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Top 11 Jeans Brands in India

Stylish and durable, these are the two basic features that every leading Jeans Brand must have. You must check these two qualities as a buyer when you want to buy expensive and branded jeans. Everyday clothing stuff that gives a stylish look to both men and women in jeans. If you want to buy a pair of Jeans then know about the top 11 jeans brands in India.

List of Top 11 Best Jeans Brands in India

1. Levi’s: Top Jean Brand in India

Levis Jeans

Levi’s is one of the best jeans brands in India because it gives high-quality clothing texture and is most preferred by youngsters. Levi Strauss is the founder of Levi’s Jean’s an American Clothing Company Since 1853 in the United States. Levi’s is also producing Denim Jeans and selling its products all over the world.

Types of Levi’s Jeans & Price Range:

Jean Type from Levis Levi’s jeans Price Range
Levi’s Skinny Jeans for women Starting at INR 750/-
Levi’s Slim Jeans INR 1529/-
Levis Straight Jeans Starting at INR 1500/-
Tapered Jeans from Levis Starting at INR 1500/-
Levi’s Bootcut Jean Pants  Starting at INR 999/-
Relaxed Jeans by Levis Starting at INR 750/-
Levis Loose Jeans Starting at 1200/-

Size Range in Levi’s Jeans:

26 Inch Waist to 66 Inch Waist Size Jeans is available in Levi’s Brand. One of the best things about this Brand is fits and is flexible for all body types beautiful and attractive. Levis Ripped jeans are also highly popular in India.

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2. Mufti: Best Indian Jeans Brand

Mufti Jeans

Durable and Flexible are the main qualities of branded Jeans, and Mufti Jeans ensure these two features for the customers. The best aspect of this Brand is it is an Indian Jeans Brand. Mufti Stretch is a Popular Denim Brand in India: The best type of Mufti Jeans is Stretch Jeans.

Firstly, Mufti Denim became popular in India and is now popular in the overall world. Mufti was introduced in 1989, and Kamal Khushalni was the founder of this Brand. The Brand was founded in Mumbai, and now carries around 19 Outlets and 120 Stores in the overall world are present this Brand.

Types of Mufti Jeans & Price: An Branded Jeans Company in India

Jean Type from Mufti Mufti Price Range
Mufti Narrow Denim/Narrow Fit Denim INR 1500/-
Mufti Retailored Jeans Starting at INR 1000/-

Mufti Skinny Jeans for Women/Skinny Fit from Mufti

Starting at INR 1000/-

Mufti Slim Fit Jeans for Women/Super Slim

Starting at INR 1000/-
Mufti Joggers for men Starting at INR 900/-

Mufti Ankle Length Jeans for men/ Ankle Length Jeans for women

Starting at INR 1200/-
Mufti Regular Fit Jeans Starting at INR 700/-

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3. Pepe: Popular in Top 5 Jean Brands in India

Pepe Jeans

One of the premium brands in the list of Top 10 Jeans Brands in India the Pepe Jeans. If you are a brand enthusiast, then you may know about this Jeans Brand. This Brand of Jeans is mainly popular in the range of Denim Jeans. Thus, if you think to buy Denim Jeans, don’t miss buying the outlet for Pepe jeans. The Brand is from London and was founded in 1973. Right now, the company is working from Spain.

Pepe Jeans Are Ideal for Causal Wear. When you are looking for something sophisticated and genuine, you must take a look at those brands that are giving you an amazing look and comfortable features as well. Most buyers consider this Brand because they think that Pepe Jeans are ideal for casual wear.

Types of Pepe Jeans & Price: Top Jean Brand in India

Types of Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans Price 
Skinny Pepe Jeans Starting at INR 1000/-
Slim Jeans by Pepe Starting at INR 899/-
Pepe Regular Jeans Starting at INR 999/-
Relaxed Pepe Jeans Starting at INR 899/-
Wiser Wash Jeans from Pepe Starting at INR 1,199/-

4. Flying Machine: Best Jean Brand in India

One more Indian Brand that came on the list of Top 11 Jeans Brands in India is Flying Machine Jeans. When you are thinking of buying only Indian Brand jeans that are stylish and qualitative, you can trust the fabric and quality of Flying Machine Jeans.

You can find countless options in Flying Machine because they offer plenty of categories for selecting jeans. Both men and women can purchase branded jeans from this Brand.  following are the jean types offered by the flying machine.

Types of Flying Machine Jeans & Price – Best Jean Brand in India

Types of Flying Machine Jeans

 Flying Machine Jeans Price 
Flying Machine Skinny Fit Jeans Starting at INR 1000/-
Slim Fit Jeans for Women by Flying Machine Starting at INR 799/-
Flying Machine Regular Fit Jeans for Men and Women Starting at INR 899/-

Flying Machine Super Slim Tapered/Slim Straight Fit/Super Slim Fit

Starting at INR 1200/-

One more thing that you need to know about this Brand is the material they use to design jeans. Cotton, Polyester, and Tencel are some materials used to create this Brand of jeans.

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5. Wrangler: Best Selling Jean Brand in India

One more denim brand that came on the list is Wrangler. It is the most amazing Denim Brand. This Brand is the trendiest in India on the list of top jeans brands. The market share of this Brand in the jeans industry is 13%. Wrangler is an American Jeans brand popular around the overall globe.

This Brand is also dealing in other clothing stuff for men and women. Wrangler Jeans brand is mainly owned by Kontoor Brands Inc. (that is a subsidiary of Lee). The main headquarter of the Brand is in North Carolina, the United States. Wrangler is popular in India and American Countries, but the fan following this Brand is in European countries. Explore Wrangler Jeans Collection Now.

