Top 13 Standup Comedians in India

stand-up comedians in India

Don’t you think that because these youtube stand-up comedy clips have enriched our lives, we all cherish YouTube even more? We bet you would watch stand-up comedians in India if you had to choose one video genre to watch for hours.

The popularity of stand-up comedians in India has to offer is growing among youngsters every day. Many people admire stand-up comedians’ abilities to cheer up our sad faces.

The exclusive list of top thirteen comedians stand-up comedians in India that are also well-known youtube stand-up comedians is listed below. These comedians have a fantastic sense of humor and will undoubtedly make you chuckle. Let’s begin:

List of Top Best 13 Standup Comedians in India

1. Anubhav Singh Bassi

Top 13 Standup Comedians in India Anubhav may have become a lawyer or perhaps a bureaucrat in another reality. After all, he is certified for the job. But let’s be grateful that the universe has blessed us with Bassi, a legendary comedian. Before ultimately finding peace and success as a stand-up comedian, he tried his luck in several other professions. The chariot of laughter is being driven by this person, who has over 35 lakh YouTube subscribers and is one of the renowned youtube stand-up comedians. Did you know that he has more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram?

2. Abhishek Upmanyu – Best Standup Comedian

Top 13 Standup ComediansHe is one of the most loved stand-up comedians in India, with over 4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and 1.4 mil followers on the Instagram platform. Abhishek, who comes from a North Indian family in Delhi, finished his engineering degree and worked for prestigious firms like Ranbaxy before beginning his journey to the comedy station.

He had no idea that his path via humor would take him to stages all across the country and the world. Most of his YouTube videos get at least two crore views each. We don’t know what else we should call it, if not sincere love for an artist!

3. Harsh Gujral

youtube stand up comedianIn addition to being one of India’s most well-known stand-up comedians, Harsh Gujral is a prominent social media celebrity. So if you’re searching for an entertainment powerhouse, he is your man. His humor might be characterized as light, fresh, and modern. His laid-back narrating approach successfully connects with the audience. So when he comes to your town again, be sure to book his show so you can all laugh hysterically together.

4. Kapil Sharma – Top Comedian in Bollywood

youtube stand up comedianIf contemporary and progressive humor is not your thing, grab your things and head to see Kapil Sharma perform. Even though he hasn’t regularly performed stand-up, “The Kapil Sharma show” has become quite successful with older Indian audiences, making him a household figure. Whether or not he’s progressive, this man definitely is hilarious. The fact that this humor is crude yet entertaining is what really counts, right? He has a talent for maintaining the most impeccable comedic timing. His show has aided in his growth as a famous celebrity show presenter and as a publicist for their forthcoming ventures. Regardless of your opinion, he unquestionably deserves to be included among the 13 best comedians in India.

5. Zakir Khan – Top best stand-up Comedian

Jakir khan Standup ComedianZakir Khan nails the funny guy vibe with more than 7 million YouTube subscribers and around 600 million views on his videos. He is an absolute gem, and his comic videos about love and heartbreak never fail to make people laugh. Zakir is a must on the list of top Indian comedians because of his extensive collection of comedy videos and his fervent fan base. Visit his YouTube channel to uncover a riot of hilarity.OTT

6. Gaurav Kapoor

Gaurav-Kapoor- Stand up comedianDelhi-based stand-up comedian Gaurav Kapoor has become more prominent in recent years. At 35, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say he is the rising Hindi stand-up comedian. He is popularly known for his humorous acts and performances. While his live performances certainly get a lot of attention and acclaim from the general public, his Instagram reels are just as popular and guaranteed to make you chuckle. This explains why he has a social media following of approximately 355K followers. So trust us when we say to keep an eye out for one of the best standup comedies in India, i.e., Gaurav Kapoor.

7. Aakash Gupta – Trending stand-up comedian

youtube stand-up comedy Even though stand-up comedy is still in its early stages in India, there is no shortage of Indian stand-up comedians here who can have you hooked on their performances for days. Aakash Gupta is classy and hilarious. You’ll be laughing so hard during his concerts that you’ll soon find yourself rolling on the floor. Therefore, if you appreciate seeing live comedy shows, please do yourself a favor and get tickets for his next show. With a whopping 1 million Instagram followers, this man must be doing something right!

8. Kenny Sebastian

Standup Comedians in India Kenny has attracted attention from the crowd due to his marriage to his longtime lover Tracy Viegas. Their private Goa wedding seemed to be a scene from a fairytale. We could all see Kenneth Sebastian Matthew, our favorite comedian, get married thanks to Instagram. Not many people are aware of this, but in addition to being one of the most recognized names on our list of people for best stand-up comedy in India, Kenny is also a well-known content developer, singer, and filmmaker. He serves as a judge on the show “Comicstaan,” a comedy hunt-based reality show airing on Amazon Prime Video.

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9. Aditi Mittal – Best Female Stand-up Comedian in India

Standup Comedians in India She is one of the very first female Indian Hindi stand-up comedians, and she is also Abhishek Upmanyu’s favorite female comedian. She made trends by doing stand-up comedy routines before they were even popular in India. Her ironic performances have piqued people’s interest. Her transformation from the class clown to an Indian stand-up comedian is astounding. She doesn’t have dry humor at all. Her actions are often described as blatantly original and thought-provoking.

10. Atul Khatri

stand-up comedy India Atul is a work of art, still going strong and giving the newcomers with fresh talent and blood a brutal fight. He is well known for his rants, hilarious tweets, interesting YouTube comments, and chucklesome stand-up performances. He understands how to make an impression everywhere he goes. Atul, one of India’s top stand-up comedians, is a multifaceted individual. Atul began his career as the CEO of his family’s firm after receiving his MBA and engineering degrees. Being the winner of the Season 1 of the CEO’s Got Talent, we can see that this man gives his all to every endeavor, whether in business or humor!

11. Vir Das – Top best standup comedian in India

stand-up comedy India People follow Vir Das because of his varying personality and his humor, acting, and music. Das began his career as a comedian before breaking into Hindi cinema with movies like Delhi Belly, Badmaash Company, and Go Goa Gone. He made his worldwide Netflix Abroad debut in 2017 with his dear one. Widely known for his wit and comedy skills, he has done over 100 concerts over the country. He completes our list of the top comedians in India.

12. Biswa Kalyan Rath

stand-up comedy India An actor, comedian, and writer, Biswa Kalyan Rath. His career in the comedy industry counts for over 4 years. He was named one of the most influential figures in India’s comedy industry by The Times of India in December 2015. Before beginning his career in comedy in 2010, Rath was employed as a software engineer. Over 200 shows have been done by him around the nation, including at notable locations like Comedy Store and the National Institute of Engineering. With The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Comedy Nights with Kapil, he made his television debut in 2013. Additionally, YouTube recognized him as India’s Best Online Comedian. His transformation from a comedian to a prosperous businessman has been excellent.

13. Rahul Subramanian

stand-up comedy India Indian stand-up comedian Rahul Subramanian has a sizable social media and YouTube fan base. You’ll be stunned to know that he has almost 2 mil YouTube subscribers along with more than 2 mil followers on Instagram. Local open-mic evenings were where Rahul Subramanian began his humor-filled career. From NY to Dubai, Sydney to London, London to Singapore, he has performed all over the globe. CNN has named Rahul the best comedian in India.

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There are so many more outstanding comedians you need to know about. These comedians are so hilarious that they’re sure to make you laugh uncontrollably. Having a bad day? Not to worry! Just watch these comedians’ giggle-worthy videos, and you’re good to go!

Also, think we missed out on your favorite Indian stand-up comedian? Do let us know in the comments.

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