH and can avail videocon d2h monthly plan too.  Check out the list of videocon d2h price list 2022. 

Videocon d2h packages

Videocon d2h Recharge Plans List 2022:

1. D2H Hamara Hindi Combo Plan

The first option is the Hamara Hindi Combo recharge plan, which is the most affordable.  The videocon d2h offers 2022 starts at Rs 175.86 per month to subscribe to the d2h plan (excluding Network Capacity Fee). Eighty-seven paid channels are available with this recharge package. There are twenty-one news channels, 19 entertainment channels, fourteen movie channels, eleven kids channels, eight informational channels, and live sports channels.

2. D2H Diamond Sports Telugu Combo Plan

D2H Diamond Sports Telugu Combo recharge plan costs Rs 276.70 per month. This videocon d2h plan is equal to Rs 276.70 per month for a 12-month subscription (excluding Network Capacity Fee). These channels are distributed through 81 paid channels, including nine news stations, 19 entertainment stations, five music stations, 12 sports stations, eight infotainment stations, five children’s channels, and four GEC networks.

And can also, subscribe to videocon d2h recharge plans for one month plan which has a nominal d2h package price compared ta o monthly pack and is even cheaper. Read on for the d2h package list. 

Check out the list of Videocon d2h Online Recharge Plans and Offers

3. D2H Combo Pack Gold Tamil HD Plan

The videocon d2h recharge plans listof the Videocon D2H Plan is Rs 204.95 per month to subscribe to the Gold Tamil HD Combo D2h recharge plan. (Except the Network Capacity Fee.) In a super gold pack of videocon d2h, there are 42 paid channels on this system, including 12 high definitions and 30 standard definitions. Six news channels, 19 entertainment channels, three music channels, live sports channels, seven infotainment channels, four kids channels, 11 GEC channels, and a variety of other channels are among the offerings on the platform.

So, you can avail d2h package videocon, like, super gold, videocon d2h super gold pack, videocond2h, and videocon d2h recharge offer. hence, you can get the cheapest dth monthly pack. 


4. D2H Diamond Kids Kannada HD Combo Plan

D2H Diamond Kids Kannada HD Combo Pack subscription costs Rs 274.95 per month. The package includes 17 high-definition channels and 38 standard-definition channels. One Kids channel, three Movies channels, eight GEC, two News channels, one Sports channel, one Comedy channel, one Music channel, and 38 Other channels are all offered through the company.

5. D2H Platinum Bengali Combo Pack

The Platinum Bengali Combo has a monthly cost of Rs 292.03 and is a good option on our list of the best D2H Videocon recharge plans. In the Platinum Bengali Combo, there are 118 SD channels. The list combines 31 news channels, 23 movie channels, 25 entertainment channels, 11 kids channels, 12 sports channels, etc.

6. D2H Silver Telugu Combo Pack

The Silver Telugu Combo package offered by the Videocon D2H operator is competitively priced. The subscription is only Rs 50 per month and is billed every month (excluding GST and network capacity fee). Among the fourteen standard definition channels in this package are three news channels, two movie channels, three entertainment channels, one comedy channel, one music channel, one kids’ channel, and one GEC channel. And get your best and cheap packages videocon d2h.  Moreover, you can get less than videocon d2h 99 packages. 

7. D2H Tamil Silver Combo Pack

When it comes to individuals on a tighter budget, the Silver Tamil Combo package from the company is a fantastic choice. The total cost of the package is Rs 62.70. (excluding network capacity fee). Furthermore, in addition to the 24 SD channels, the bundle also contains:

  • Six news stations and two movie channels
  • Three entertainment networks (one Tamil and one comedy)
  • Three music channels
  • One movie channel
  • One kid channel
  • Six general entertainment channels (GEC)


8. D2H Silver Kannada Combo Pack

Overall, there are 28 channels in total: 5 news, one movie, two entertainment, four infotainment, three children’s, one lifestyle, four sports, 1 Kannada, and 4 GEC channels, to name a few highlights. Another low-cost choice is the Silver Kannada Combo d2h plan, which costs Rs 73.80 per month and includes both voice and data. On the other hand, GST and network capacity charges are not taken into consideration in this computation.

Hence, you can avail of videocon d2h south packages, videocon d2h sports addon, videocon d2h package for the south, or videocon d2h packages south at a cheaper price. if tale yearly or quarterly and get more benefits. 

9. D2H Silver Malayalam Bundle: Videocon D2H Packages List

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a low-cost solution that includes certain Malayalam channels. An overall 21 SD channels are included in the Rs 81 monthly fee for the D2h Videocon package. In addition to four news networks, four sports channels, four entertainment channels, three music channels, two GEC channels, four infotainment channels, four kids channels, two movie channels, and one comedy channel, the list also includes two movie channels and one comedy channel.

Moreover, you will get videocon d2h recharge plans for one year and other packages like videocon d2h 199 pack channel list, where you will get benefits-videocon d2h packages HD, combo offer, videocon d2h plan 220, d2h package, videocon d2h 99 packages, videocon d2h add on packs and many more. Check it broadly. 

10. D2h Silver Bengali Combo Pack

The Silver Bengali Combo is d2h’s most cost-effective digital television plan. This package comes with six entertainment channels, three news channels, and two movie channels, among other things. The monthly subscription charge is Rs 69.16, and in exchange for that money, you get access to 11 channels. And, videocon d2h plans monthly use the d2h packages videocon at its best.

