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Top 12 Free Apps to Read Books Online ๐Ÿ“–

Top 12 Free Apps to Read Books Online - Top rated

Reading books is an escape from the world indeed. And getting to read the best online for free is a true celebration for book readers of fiction, fantasy, Non-fiction, thriller, and more. So, here is an article that will amaze every reader where he/she can read their favorite Novels for free. A list of top 12 free apps to read books online in 2024.

List ofย  12 Best Apps To Read Books For Free Online in 2024

Free Book Apps to Read Play Store Rating App Store Ratings
Google Play Books 4.2โ˜… 4.5โ˜…
Barnes & Nobel 4.0โ˜… 4.7โ˜…
Wattpad 4.1โ˜… 4.7โ˜…
Amazon Kindle 4.7โ˜… 4.9โ˜…
Open Library 3.1โ˜… 1.4โ˜…
PocketBook Reader 4.1โ˜… 4.5โ˜…
Good Reads 3.5โ˜… 4.8โ˜…
Pratilipi 4.6โ˜… 4.8โ˜…
TELL 4.4โ˜… 4.8โ˜…
WebNovel 4.0โ˜… 4.4โ˜…
Read Era 4.8โ˜… 3.6โ˜…
Novel Now 4.8โ˜… 4.8โ˜…

1. Google Play Books

Google Play Books - Top Free Apps to Read Books Online

Most used and popular ebook app that contains both free and paid ebooks to read online. You can find this in your android play store app under the category “books”. Where you can find all the book genres from comics to new book releases.

Key Features:

  • App clone makes this free online book reading app save storage
  • You can check the summaries and 1st chapters of books read for free before you buy them.
  • You can even find free comic books to read.
  • And can explore their new audiobook feature.

2. Barnes & Nobel

When one talks about buying books Barnes & Noble is the one-stop destination. And if one visits the store yes we agree it is a heaven stop for book lovers. And with this app, you get to read ebooks, newspapers, magazines, comics, and manga for free. As we all know Barnes &Nobel is also one of the best apps to buy books online.

Key Features:

  • You can create your library for choosing thousands of books (Wishlist library)
  • And Nook device by Barnes & Nobel is similar to Kindle which is portable and lightweight.
  • This free book reading app is available both on Android & ios.

3. Wattpad

Are you a fiction lover? Of what you read if you haven’t started with the best free app for reading in India i.e., Wattpad. You get to read, write your own story and publish your ebook online for free. And this free book reading app is available for both Android & ios users. Wattpad is one of the top leading free apps to read books. Highly known for best romantic, thrillers, and erotica. And you also be part of the crazy fanfiction books and add them to your reading library.

Key Features:

  • Multiple genres to explore and read for free.
  • Find your reads by refining your tags and get high-rated books to read for free.
  • The Uniqueness that makes Wattpad special is you can be a reader & a publisher at the same time.

4. Amazon Kindle – Best free app to read books for Android & ios

Amazon Kindle is one of the top apps to read books and purchase online. It has forever been high competition and the Kindle edition has brought more comfort for users and has multi-language readers engaged. This is why it makes it to the list of top 5 best apps to read books for free online in India.

Key Features:

  • You can purchase Amazon Kindle & get access to thousands of books.
  • Dark & light mode feature.
  • Can get to browse millions of e-books.
  • Available in multiple languages. Choose yours.

5. Open Library – Best App/Website to Read Books for Free

Open Library is a real virtual library where you can borrow and read books for free. From literature to fiction open library has multiple books to offer. And you can also add a few suggestions or lend books to the website in the form of PDFs for others to read. From Stephen King Thrillers to Classic Romance & Literature Novels read for free with the Open Library app.

Key Features:

  • Digital Shelves will give you the feel of a physical library by adding to your reading list.
  • You can add full text to search and get the ebook to read for free.
  • And you can be a part of book talks and explore to learn more about them.
  • You can borrow and return books after reading – Physical library in Virtual time.


6. PocketBook Reader

This free app to read books provides access to network directories and supports Adobe DRM. PocketReaders has the ability to open multiple e-book files quickly and saves your time to glance at a summary.

Key Features:

  • 26 book and audio formats, including mobi, epub, fb2, cbz, cbr.
  • You can read for free without ads and with total comfort.
  • e-books, audiobooks, magazines, textbooks, and more to explore.

7. Good Reads

One of the world’s best apps to read and recommend books. Choose from 20 billion data points using their search engine and get the top-rated high recommendations on that genre. Also, be a part of the community and publish your books and be a part of the GoodReads top-rated authors.

Key Features:

  • Find everyday quotes from famous authors of all time.
  • Read from the curated best choice awards from GoodReads from all the top genres

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8. Partilipi

A regional Indian app to read books in hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and multiple Indian languages. You can read stories, Novels, Newspapers, and more with the Pratilipi free book-reading app. You can also be a well-versed publisher and gain followers on your published books.

Key Features:

  • Digital free reading platform available in 12 languages.
  • Apps are available in both Android & ios
  • Download and read offline


What is your type of audiobooks or reading books? Well, the TELL free reading app has some best story collections for you to read and explore. And join a community of storytellers and also get to build your own library of family stories. Best storytelling app for kids and it’s free so worth a try.

Key Features:

  • You can learn about the reading time of the stories as you explore.
  • Great user Friendly-UI.

10. WebNovel – Read/Share and Earn Money App for Free

A fictional hub the best free app for reading that holds the best novels for fiction lovers. All the latest novels released can be found on the app. If someone you like Romance novels then this app is the best spot.

Key Features:

  • Comics, Novels, and more everyday new releases.
  • Participate in their carnivals and submit your stories and earn rewards.
  • You can join their affiliate program and earn a 38% commission.

11. ReadEra

An auto-detection of book recommendations based on your current and previous reads. Readera free app to read books online, where you can curate books by author and series.

Key Features:

  • You can highlight your favorite lines and quote them.
  • Translation and word definition features are available.
  • Page flipping vertical, horizontal, day, night, and more eye-friendly features.

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12. Novel Now

A top free app to read books online and the best community featured for all book lovers. Billionaire series, romance, fantasy, and more you get to read for free.

Key features:

  • A Potential app that gives opportunities to authors to write and build careers.
  • Effective performance and give space for creativity.
  • Contests and best reads.


Hope, we made your reading journey easier with these top 12 free apps to read online. We readers and writers always find our way to words and nothing can ever stop it so, Keep reading!

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