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How to Eat Healthy Food Everyday

A perfect and healthy diet can give us a purpose to live. The refreshing feeling it delivers to our body can be a really good stress buster. It can help to see things clearer and properly. Make your diet healthier with the simple ways and changes that you can make in your daily life. Being persistent is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy diet. Here are a few…


How to Develop Skills during the Lockdown

Skills are the foremost part of building a career. You have to develop and maintain your skills, to never the potential that you carry. The COVID-19 lockdown is one of the hardest time of any recent years. The world has shut down to safeguard people from an infectious virus. This outbreak of COVID-1- has given us all an opportunity to perform our responsibility towards our country or as speaking globally,…


PW Bazaar Lockdown Essentials – Offers and discounts

COVID-19 Epidemic has brought a lot of changes to our life. There are a lot of essentials now that we can’t live without. For the last few months of 2020, our life hs taken a major turn around the world. This epidemic has made impossible to live with certain essential things, that said mainly hand sanitizer and mask. The lockdown has affected the availability of any our essential item quiet…


How to be productive during Work From Home

The COVID-19 epidemic has given us the chance to work from home, but it puts us with a realisation that it is not easy as it is being in office. Home is our comfort zone where there is a lot of distraction on which we are always used to. It is hard to focus on work from home in this scenario. So here are few solutions on How to be…


Easy and Quick Recipes to try During Quarantine

Cooking is really a hard chore. These days we are really locked down in our houses during the Covid-19 epidemic. This is the best time to level up cooking skills, for both men and women. Easy and Quick Recipies are such that everyone can use. We have plenty of time at home, so why not make some delicious snacks? Some of us are alone during this quarantine, so it is…


How to Make Disinfectant at Home

Disinfectant or Sanitizer is a very much needed essential these days. There is absolutely no way we cannot live without it now. During the Covid-19 epidemic, we have to have a lot o disinfectant/Sanitizer in stock. In this situation, the demand for the same has increased at a very higher level. It is probably better if we can create it at home, in that way there will be very less…


6 Things to do during the Quarantine

Quarantine has given us all enough time to explore what all hobbies we can do to improve ourselves. Just for the time being we really need good habits and things to do, to go through this quarantine. Here are 6 Things to do during the Quarantine, that will let you have a great time with your family, friends, partner, and more importantly with yourself. It is better to keep you…


Strategies for B2B companies in COVID-19

Strategies for B2B companies in covid-19 The whole thing got me thinking about businesses in general what can our clients and other business be doing to optimize their existing marketing during the time. While there is no one answer , there are few strategies to start with . Businesses are doing everything they can to keep employees active and engaged. But in some cases, there just isn’t enough to do….


Best Amazon Prime Original Series to Watch During Quarantine

Binge-watching shows are one best entertainment to do, to pass time during the quarantine. There is no limit to the availability of shows at all. You can find shows in literally any genres you love. There is no need to sacrifice your time and find out whether the shoe is good. Here are some of the Best Amazon Prime Original Series to Watch During Quarantine. Amazon Prime can give you…


Top 3 Books To Read During Extended Lockdown

Books are the door to wisdom, there is nothing you cant achieve from books. Every book you read will definitely have something to teach you. Evolving by living different lives is what makes us human, and books are the key to it. Books are that company, which will help you grow in every way. Reading can help you in many different ways, it will make you more alive, every time….