Top 8 Best Bus Booking Apps to Book Bus Tickets in June 2024

Bus booking apps

Top 8 Best Bus Booking Apps to Book Bus Tickets: Bus transportation is a popular and economical mode of travel in India, and it is also environmentally friendly. With the advent of bus booking apps in India, bus online booking has become a quick and convenient process for travelers. The best part about bus online booking is that there is no need to stand in long lines to purchase a ticket. With the use of bus ticket apps, you can easily book a bus ticket with just a few clicks. Thanks to technological advancements and innovative ideas, Indian tourism has been transformed, making it easier for travelers to book and plan their trips. This rising demand for bus booking services has made the entire process of making a trip reservation quick and easy, saving travelers valuable time and providing them with a hassle-free experience.

Advantages of Booking Bus Tickets on Apps over Buying them Offline

Booking bus tickets online has become increasingly popular due to the advantages it offers over buying tickets offline. Many significant market players are now providing user-friendly apps to make it easy for consumers to reserve a bus without leaving their homes. With the help of bus booking apps, consumers can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent waiting in long lines to buy tickets. In addition to this, there are several other advantages of booking bus tickets online:

  • Access to detailed information on bus schedules, ticket costs, and boarding and drop-off locations
  • Convenient payment options with the ability to pay through various online payment modes
  • Availability of discounts, cashback offers, and other deals on bus tickets
  • Multiple options for selecting seats and boarding points
  • Assurance of safety and cleanliness in buses, with amenities like Wi-Fi, power outlets, air conditioning, and comfortable seating

By booking bus tickets online, customers can enjoy all of these advantages and make their travel experience more comfortable and convenient.

Things to Remember While Booking Bus Ticket

  • Power sockets and Wi-Fi – Make sure your bus has a power outlet so you can use your phone without worrying about draining the battery.
  • Verified Crew – provides your security by investigating the passengers you are traveling with. Make sure they have good customer reviews for a good experience.
  • Stop and rest occasionally – Make sure your bus driver makes a few good stops so you can rest and relax on the road. You can stretch your legs, eat something, use the bathroom, and more.
  • Cancellation Policy – Choose a bus that offers full refunds or ticket cancellations at any time before travel with a minimum cancellation fee without prior agreement.

Best Bus Ticket Booking Apps In India

1. Redbus

redbus bus ticket booking

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  • RedBus is a travel booking app for purchasing bus tickets online that was developed by Charan Padmaraju, Sudhakar Pasupunur, and Phanindra Sama in 2006.
  • With over 25 million customers worldwide, it is one of India’s biggest travel booking apps and a subsidiary of MakeMyTrip Limited, the top online travel agency in India.
  • RedBus offers a convenient and enjoyable experience for millions of Indians who use buses, with a wide range of options, excellent customer service, and reasonable costs.
  • You can use their website and mobile apps to order tickets for all the main routes.
  • RedBus offers a unique service called “Track My Bus” that enables you to track the whereabouts of your bus in real time and save time waiting at the bus stop.
  • You can check out red bus coupon codes to get more discounts on your red bus bookings.

Download redBus: Android | iOS

2. Abhibus

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  • AbhiBus is one of the leading travel booking apps for bus tickets in India, with a wide range of route options and bus partners.
  • Founded in 2008, AbhiBus offers a range of services including e-ticketing systems, fleet management, bus tracking systems, passenger data management, and 24/7 customer support.
  • In addition to bus tickets, AbhiBus also provides hotel bookings and bus rentals.
  • With AbhiBus, you can book non-AC buses that connect with Volvo AC buses for a more comfortable journey.
  • AbhiBus allows you to book Volvo buses online through its website and mobile app.
  • A unique feature of AbhiBus is “Abhimovies,” which allows passengers to watch movies while traveling.

