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Types of Face Mask you must know


Face masks are a very effective and essential accessory to use during COVID-19 Pandemic. It helps you to not catch diseases and prevent the spread of it as well. There are different types of face masks available now. Check out these medical face masks specially used for various purposes. These are definitely the Types of Face Mask you must know. Shop these items using the Coupons from PaisaWapas to get the best deals.

Different Types of Face Mask


1. Disposable Surgical Mask

Disposable Surgical Mask is used to protect people from infections and Viruses. This mask is recommended to prevent the coronavirus. It should be used after use. This mask can protect people from airborne diseases and that is mainly its purpose.

What side of a surgical mask should I use?

The surgical mask has two sides. One is normal just the colour side which is normally either blue or green. the other side will be of blue and white or green and white. The white mixed or coloured part is the side you should use on the part of your mouth.

2. N95 Disposable Respiratory Mask

This sort of face mask is intended to shield you from dust, mould and environmental dangers. It is expected to prevent 95% of airborne germs and not germs through gas or fume. This can likewise prevent coronavirus, Swine Flu and other dangerous contaminations.

Why is it called N95 face masks?

Now, one must wonder why is this particular and mostly recommended mask is named as N95. It is because this mask is expected to prevent 95% of viruses, which can cause serious deadly diseases.

Which is betterN95 and surgical marks ?

Both masks works at it best to prevent dangerous viruses. Still, for better safety you should go for N95 mask. One important thing to note is that, these maks are not reusable. Using it more than once can really be contagious and non effective.

3. Reusable Respirator/Gas Mask

This kind of mask is utilized to prevent inhaling of solvents, chemicals, paint and woodworking. It is reusable and can help to protect yourself from gasses, different chemical substances which can be deadly for your body.

4. Full face Air-Purifying Respiratory Mask

This mask can be used to protect yourself from strong gasses and vapours. It is a full-face mask which covers your eyes. It is suggested for scientists working with hazardous chemical conditions and to individuals with constant respiratory issues. It comes with an air purifier attached to itself to help you breathe better. Also, it is reusable.

5. Self-Contained Apparatus

This reusable mask is especially for firefighters. It is made in a way to help people breathe in an environment which is dangerously polluted. It is not a suggested mask for coronavirus or any other infectious flu.

Best Face Mask to Buy Online

Having the best face mask is very important when it comes to safety. Check out the face mask from the best selling brands and best face mask to choose from.

Best Selling Face Mask brands
Newnik Lifecare

Venus Safety SLV FFP2 Class Respirator



  • with Valve.
  • Pack of 5.
  • M.R.P: Rs.1,250.
  • Offer Price: Rs.780 (5 masks) / Rs.156 (1 mask)

Honeywell N95 mask



  • Pollution N95 mask.
  • Swine flu mask.
  • NIOSH certified 3 Pcs.
  • White, M.
  • M.R.P: Rs.300.

Filtra Pm2.5 N95 Mask



  • Black.
  • Box Of 25 Disposable Masks.

These are a few of the best selling mask and brands. Always remember the necessity of wearing a mask and the reason behind it. A surgical mask or a disposable N95 mask is definitely the recommended one for COVID-19, and other airborne viruses/infections. Use mask whenever you step out of a safe place to polluted/crowded environment. Protect yourself and others by wearing a mask.

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