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Top 10 Best Shirt Brands Under Rs.1000 September 2023 – For Men

Men's Shirt brands in india

10 Best Shirt Brands: Men can’t find variety in their clothes’ is a myth. Gone are the days when companies used to make simple shirts. Today various brands, design several shirts for different purposes. You can easily find hundreds of patterns in casual as well as formal shirts. Check the Men Shirt Brands that you wish you knew before.

Many companies in India are ruling the market. They have been operating for many years and are trusted by the customers. Wondering where to buy the best shirts for men? Here is a list of the top 10 brands selling branded shirts for men in India.

Starting Price of branded shirts in India

Shirt Brands Name Starting Price*
Louis Philippe Rs.720
Arrow Brand- Branded shirt Rs. 775
VanHeusen Rs. 680
Peter England Rs. 751
Park Avenue Rs.734
John Players Rs. 524
Allen Solly Rs.787
Roadster Rs. 423
Mast and Harbour Rs. 379
Zodiac Shirts Rs. 499

Table Of Content – Top 10 Best Shirt Brands in India under Rs.1000

  1. Louis Philippe
  2. Arrow Brand- Branded shirt
  3. VanHeusen
  4. Peter England
  5. Park Avenue
  6. John Players
  7. Allen Solly
  8. Roadster
  9. Mast and Harbour
  10. Zodiac Shirts

List Of  Top 10 Best Shirt Brands in India

1. Louis Philippe – Formal shirt brand

Louis Philippe

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This brand shirt’s name defines class, elegance, style, and quality. They sell all the clothing in different categories of quality, namely, Gods and Kings, LP Luxury, LP Mainline, etc. Founded in 1989, the Indian brand is owned by the Aditya Birla Group. The famous Twilight star, Robert Pattinson is Louis Philippe’s brand ambassador.

You can buy affordable and luxurious clothes from this brand. It deals in several clothing categories like men’s t-shirts, Shirts, trousers, jackets, blazers, tuxedos, shoes, sweaters, etc. Louis Philippe shirts are loved by the buyers. Their material is soft and the patterns are unique. This is the reason the brand receives immense love not just in India but in other countries as well.

  • Fit: Traditional, normal, and slim
  • Price: from Rs. 720 and above

2. Arrow Brand- Branded shirt

Arrow shirt

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Arrow, Arvind Ltd is a fashion apparel brand in India. It makes clothes for men and women. Arrow shirts are their flagship products. Whether you want a casual shirt or a formal one, the brand will provide you with the best designs and materials.

The company is famous for an American style of classic designer wear. One of their newly launched shirts can now block UV rays from reaching your skin. These branded shirts for men are known as Anti-UV shirts. Their shirts come at reasonable prices.

  • Slim and regular fits
  • Price: from Rs. 1000 and above

3. VanHeusen

Best Men shirt brands | vanheusen shirt brand

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Shirts, jackets, trousers, ties, you name the item and the company will provide you with the finest quality clothing. Van Heusen has attained immense success in India by being consistent with its quality products. Casual, formal, and semi-formal, shirts are available as per your desire.

The company makes attractive solids, checked, printed, and various other stylish men’s shirts. You can also buy their shirts online from the company’s website.


4. Peter England- branded shirts in India

Best Men shirt brands | Peter england

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The name may sound all firangi but this Indian brand is an absolute love. The Peter England shirts are a combination of style and comfort. They last longer and are resistant to fading. One of the largest men’s clothing brands in India, Peter England also makes trousers, blazers, suits, T-shirts, and whatnot.

They deal in women’s clothing as well as the best shirt brands. So, if you want to shop for yourself and your loved ones, Peter England is your one-stop solution.

  • Fit: Traditional, normal, and slim
  • Price: from Rs. 751 and above

5. Park Avenue- Top shirt brands

Best Men shirt brands | Park avenue shirt brand

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This top shirt brands is launched in 1986 and is a subsidiary of Raymond, Park Avenue is an ever-stylish brand. It serves the purpose of classic men’s style wear at affordable prices. You can expect an excellent quality shirt at a very reasonable price. This is the ultimate USP of Park Avenue.

They have a wide range of shirt collections. The brand can serve you with outstanding formal, casual, and semi-casual shirts. What are you waiting for? Grab the phone and order the shirts online.

  • Fit: Regular and Slim
  • Price: 600 and above of Rs.

6. John Players – Luxury Shirt Brand

Best Men shirt brands | John players

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Remember the famous company ITC? Yes, the one that owns the Sunfeast biscuit range. The ITC entered the fashion industry by introducing the John Players brand in 2002. The company is famous for branded shirts or formal wear, but you can buy several attractive casual and semi-formal clothes as well. Thus, it is the Indian shirt brands that are on the top list of shirts for men branded.

If comfort and style are what you are looking for, then a John Player shirt will offer you a satisfactory shopping experience.

  • Fit: Extra slim and slim fit
  • Price range: starting at Rs. 530

7. Allen Solly – Best Men shirt brands in World

Best Men shirt brands | Allen solly shirt

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Allen Solly is a  top brand in shirts company that caters to the needs of all age groups. Semi-formal, formal, casual, you name it and the brand will amaze you with its attractive range of products. Sold at reasonable prices, their shirts are made with excellence.

Apart from the Allen Solly shirt, you can also buy trousers, jeans, T-shirts, and various other products.

  • Slim, standard, bespoke, and sport fit are available.
  • Price: Rs. 800 and above

8. Roadster-Best shirt brand in India

Best Men shirt brands Roadster

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This branded shirts in India have come across this brand on Myntra while browsing for shirts. Roadster offers a wide variety of shirts. You can buy a casual shirt at a very low price. Their checked casual shirts are the most popular ones as they are stylish and can cost you as low as 600 INR.

The company also sells jackets, jeans, trousers, formal shirts, shoes, etc. They also deal in women’s wear. You can buy the best Roadster men’s shirts on Myntra.

  • Slim and regular fits
  • Price range: Rs. 450 and above

9. Mast and Harbour – Branded shirts names

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This best shirt brand is yet another brand owned by Myntra Pvt Ltd. It is top 10 branded shirts for men that make the most stylish casual shirts and extremely attractive formal ones. Their cost is also very reasonable. Mast and Harbour shirts are super comfy and elegant. They can add charm to your entire wardrobe.

10. Zodiac Shirts- Shirts with brand name

Zodiac Shirts- Shirts with brand name

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Want to revamp your closet? No other brand can deliver you exotic shirts and elegant clothing like the Zodiac brand. The company provides its customers with the best clothing experience and amazing men’s shirt designs. Their clothes are a blend of comfort and style. This is exactly what a buyer wants.

Your clothes speak a lot about your personality. Whether you are going for an important job interview or planning a date with someone special. A classy and stylish shirt from all of these brands will make your day.

  • Slim and regular fits
  • Price range: Rs. 500 and above

 Conclusion: Shirt Brands in India

The market for shirt brands in India is very competitive and diverse, giving customers a lot of options. Both indigenous and foreign companies have established themselves over time and catered to the various tastes and price ranges of Indian consumers. Each brand targets various customer categories with its distinctive design, quality, and value proposition.

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