6 Most Popular Wall Putty Brands & Price in India – May 2024

Best Wall Putty Brands In India

Looking for Best wall putty brand in India, Top 10 wall putty companies in India or Best waterproof wall putty in India? Every working person is continuously trying to earn more and more to fulfil their dreams. When it’s the time to fulfil that existing dream in real then all try to do their best so that the dream can be fulfilled. In the same way, many people have a dream of having a new home that will be very attractive to everyone.

Whenever people want to build a new home then most of the time they go for some interior as well as exterior design. Besides this, they choose various types of wall painting to make that home perfect. But only doing wall paint can’t give a perfect look to the wall.

Doing wall putty is necessary to maintain the wall painting for several years. Curious to know how wall putty can make the home look very attractive? Keep your patience up and continue reading till the end.

Top 6 Best Wall Putty Brands In India May 2024

Can’t decide which one to choose for getting a perfect look at the wall? It’s obvious to be confused. But it’s a guarantee that this article can be helpful for anyone to remove all the confusion regarding the wall putty. Get some idea about the putty brands and choose accordingly.

1. Berger paints – Wall Care Putty Best Brands In India

Wall Care Putty Best Brands In India

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Most of the house owners when have a thought of doing wall putty then they try to choose an innovative brand. No doubt that Berger wall putty has popularity for being innovative. It has taken a permanent place in the paint industry due to its good quality.

This brand provides different types of wall paints which give a beautiful look to the wall. Most of the time when one brand produces technologically advanced products they even don’t notice whether it affects nature or not. In Berger paints all the technological advancement happens with consideration before doing any harm to nature, also you must check Berger putty price.


  • Berger paints provide an acrylic putty that has really a very smooth texture.
  • Due to the smooth texture of the putty, there are no difficulties during the time of application.
  • The material is completely waterproof.

2.  Birla Wall Putty – Best Wall Putty Brand In India

Best Wall Putty Brand In India

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The house owner who wants to do a wall putty which is based on the white cement can easily go for this brand. Anyone can get the best results out of it as this brand provides enhanced performance. Many factors are necessary to be considered when choosing the best brand. These factors include maximum coverage, finishing look, etc. Everyone selects a brand that is reliable also. Birla putty is very water resistant. This quality of the putty makes this brand more reliable to the customers.


  • The putty has a strong binding quality.
  • The strong binding quality of the putty is helpful for the prevention of peeling.
  • It’s necessary to have a look at whether the surface is wet or not before applying the putty.
  • Try to apply the Birla wall putty on a wet surface of the wall to get a perfect finishing look.

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3. Jk Cement – Top 10 Wall Putty Companies In India

Top 10 Wall Putty Companies In India

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Whoever looking for one of the best putty brands in India with great quality can go for this one without having a single thought. Want a smooth finish on the wall? Then choosing the wall putty from Jk can be a great option.

This wall putty has a quality of alkali resistance. As most people are running out of time so they try to choose the one which takes comparatively short time while applying. The Wall putty from Jk can impress an owner due to its quick setting time.


  • Provides the long-lasting material
  • Gives an amazing smooth look to the wall.
  • The wall putty has strong adhesion.
  • There’s a necessity for an ideal base during the time of wall painting. This type of putty can provide an appropriate base.
  • Wall putty from Jk protects the wall from having damp.

4. Asian Paints – Best Brand In Wall Putty

Best Brand In Wall Putty

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It’s very rare to find such a person in India who doesn’t know this brand name when it’s time for doing the wall putty. Maximum people know this brand due to its distinctiveness. This brand always tries to make putty with such materials which are not harmful to health. Nowadays most people are very concerned about health issues.

So it’s obvious that they will go for the brand which maintains hygiene factors during production. All the owners become very choosy when they try to give a perfect look to the wall. Wall putty from Asian paints provides several colour options. One should choose the wall putty colour according to the colour of the wall painting.


  • It’s possible to apply the putty without having any specific skills as the quality of the putty is very smooth.
  • There’s an advantage of having both types of putty including acrylic and powder.

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5. Nerolac – Best Wall Putty In India

Best Wall Putty In India

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Most Indians know this brand name as it is very popular while doing wall putty. This brand gives priority to the needs of the customer and creates the putty according to the needs. Want to fix the deep cracks in the wall? Yeah, it’s possible to fix. One can get an immediate result by choosing Nerolac wall putty. This brand makes the putty more usable through proper research.


  • The wall putty from Nerolac has a strengthened quality which indirectly helps to increase the elasticity of the putty.
  • While the wall has an uneven look then the putty helps to give an even look to the wall.

6. Dulux – Putty Companies In India

Putty Companies In India

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This brand is not only popular in India but also known internationally due to its huge demand. The putty which is manufactured by this brand is very fibrous. Anyone confused while choosing a brand that provides the best quality of putty can go for it.


  • The putty from this brand is very much durable.
  • A lot of varieties can be found when choosing the design of wall putty.
  • The acrylic putty takes a very short time to dry after applying.

Which putty is best for interior walls?

  • Nerolac – Putty for walls
  • Birla, HIL  – Wall putty manufacturers in India
  • Esdee Paints – Top brand in wall putty
  • Birla White – Best quality wall putty
  • Asian Paints – Best brand in wall putty

Conclusion – Best Wall Putty Brands In India!

Hopefully, now you have all the ideas about the Best wall putty brands in India after reading this article. So why take too much time? Try to give a perfect look to the wall by applying good-quality putty.

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