Top 20 Best Set Top Box In India 2023

Best Set-Top Box Brands In India

Top 20 Best Set Top Box In India 2023

The set-top box has become an essential appliance of every household. It is the main source of entertainment for many people as it offers different reality shows, daily soaps, and movies. You can enjoy all these shows by including them in your plan. But will the plan be economical for you depending on the set-top box you buy?

With so many options available in the market, it sometimes becomes difficult to judge which will be the best for you. So here we have mentioned the 20 best set-top boxes in India for your reference. By checking out their details, you will be able to make the right choice.

best set top boxes in India

Advantages of using Set-top Boxes

If you doubt whether to buy a set-top box or not, let me tell you all about its advantages. They are:

  • Set-top boxes offer high picture quality and high definition mode so you can enjoy it to the fullest.
  • The servicemen of your new set-top box will provide you with round-the-clock service. So, whenever you face any problem, you can contact them for getting it fixed.
  • You get the advantage of paying for only those channels you want to see by adding them to your package.
  • The set-top box provides you with multiple payment options, so you have the advantage of the flexibility of paying by whatever medium you want.
  • You also get the advantage of additional features like rewinding, pause, and screen recording. So, you can watch them at your convenience and time.

List of 20 Best Set Top Box In India 2023

A set-top is a device that we use as a part of our television set to convey analog signals in a digital oneness. In the modern world, we use a set-top box to transform our TV connections into digital connections for a much better experience. So, get yourself one now by looking at the different options mentioned below. These set-top boxes are performing incredibly well in the market and have the best reviews. List set-to-top box companies in India-

Airtel set-top box review is quite high in the consumer market. It is one of the pioneers among the several DTH services in India. This HD set-top box offers its users 400+ channels in HD settings. It comes with a single universal remote and a record and pauses feature to watch it at your convenience. This is the best-set-top box name with the features and quality.

Its best features:

  1. Lots of channels
  2. Best package option
  3. Reasonable
  4. Offers HD visuals

Which is the best set-top box?

The super-performing set-top box offers unlimited entertainment and gaming experience to people. It is a combination of a smart tv box and set-top box that combines Jio Box and Jio Fiber Connection service. Even though it is launched a few years back it is performing splendidly in the market.

Its best features:

  1. Free Jio Fiber service
  2. Has smart TV Box and DTH box service
  3. Can watch OTT content with an internet connection


According to the dish TV android set-top box review, it is one of the best set-top boxes available in the market. It is designed specifically for users who love high-end features and advanced technology. This deviallows user to record their favorite show or match. It supports its quality 1080p and 5.1 surround sound. Plus, the company will provide you with an authorized technician for free installation. And it is one of the best quality set up companies.

Its best features:

  1. A vast collection of channels
  2. Popular brand name
  3. 24×7 service
  4. FrInstallationion

LRIPL is a popular choice among those looking for an economical media streaming device for TVs. Plus, the picture quality and sound effects it offers are world-class. It also lets its users enjoy media content for free. Know the test-toptop box and its features.

Its best features:

  1. Affordable
  2. Popular channels are available for free
  3. Free media streaming option
  4. Superb picture quality and sound

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It is another popular set-top box brand in India. You can buy this set-top box from the company or set it up on your own to access all free-to-watch channels and other channels on your TV. They are extremely affordable and also offer media streaming options to users.

Its best features:

  1. Access to free-to-air channels
  2. Popular brand
  3. Affordable
  4. Used by other DTH services

It is one of the top regional set-top boxes in India. It has a huge customer base in southern India and has DTH and cable service. Through its connection, users can access a large number of digital TV channels that too at a reasonable range.

Its best features:

  1. Reasonable pricing
  2. Best-quality channels
  3. Popular regional brand
  4. Great connection for regional channels

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This is another best set-tboxesbox that you can consider. When you buy it, you get access to all the free-to-air channels. It can support up to 4k channels and 2k transponders. Plus, the appliance has a USB port, favorite channel setting, and parental lock function.

Its best features:

  1. Access to free-to-air channels
  2. Affordable
  3. High visual experience
  4. Good audio quality

It is quite popular among the list of top-performing DTH services. It provides its user with a great collection of channels. Furthermore, it has been operating since 2007 and has a great customer base. It offers supreme video and sound quality. Moreover, it has great package deals.

Its best features:

  1. Huge collection of channels
  2. Great visual and sound quality
  3. Great deals
  4. Happy customer base
  5. Affordable

As per the tata sky set-top box review, it is another top-performing set-top box available in the market. It offers superb picture quality with vibrant colors, sharp images, and surround sound. Providers sell tata sky set-up boxes by giving users a wide range of services and 24×7 hour assistance. Plus, you can customize the channels according to your budget.

