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Top 7 Best Brother And Sister Drawing

Best Brother And Sister Drawing

India is a country where you can experience so many cultural influences in occasions and foods and also in dresses. One of the auspicious occasions is Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated among brothers and sisters where a sister tied a colorful rakhi on the right hand wrist of her dear brother. But why it is called Raksha Bandhan? Because when the sister ties the rakhi on the wrist of her brother the brother takes a vow to protect his dear sister from any kind of trouble.

Nowadays there are drawing competitions held based on this auspicious festival and kids will have to prepare for this with exciting drawing ideas. In this blog we have listed a few happy raksha bandhan drawing ideas for all of you.

Top 7 Best Brother And Sister Drawing With Colour May 2024

1. Sister is Preparing Rakhi for Her Brother

Raksha Bandhan

When we heard about a drawing competition then it is natural to have some tiny level of tension. If you too are wondering about how to make a rakhi drawing then do not worry. We have the solution. There are plenty of drawing ideas you can find on the internet but let’s try something unusual. So that it will create a good impression on your teachers.

Pick up the theme where a sister is preparing a rakhi on her own. For this you have to go through the internet and check the basic things that are required to prepare a rakhi. Then try to draw it. Must take help from your parents and drawing teacher as well. Ask for their feedback.

2. Rakhi Thali with Items

Rakhi Thali

Want to select a raksha bandhan drawing with color? Then must choose this theme. One of the most vibrant parts of this auspicious festival is the thali where we arrange rakhi with sweets and flower petals along with diya and some portion of rice and kumkum. When all these will come up together it appears truly outstanding. So one must pick this theme and draw things as you wish to see it. Draw colorful rakhis and other relevant things in the middle place of the plate. You can add an outline that replicates the designer laces that most of us place to decorate the outer space of a plate. You can also draw a hand that holds the thali and gets ready for the festival. Must choose vibrant colors so that every element appears colorful.

3. Sister Tying Rakhi

Sister Tying Rakhi

One of the most common but special moments is when the sister is tying the rakhi on her dear brother’s wrist. It will naturally be one of the themes for rakhi drawing color. You can make this with the most colorful options because you will get two human figures with rakhi. If you feel comfortable with more items then you can also put the rakhi thali on a table.

Must arrange colorful items on the rakhi thali so that it will appear even more colorful. When you are getting closer to finish the drawing must check the overall painting and pay attention to the cleanliness of it. You can also add a beautiful tagline based on this beautiful festival that shows the bonding between a brother and sister.

4. Brother and Sister Taking Selfies with Rakhi

Brother and Sister Taking Selfies

Are you willing to do something unique for the upcoming drawing competition that is based on raksha bandhan? Then must choose an unusual theme that nobody else can even imagine about it. Taking selfies is one of the trendiest topics but not anyone can choose this topic for such a festival. You can select this for the happy raksha bandhan 2023 drawing.

Though social media is considered a major part of our daily life so you can take the inspiration from here. Draw a picture where the brother and sister are posing to take a selfie and the brother is showing the rakhi. This theme will surely attract distinct eyes. Make sure that do not put extra items into it. Just keep it simple so that both figures can only get highlighted.

5. Brother Offering Gift to His Sister

Brother Offering Gift to His Sister

No occasion is ever complete without offering gifts to each other. Here in this auspicious festival after the ritual elder brothers give exciting gifts to their little sisters and elder sisters give presents to younger brothers. Then the younger brothers take blessing from their elder sister.

So this ritual can be selected as a rakhi drawing for school. This will surely touch the heart of your school teachers. Make sure you will include sufficient colors to elevate the theme and must maintain the tidiness.

6. Stunning and Colorful Rakhi

Stunning and Colorful Rakhi

After going through so many innovative themes let us find something easy. So you can choose to sketch and paint a rakhi for rakhi drawing with color in your drawing competition. Search for a beautiful painting of rakhi and then practice it by including so many colors.

But do not go for using harsh colors. It may not give a good impression to the teachers. Therefore try to apply vibrant but soft colors. Red and yellow colors should be there. Besides this you can add green and sky colors to give it a contrast effect. When you paint such kind of picture with all your heart it will definitely give a significant impression to the teachers.

7. Sister Giving a Treat to Her Brother

Sister Giving a Treat to Her Brother

If there is a festival then there must be festive special menus. An occasion should not be performed without preparing delicious items. Therefore this can be one of the rakhi themes that you choose as celebrating rakhi drawing for coloring. Choose a picture where a sister feeding sweets to her dear brother with her hands with care. This will be the most adorable theme when you put proper colors into it.

To Conclude – Brother And Sister Drawing!

So is this sufficient for your upcoming drawing competition to celebrate Raksha Bandhan? We are pretty sure that after going through all these marvelous but easy drawing ideas you will definitely receive applause from your teachers. So we wish you all the best for your drawing competition and must share these ideas with your dear ones so that they can also try.

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