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Top 10 Textile Companies in India

Top 10 Textile Companies in India

The textile industry in India is a monument to the country’s talent and creativity, wrapped in a rich heritage and dynamic diversity. The top 10 textile companies in India build a pattern of excellence within this dynamic environment, directing the course of this growing sector. These textile companies are leaders forming the very fabric of India’s industrial strength, with a legacy spanning centuries. As we explore these territories, we discover the subtle threads that connect tradition and modernity, resulting in a vibrant textile industry that continues to grow and expand its textile mills.

What is the Textile Industry?

The textile industry/textile mills include all the procedures for producing fabrics and textiles. In textile manufacturing, raw materials such as cotton, silk, and wool are grown, followed by spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, and printing to produce finished goods such as clothing, home furnishings, and industrial textiles. As a business that employs millions of people and serves a wide variety of needs, it is essential to global economies. 

List of Top 10 Textile Industry in India

1. Arvind Ltd. – Top Textiles Company

Arvind | Top Textile Companies in India

With a history of creativity and superiority, Arvind Ltd. is one of India’s largest textile companies. This textile mill was Founded in 1931, It has contributed greatly to the definition of India’s textile industry. Quality and sustainable production methods are at the heart of the company’s reputation, and it consistently delivers top-quality fabrics, garments, and textiles on both the domestic and international markets. Arvind Ltd., a textile industry pioneer, continues to establish standards for innovation, design, and responsible manufacturing, solidifying its place as a significant participant in India’s thriving textile sector.

2. Vardhman Textiles Ltd.

Vardhman | Best Textile Manufacturing Companies in India

Established in 1962, Vardhman Textiles Ltd stands as a stalwart in the Indian textile industry, tracing its roots to Ludhiana, Punjab. Founded by Lala Rattan Chand Oswal, this illustrious textile company has consistently surged ahead in the textile manufacturing sector, encompassing a diverse range of products, from yarn to fabric to garments. With a rich legacy spanning decades, Vardhman Textiles has grown to become one of India’s top and largest textile companies. Operating multiple textile mills and manufacturing units. Its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability has propelled it to the forefront of the global textile industry. And setting benchmarks for excellence and reinforcing its reputation as a powerhouse in the world of textiles.

3. FabIndia Overseas Pvt Ltd – India’s Top Textiles Company

FabIndia | Top Textile Companies in India

FabIndia is India’s leading textile manufacturer, Founded by John Bissell. This company has grown to become one of India’s largest textile manufacturers. FabIndia, known for its dedication to ecological responsibility and traditional craftsmanship, has not only achieved success in the textile industry but has also developed a name for itself. In India and the international market, its textile industry shares reflect its long-term performance. Providing a wide range of textiles and goods that honor India’s rich cultural heritage and artistry. It is considered a model of ethical and environmentally friendly business practices.

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4. Raymond Ltd. – Best Known Textiles Company

Raymond | list of textile industry in India

Raymond Ltd. was founded in 1925 by visionary entrepreneur Lala Kailashpat Singhania, a famous name in the Indian textile business. This textile company has grown significantly over the years and is known for its quality and innovation. Raymond Ltd. not only manufactures some of the finest fabrics in the industry, but it has also expanded its portfolio to include ready-to-wear garments and a variety of lifestyle products. Raymond Ltd. continues to hold a prominent position in the textile industry, consistently garnering attention from investors interested in textile industry shares.

5. JCT Ltd

JCT Best Textile Company in India

JCT Limited, founded in 1946, has created an impressive journey in the textile industry, becoming one of India’s top textile companies. This ambitious company was founded by Shri Lekhraj Goenka. Now has developed into an empire that includes not just textile mills but also various areas such as synthetics, chemicals, and healthcare. This textile company has steadily progressed with a focus on innovation and sustainability. It made sure to supply excellent textiles regularly and significantly contributed to India’s textile mills sector’s growth and vibrancy.

6. Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Ltd

Bombay Dyeing Textiles Company

The Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Ltd was established in 1879 and has grown to become a top in India’s textile industry. Nowrosjee Wadia founded this textile company, which has a rich history and a heritage that spans over a century. It has evolved over the years to become one of India’s largest textile firms, known for its textile mills and wide range of textile goods. Bombay Dyeing has consistently retained its commitment to quality and innovation, establishing it as a trusted name in the textile business, a symbol of excellence and long-lasting craftsmanship.

7. The Lakshmi Mills Company

Best Textile Mills in India

The Lakshmi Mills Company, established in 1910, is a significant pillar in the Indian textile industry. This textile company, started by visionary philanthropist G. Kuppuswamy Naidu, has grown greatly. Since its start in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, it has evolved into one of India’s top textile mills. And considerably contributing to the country’s textile prowess. The Lakshmi Mills Company is known for its devotion to quality and innovation. Still remains a hallmark of excellence in the textile business. It merges legacy with cutting-edge technology to make textiles that are both timeless and trending.

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8. Grasim Industries Ltd

Aditya Brila Textiles Company

Aditya Birla started Grasim Industries Ltd. was started in the year 1947, and it is part of the Aditya Birla Group. Grasim has grown into a top and largest textile company in India, known for its innovative practices and commitment to quality. It has not only contributed significantly to the textile mill landscape in India. But has also diversified into various sectors, including cement, chemicals, and more. Grasim’s journey symbolizes the dynamic growth of textile companies in India. With a continued focus on excellence and sustainability in the ever-evolving textile industry.

9. Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Ltd

Karnataka Silk Textiles Company

Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Ltd., established in 1982, has been a key participant in the Indian textile industry. This textile enterprise has steadily expanded and flourished over the years, with the objective of promoting Karnataka’s rich silk legacy. Its founder’s dedication to the region’s silk industry has resulted in a unique journey. That is defined by high-quality silk production, job creation, and a substantial contribution to India’s textile sector. Today, Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Ltd is a brilliant example of textile industry excellence. It demonstrates the combination of tradition and innovation.

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10. Welspun India Ltd.

Welspun Textiles Company

Welspun India Ltd., established in 1985, is a pioneer in the Indian textile industry. Mr. Balkrishan Goenka started the company, which has grown significantly to become one of India’s largest textile companies. Welspun India has achieved global renown for its dedication to quality and innovation. By specializing in a wide range of textile products such as home textiles, flooring solutions, and sophisticated technical textiles. Welspun India, with a rich tradition of quality, remains an industry frontrunner, exemplifying the dynamic and ever-changing face of the Indian textile sector.


The top 10 textile companies in India shine as symbols of innovation and heritage in the country’s textile industry. These industry leaders not only contribute considerably to the national economy but also highlight India’s global textile power. As the looms continue to spin and the threads entangle, the future of India’s textile industry appears to be woven with limitless possibilities. Where craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology come together to shape the fabric of growth and wealth.

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  • This blog beautifully celebrates India’s top 10 textile companies, showcasing their rich heritage and commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. These companies are pillars of the textile industry, bridging tradition and modernity. Thank you for sharing such valuable resource!