Wrangler Jeans for Men & Women 

Wrangler Jeans Price

Skinny, Slim,& Straight Wrangler Jeans for Women Starting at INR 800/-
Flare & Bootcut Wrangler Jeans for Women Starting at INR 2000/-
Texas – Tapered & Slim Wrangler Jeans for Men Starting at INR 1500/-
Bryson Wrangler Jeans for Men Starting at INR 3000/-


6. Lee: Branded Jeans in India

Lee Jeans

Lee is the major American Denim Jeans Brand. Both women and men can trust the quality of this Brand. The first product was introduced in 1889, and with this oldest age, you can understand how old it is Brand. Kontor Brands mainly know as Lee Jeans Company. American Brands are always popular in India, but Lee is a global Jeans brand with countless stores in various countries.

Types of Lee Jeans: The Best Jeans Brand in India

Lee Jeans for Men & Women

Lee Jeans Price
Eric Skinny Low Jeans from Lee Starting at INR 2000/-
Lee Anton Slim Narrow Jeans Starting at INR 1,999/-
Bruce Skinny Mid Jeans from Lee Starting at INR 1,999/-
Lee Rodeo Regular Straight Jeans  Starting at INR 1259/-

When you are looking for ideal men’s jeans brand, then Lee is the right choice for you. They hold enough market share around the globe for selling the highest number of men’s jeans.

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7. Spykar: Popular and Best Jeans Brand in India

SpyKarFounded in 1992, Spykar is one of the renowned Jeans Brands in India. Denim Jeans Fans must try the jeans by Spykar because it is the leading Denim brand in the overall world. This Brand’s creative and iconic design always creates a buzz in the industry because they offer excellent products with high-quality stuff. Therefore, if you are also in love with denim brands, you can’t miss buying the Spykar Jeans. The market share of Spykar in the Jeans Industry of India is around 7%.

If you are thinking of purchasing Denim Jeans, you must browse at the store Spykar because this jeans brand is mainly popular for the high-quality Denim Jeans brands you like very much. Men can browse for the unlimited collection of Spykar, and the jeans are extremely good fit pants for them.

Types of Spykar Jeans & Price: Best in the Top 11 Jeans Brands in India

Spykar Jeans for Men & Women

Jeans Price of Spykar
Spykar Slim, Skinny & Super Skinny Jeans Starting at INR 1,749/-
Spykar Regular Jeans Starting at INR 999/-
Spykar Relaxed Jeans Starting at INR 1,500/-
Spykar Jogger Jeans  Starting at INR 1000/-
Printed Jeans from Spykar INR 4,699/-
Ripped Jeans from Spykar Starting at INR 1200/-

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8. Denizen: Top Jeans Brand in India

Denizen jeans One of the low-cost Jeans that you can buy is through Denizen. This Brand is also owned by Levi Strauss. What is the best thing about Denizen Denim Jeans? Amazing quality fabric at such affordable pricing is the best thing for the customers.

On the other hand, denim jeans always fit the customers’ main focus because they want to buy easy-to-do jeans in the range of Denim. Denizen fitting is best for the daily wear stuff for the customers. Overall, Denizen is the ideal and best Brand to Buy Denim Jeans.

Types of Denizen Jeans: Best Jeans Brand in India

Denizen Jeans for Men & Women

Price of Denizen Jeans

Denizen Slim, Skinny & Super Skinny Jeans

 Starting at INR 1749/-
Denizen Regular Jeans Starting at INR 659/-
Denizen Relaxed Jeans Starting at INR 1500/-

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9. Louis Philippe: Popular and Best Jean Brand in the World

LP Jeans

Louis Philippe the must-buy top 10 jeans brand in India. And the most popular jean brand across the world. Women looking for High Waist Jeans must look at the stylish and new range of Louis Philippe. This Brand not only ensures good quality fabric, but you will also look stylish by wearing the Louis Philippe Jeans. This brand was launched in 1989. Louis Philippe was the name of the French King.

Louis Philippe Offers Luxury Quality Denim Jeans: Not only stylish jeans are part of this brand,  luxury Denim Jeans are also a part of their new range. It is also one of the highest-selling brands of Jeans in India.

Types of Louis Philippe Jeans: Top Best Jeans Brand in India

Louis Philippe Jeans for Men & Women

Louis Philippe Jeans Price

Slim, Super Slim Fit Jeans by Louis Philippe 

Starting at INR 1549/-
Louis Philippe Regular Jeans Starting at INR 2000/-
Louis Philippe Ultra Slim Jeans Starting at INR 2000/-

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10. Tommy Hilfiger: Best Men’s Jeans Brand in India

A Globally Recognized Jeans brand that is also popular in India is Tommy Hilfiger. We can’t miss this Brand in the list of Top 11 Jeans Brands in India. The Brand is not from India but in the United States, but it is the highest-selling jeans brand in the world. Tommy Hilfiger is manufacturing jeans for both men and women. If you are a fan of American Fashion, then this Brand is worthy for you.

However, the Denim range of this Brand is quite expensive for customers compared to other brands in India. Tommy Hilfiger also sells large sizes.

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Types of Tommy Hilfiger Jeans: Top Jeans Brands in India

Tommy Hilfiger Jeans for Men & Women

Tommy Hilfiger Jeans Price
Regular Jeans from Tommy Hilfiger Starting at INR 4,799/-

Slim Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger

INR 5,599/-
Stretchable Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger INR 6,639/-

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Final Words:

Pick the best Brand for your Jeans Collection or more than one if you want to spend your money on a valuable item. In the end, we can say that these jeans brands are notable for you and you can trust them in terms of fabric and quality.

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