Srinagar Dal Lake Activities, Houseboats, Hotels & Shikara Ride 

Srinagar Dal Lake Activities Houseboats Hotels _ Shikara RideÂ

Dal Lake is the most beautiful place in the middle of Srinagar (the capital of Jammu and Kashmir). Guys, if you plan a trip to J&K, this place is the diamond stone for you. No matter if you are going in winter or summer? You must check out all the major facts about dal lake like –

Activities in Dale Lake

Hotels in Srinagar Near Dal Lake

Houseboats in Dale Lake

And more!

I consider January for my Kashmir Trip in 2023 because, according to the trends, January is the cheapest time to visit Kashmir or Srinagar. It is when you can plan your travel on an affordable budget because the crowd is less and negotiation chances are high. 

Travelers who didn’t invest time in RND about budget, costing, and activities in Kashmir may pay 50% higher than the actual cost. Thus, here are some tips, tricks, hacks, and facts about Kashmir Dal Lake. 

About Dal Lake –

It is the most visited place in Jammu and Kashmir. The area of the lake is 22 Km, and 7.44 KM is the length of the lake.

Dal Lake Location –

The lake is located in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir.

Dal Lake Timings in Kashmir –

Dal lake opening and closing timings are crucial to know when you are planning to visit this place. The lake is open at 6 AM and closes around 6 PM.

Hotels in Srinagar Near Dal Lake –

If you are thinking of staying for one night near dal lake, you can find some – Srinagar Hotel Near Dal Lake at affordable prices.

1). Zostel Srinagar

Gupt Ganga, Shalimar Road Ishbar, Nishat, Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir

2). Dal View Resort

3-star hotel

Ghat No 17, near Nehru Park, Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir 

3). Hotel The Grand Mamta

Near Temple, Khonakhan, Dalgate Bridge, Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir 190001•+91 97969 99306

4). Hotel Nehrus:

Dal Lake, Boulevard Rd, Gagribal, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001

Cheapest Time to Visit Srinagar Dal Lake –

Which is the cheapest time to explore or visit Dal Lake, Kashmir? Winters are the best time because when you want to avail the exciting view of the lake with fewer crowds, visit during the winter, like December to February.

Houseboats in Dal Lake –

Dal Lake Boat House concepts are very popular among tourists because of the peaceful view. Many people who travel in the state choose one night stay in dal lake houseboats to enjoy the amazing night view.

There are multiple dal lake houseboats, and I also captured pictures of some best houseboats in dal lake with my camera. Here you can check.

Dal Lake Houseboat Price –

Generally, the dal lake houseboat price starts from INR 3000 for one night but depends on the demand, season, or time when you visit the place. I chose January for the travel; at that time, the houseboat was easily available at INR 3000 or 4000. However, the pricing also varies if you want to book premium houseboats in dal lake.

When we compare the houseboat in dal lake’s price with the hotels, we can say that houseboat charges are higher than hotels because they require more maintenance.  

Houseboat in Dal Lake – Good Idea or Not?

If you have the hotel booking package for your trip but want to add more glamorous things to your travel experience, then a one-night stay at the dal lake houseboat is a good idea. However, it is also expensive, and if you are planning to budget travel in Kashmir, then it is impossible.

Shikara Ride in Dal Lake –

A must-do activity in Dal Lake is Shikara Ride. The total time of the Shikara Ride is around 2 hours. Pricing is different in both winter and summer. Summers are costly for the Shikara Ride in Srinagar. On the other hand, winters are affordable.

How much do I pay for Shikara Ride in Dal Lake Cost?

We were on travel to Kashmir, and our main objective was budget travel. Hence, we consider everything affordable, shared, and cheap. We also negotiated for the Shikara Ride Price in Dal Lake 2023. The service provider first told us 1500 for 2 hours, but we finally agreed on the cost of INR 500. 

After completing the Shikara Ride of 2 hours, we also gave a tip to the uncle who did this amazing for us of INR 200.

Pro Tip During Shikara Ride in Srinagar Dal Lake –

1). Shopping during the ride may be costly. You should avoid it.

2). However, you must take tea, snacks, and other things during the ride for enjoyment.

3). I also did the photoshoot in the Kashmiri Traditional Dress, and it was a nice experience.

4). How much did I pay for the Kashmiri dress photoshoot in Dal Lake? INR 100 for 1 each photo. 

5). You can visit the Shikara in Srinagar Dal Lake at four to five points.

The Bottom Line:

Srinagar Dal Lake is the most beautiful place, and your visit is incomplete at this place without the Shikara Ride, Kashmiri Dress Photoshoot, Tea & Snacks, etc. These are some must-do activities in Dal Lake Srinagar, Kashmir.

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