Not only this, but you can also check out if you are a sports person for the videocon d2h sports pack price list. Where you don’t need to subscribe to other channels. if, in case you don’t want it.  And, videocon d2h recharge plans for one year by checking the d2h videocon recharge plans and comparing the videocon d2h price. 

11. D2H Diamond Combo Bundle

In addition, Videocon D2H offers a Diamond Combo bundle at Rs 188.99 per month (excluding GST and network capacity fees). You’ll have access to 77 channels when you purchase this package. Apart from the 24 news channels, customers will have access to 17 entertainment channels, including 13 movie channels, four children’s channels, four music channels, five information channels, live sports channels, and one network each in Punjabi, Bhojpuri, and English. Customers will also be able to tune in to one of the 24 news channels.

Additionally, check the recharge offers d2h before paying the due amount. 

12. D2H Diamond HD Combo for Children

The Diamond HD Combo is available in the Indian market for Rs 259.55. This D2H package includes 21 news networks and 21 entertainment channels, for 42 channels. HD channels account for 18 of the 79 channels included in the package, with SD channels accounting for 61. There are also 11 children’s channels, four music channels, 14 movie channels, four instructional channels, one Punjabi and Bhojpuri channel, and two lifestyle networks.

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13. D2H Diamond Tamil Combo

D2H Diamond Tamil Combo is available for Rs 202.85 (approximately). The package price  of the d2h recharge plan list 2022 tamil includes one month’s worth of Direct TV service. This package includes 73 SD channels. In addition to more than a dozen news and entertainment channels, videocon d2h Tamil channel list includes seven movie channels, eight children’s channels, five music stations, nine infotainment stations, seven Global Entertainment Channels (GEC), two lifestyle stations, six sports channels, three movie channels, and one comedy channel.

In addition to that, the videocon d2h HD package may vary with the videocon d2h channel list price. therefore, whenever, you are doing the videocon d2h package recharge, check the updated videocon d2h recharge packs which are actively ongoing particularly for the videocon d2h channel number list 2022. Hence, choose the d2h recharge offers and the d2h recharge plan list for your dish tv recharge plan 2022.  And save the money and get the maximum benefits. 

14. Diamond Kannada SD Pack-Videocon D2H Packages List

An annual subscription to the D2H Diamond Kannada SD plan costs for the d2h recharge package is Rs 224. This package is a good deal with 83 channels and a one-month validity period. Apart fr1om the 11 news channels, there are seven movies and eleven general entertainment channels to choose from on the platform. Besides that, the Videocon D2H packages list has nine sports channels and two lifestyle and fashion stations. There are also ten children’s channels, seven music channels, and seven GECs to choose from.

15. D2H English D2h All-in-One HD Combo Pack

Within this D2H single-channel bundle,  the d2h hd recharge plan list 2022, there are 38 channels, 24 of which are in high definition, and the remaining 36 are in standard definition. As the name says, this package contains only channels broadcast in the English language. The channel price list of videocon d2h includes videocon d2h package HD, videocon d2h channel add on with the proper videocon d2h channel list with price. Moreover, the Videocon D2H Packages List includes:

  • Seven movies
  • Three news networks
  • Two lifestyle channels
  • Three infotainment channels
  • Eight entertainment channels
  • Three children’s channels.

The service is available for Rs 241.20 a month if you subscribe.

Videocon D2H Packages List

The d2h plans 2022 and its price for the d2h recharge plan list 2022 3 months and on monthly basis,

Name of the pack Price (in Rs) Number of Channels Offered Validity Period
Hamara Hindi Combo Rs 175.86 87 channels 1 month
Diamond Sports Telugu Combo Rs 276.70 81 channels 1 month
Gold Tamil HD Combo Rs 204.95 42 channels 1 month
Diamond Kids Kannada HD Combo Rs 274.95 55 channels 1 month
Platinum Bengali Combo Rs 292.03 118 channels 1 month
Silver Telugu Combo Rs 50 14 channels 1 month
Silver Tamil Combo Rs 62.70 24 channels 1 month
Silver Kannada Combo Rs 41 9 channels 1 month
Silver Malayalam Combo New Rs 81 21 channels 1 month
Silver Bengali Combo Rs 69.16 11 channels 1 month
Diamond Combo Rs 188.99 77 channels 1 month
Diamond Kids HD Combo Rs 259.55 79 channels 1 month
Diamond Tamil Combo Rs 202.85 73 channels 1 month
Diamond Kannada SD Rs 224 83 channels 1 month
Diamond Kids Malayalam HD Combo Rs 252.05 57 channels 1 month
Gold Bengali HD Combo Rs 217.46 38 channels 1 month
All in One English HD Combo Rs 241.20 38 channels 1 month

Videocon D2H Packages List

Videocon Entertainment Channel List with the d2h videocon recharge plan 2022.

Entertainment Channel List Channel No. Channel Price
STAR PLUS 101 12.7
ZEE TV 103 12.7
COLORS 105 12.7
&TV 108 12.7
SONY TV 109 12.7
SONY SAB 113 12.7
BINDASS 120 12.7
STAR UTSAV 156 12.7
ZEE ANMOL 155 12.7
DANGAL 123 12.7
BIG MAGIC 124 12.7
DD INDIA 395 0
SONY PAL 159 12.7
TOPPER 160 59
AXN 175          12.70
STAR WORLD 179 12.7
ZEE CAFE 181 12.7
STAR BHARAT 107 12.7
RISHTEY 157 12.7
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