Its best features:

  1. Top-selling DTH brand
  2. Amazing picture and sound quality
  3. Wide channel collection
  4. Affordable

Doordarshan offers its users its own DTH service in the name of DD Direct Plus. This set-top box is completely free of cost. In other words, its service is completely free and broadcasts all free-to-air channels. So while you cannot access yofavoriteite channels, you will get this DTH at no cost.

Its best features:

  1. Free DTH service
  2. Popular brand
  3. No charge for watching shows and movies
  4. Access to free-to-air channels

Hero Electronix operates My box. It first introduced its product in the year 2008 and has grown into a popular one. It offers all the features of the DTH service despite being a cable network set-top box company.

Its best features:

  1. Highly popular
  2. Extremely affordable
  3. Lots of features
  4. Provides DTH service along with cable networks

It started as a secondary to Dish TV but has now earned a popular name in the regional set-top box market. It offers a wide range of regional entertainment options to its users. Also, it is quite popular in different regions of Kerala and Odisha. Plus, the supreme picture quality makes it a top set-top box brand in India.

Its best features

  1. Different regional channels available
  2. High video quality
  3. Reasonable

set top box

It is another best serviprovidersder in the market that offers cable and satellite TV transmission services. It is quite popular among users as it offers its users multiple services, interactive programs, and pay-per-view options. Moreover, it also gives HD and SD choices to consumers.

Its best features:

  1. Good service
  2. Widely popular brand
  3. Reasonable
  4. A choice between HD and SD option

This one provides you with video-quality visuals and sounds. It lets you stream all the free-to-air channels in HD quality. Plus, it supports an antenna connection, so you get access to all the satellite transmission channels. Apart from this, it also offers terrestrial connections and Wi-Fi connections for accessing digital TV channels.

Its best features:

  1. Access to free-to-air channels
  2. Good picture quality
  3. Support cable and Wi-Fi connection
  4. Affordable

Den Networks is a highly promoted brand in Reliance industries it is one of the best cable operators in India, currently handling a huge customer base in the country. Moreover, it is quite popular among the best set-top box in India and offers HD as well as SD quality to its users. Plus, they offer lots of other features like pause, rewind, and record option.

Its best features:

  1. Quality service
  2. Popular cable operator
  3. HD and SD channels
  4. Multiple features

Next among the best set-top box brands list is D2H. The box offers high picture quality for an immersive view experience. Apart from shows, you also get other interactive services like active music, active games, etc. It also lets you rewind/forward up to 64x speed, pause live tv and record it. Plus, it also comes with free installation.

Its best features

  1. It provides multiple benefits and features
  2. Popular brand name
  3. Extremely affordable
  4. Available both in the online and offline market

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Top 4 Best Smart TV Box Brands

Nowadays, a new type of set-top box has been introduced in the market. These are smart TV boxes that will help convert your TV into smart TVs. You can usually operate them on an Android OS and easily stream apps by connecting them through the internet. Among the many smart TV boxes, the most popular ones available are:

1. MI Box

MI box is a very popular set-top box brand even though it has been launched recently. It enables its user to connect the TV with multiple apps on their phone and stretheirour favorite media. Plus, it comes with Bluetooth support and Google assistance for voicommandsand. This has been taking over the e-commerce market and is widely available in the online market.

2. X96 Smart Android TV Box

This smart Android TV box offers its users a lot of benefits. It operates on android alerts and lets you connect with Wi-Fi or ethernet connection. Moreover, it can also store and play media. Plus, you can connect it with your keyboard and mouse. In addition, it also supports 4k videos without any lags in some models.

3. Cybertek

Though it has a minimalistic design, it is a powerhouse of performances. It offers high-resolution videos without any buffers. It supports most apps with ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, it lets you transform your TV into a smart TV at a very reasonable range.

4. Croton MXQ PRO+

Croton MXQ PRO+ is another best-performing smart TV box that can successfully convert your TV into a smart TV. However, you might need an HD or HDMI cable for this. Once it is connected to the internet, you can watch any online streaming content you want. Plus, it is supremely easy to operate.


  1. Which are the top three set-top boxes in India?

According to the reviews, the top three set-top boxes in India are:

  • Airtel Digital TV
  • Dish TV
  • Tata Sky
  1. Which is the cheapest option available in a set-top box?

DD Direct Plus can be considered the cheapest set-top box available as it is free of cost for its users.

  1. What are the factors that you must keep in mind while purchasing a set-top box?

Whenever you think of buying a set-top box, make sure you consider the following factors:

  • Number of channels
  • HD/SD quality
  • Price and cost
  • Effects of weather
  1. What are the different prices of the set-top box?

The price will usually depend on your need and the features you desire from your set-top box.

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