Download AbhiBus: Android | iOS

3. Zingbus

zingbus bus booking

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  • Zingbus is a growing intercity bus transportation company in India.
  • It provides customers with a trustworthy, convenient, and economical travel experience.
  • Zingbus has a team of trained and experienced employees dedicated to meeting customer needs.
  • The company offers round-the-clock support via WhatsApp to address customer concerns.
  • Zingbus lounges in various cities are furnished with cafes and restaurants, air conditioning, free WiFi, washrooms, cloakrooms, charging outlets, and all the necessities for travelling.
  • Zingbus is one of the best bus ticket booking apps for those looking for a reliable and affordable travel experience.
  • It is also an excellent bus reservation app, offering a wide range of options and excellent customer service.
  • Zingbus is highly recommended for anyone looking for a stress-free and comfortable travel experience in India.

Download Zingbus: Android | iOS

4. Makemytrip


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  • MakeMyTrip is a well-known travel booking platform founded in 2000.
  • It offers a simple and convenient online booking experience for flights, hotels, and buses.
  • MakeMyTrip’s app is one of the best bus booking online apps available.
  • It allows users to easily book travel arrangements through their smartphones.
  • The app is ideal for comparing bus fares between different bus services.
  • MakeMyTrip delivers incredible deals, including Instant Discounts, Fare Calendar, MyRewardsProgram, and MyWallet.
  • The platform regularly updates these offers to better meet the changing needs and desires of its customers.

Download MakeMyTrip: Android | iOS

5. ClearTrip

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  • Founded by Hrush Bhatt and Stuart Crighton in 2006, ClearTrip has made a significant impact in the global internet travel booking market.
  • With ClearTrip’s bus booking app, travelers can book their bus tickets in just a few clicks.
  • The company also offers hotel, flight, and train booking services.
  • ClearTrip focuses on its core products, including operations in India and the global market.

Download ClearTrip: Android | iOS

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6. Travelyaari


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  • Travelyaari was established in 2008 by Prateek Nigam, Aurvind Lama, and Parthasarathi Sinha, and is based in Bangalore
  • With over 3,500 bus companies listed on their website, Travelyaari offers more than 150,000 bus alternatives daily, operating on over 70,000 routes
  • The company has provided transportation to over 150 million people since its inception
  • Travelyaari’s online bus booking app allows for the instant purchase of bus tickets
  • Special deals and periodic price reductions can be received through app notifications
  • Customers can be assured of the cheapest bus booking experience with Travelyaari

Download Travelyaari: Android | iOS

7. Paytm bus booking – Bus booking online app

Paytm Bus Booking Offers

In reality, the Noida-based company Paytm is an online payment platform and digital wallet provider. It was created by Vijay Sekhar Sharma in 2010. The business launched its bus ticket marketplace later in 2015 after partnering with top bus aggregators in India. In the unreserved bus booking market, Paytm enabled cashless payments.

Download Paytm: Android |  iOS


8. TicketGoose

TicketGoose bus booking

With more than 10,000 buses traveling on 20,000+ routes, TicketGoose is another of India’s best bus booking online apps, offering service to more than 3,000 locations nationwide. In addition to its website, its Android and iOS apps also let you easily order tickets. By consistently delivering value, service, support, and the finest usability, this Chennai-based business, founded in 2007 by Arun Athiappan and Karthi Easwaramoorthy, bets on people and consumers. In addition to bus reservations, TicketGoose also makes it simple to make hotel and taxi reservations.

Download TicketGoose: Android

Conclusion – Best bus booking apps 

Bus booking apps in India have revolutionized the way people travel by bus. With private bus online booking, travelers can easily book their tickets and avoid the hassle of long lines and uncertain seating. This has led to a surge in interest among travel entrepreneurs, who are offering discounts, deals, and incentives to attract customers. Bus ticket apps and travel apps are gaining popularity and reshaping the market, with an extensive list of top bus booking app startups available in India. These apps are constantly updated with new features and services to better serve the needs of travelers. With the convenience and affordability offered by these bus booking apps, it’s no wonder they are becoming a preferred option for travel in India.

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