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Top 10 Portable Electric Stoves

There are lots of electric cooking stoves available in the market. With different models and designs. But if you are searching for the best electrical stove for your kitchen then you are on the right platform.

But before moving head, What is an electric stove cooking? Few of us, know it, let me explain this to you.

An electric stove or electric range is a stove with an integrated electrical heating device to cook and bake. These electric ranges became popular, as replacements for solid-fuel (wood or coal) stoves which required more labor to operate and maintain.

And do you know what, with increasing cylinder prices, it’s better to have electric cooking stoves which save time and money? Subsequently, you can have solar panels at your place and save all the electric bills. Amazing, no?

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your kids, entering the kitchen. So, it’s safe and secure as well with electric cooking stoves. All sorted, right?

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Gone are the days of those not-so-attractive coil elements. Now, most brands offer electric stoves with an elegant designs with compact structures. Yet, choosing the best and right electric gas for your kitchen is not an easy task. Today, the market is full of competition, and choosing the one electric cookstove from the dozens of brands is not that easy. Above all, with different designs, features, and price tags. Well, if you are also confused about stove electricity, we will suggest to you some of the top 10 electric cooking stoves that you can choose from. Out of them, many are available at pocket-friendly prices. What’s better than this? wanted to know, Which electric stove is best?

 The top 10 cooking ranges in India-portable electric stove


 Check out the top 10 electric cooking stoves from your doorstep:

Pigion Electric stove

One of the best choices for small families, this attractive and best-quality electric stove is made in India. Plus, this electric cooktop is extremely light in weight, easy to carry, and travel-friendly. With 220V power Input and 1800 watts power consumption, this stove is a perfect choice for your kitchen.

This electric stove India flame is usually slower as compared to the traditional cooktop. Having a wonderful design with an amazing appearance, the stove will surely give a modern look to your kitchen.

  • Electric cooktops come with 93-percent energy-saving technology
  • Safety Standards: It will start working only when the Induction base cookware is kept on the top
  • Smart timer for hands-free cooking
  • Buy now from Amazon- MRP: 3193 and Get@ Rs. 1537

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2. BAJAJ Electric Cooking-portable electric stove for travel

Bajaj electric cooking stove

This electric burner is innovative and easy to use. Bajaj Electric Cooking stove is one of the perfect additions to your kitchen. Moreover, it is one of the trusted brands in India which comes with  2000 watts of electric coil stove. Apart from that, it is extremely light in weight and resistant to rust. Henceforth, the stove comes with an operating voltage of 220-230 volts 50 Hz AC only. Also, it comes with powder coated body, this stove is portable and energy-efficient.

It is ideal for Homes, Kitchens, and Restaurants for Personal and Commercial Use.

  • Less Power Consumption, Durable, and Long Lasting.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Body,
  • Resistant Shock Proof,
  • One Year Site Warranty – Life Long Service,
  • Buy now from Flipkart- MRP: 1963 Get@Rs.1763
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3) Prestige 1600-Watt: electric cooking stove portable

Prestige electric stove


The Prestige electric stove PIC 20.0 induction is the best electric cooking stove that helps you cook delicious dishes effortlessly with less time duration. Moreover, the cooktop has an automatic power and temperature adjustment function which is attractive in this cooktop electric. Prestige electric stovetop comes with a power of 1600 watts.

Due to its automatic voltage regulator system feature, this stove consumes less electricity as compared to the other stoves which makes it one of the best choices. Moreover, the best electric stove in India with its compact design. In other words, an electric stove small enables easy portability. Hence, you can carry the electric cooking stoves anywhere with you. Also, this electric gas stove is lightweight and unique. As it is 100% environment-friendly and smoke-free. Wow, it saves air pollution!

  • Automatic voltage regulator feature,
  • Portable electric cooking stove,
  • Push Button Controls
  • Easy to clean and maintain,
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Electric stove price in India Amazon- MRP: 2895 Get @Rs.2017
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4) H Hytec 1000: travel electric stove

Hy- tec electric stove

This electric Chula is elegant in look and attractive in its compact structure. This exclusive electric cooking stove H Hytec is a great addition to your kitchen. This burner electric comes with a slim body with an impeccable design which is weighing around 2 kg 200 grams. Henceforth, you can carry it easily anywhere while traveling. Also, the power consumption is 1600 Watts, and the operating voltage is 230 volts which is good to go. Therefore, the stove electric will cook your food in no time. Apart from that, to control the temperature, it has a controlling knob.

This electric cooking stove is perfect value for money which is easy to use and portable. Also, light in weight, and shockproof. And it can be your travel buddy because, in the end, you can’t beat “Ghar ka khana”!

  • Push Button Controls;
  • Easy To Carry & Use;
  • Environment Friendly, No Smoke, No Exhaust Gas;
  • High Thermal Efficiency, Save Energy By 50%;
  • Light Weight, Handy and Shockproof,
  • Best electric stove at a reasonable price at Amazon- MRP: 3999 @Rs. 1730
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5) Philips Viva Collection 2100-Watt: best electric coil stove in India

Philips viva electric stove

With these electric ranges, you can prepare delicious and mouthwatering Indian recipes sitting at your home via cooking from  Philips electric stove. This electric cooking stove comes with an automatic switch-off function, wherein, you have to set the time as per your choice and preferences.

This electric range stove will cook your food quickly, due to its high heat efficiency. Moreover, this cooking electric stove will be retaining the vitamins and other nutrients in your food. Additionally, it is easy to use and convenient with one simple touch.

  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Versatile and durable
  • Safe and secure-automatic on & off
  • Electric coil heater for cooking price in india

    – MRP: 5595 Get @Rs.3990

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6.  Usha Cook Joy: portable electric gas stove

Usha electric stove


What was once a solution for students only, is now popular even among families and households. You know, how?  This best stove is a unique and smart electric cooking stove from Usha. It is highly recommended for its great features and amazing design. The power consumption is 1600 watts. And it weighs 2 kg 250 grams.

The best electric range stove comes with an extra-long cord and can handle the voltage up to 1500 volts. It weighs 2 kg 250 grams. Moreover, it is extremely light in weight and compact in size which will not add any space to your kitchen. The stove is well known in the market for its low power consumption and get your Usha electric stove at the best prices.

  • Prevent overheating Pan sensor technology by automated switches
  • Easy to use and Portable
  • 1 Year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Buy now from Amazon- MRP: 3599 Get@Rs.2099
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7) VIDS -Small Electric Stove for Travel

Vids smallest electric stove

The portable electric cooking stoves from VIDS will allow you to cook food even if you are traveling. In other words, it is portable food warmer. With the small size and its super handy design- it can be carried anywhere and anytime. It is the best induction stove in India for its extremely light in weight and you can use it in your hotel rooms and hostel.

You can even cook varieties of foods and late-night essentials without purchasing any induction utensils. As it consumes only 500 watts. Without any doubt, you can buy this portable electric gas stove. As it is the value of money and has unique features. Plus,  it is shockproof and 100% environment-friendly because it consumes less energy.

It can be used in many places to warm food while traveling on a train, or at shops, offices, homes, and kitchens. Make quick baby food at home or in a hotel room. Apart from that, it is a user-friendly electric cooking stove.

  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Best electric cooking stoves for traveling
  • Electric stove price from Amazon- MRP: 2399 Get@ Rs.1099
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8) H.HY-Travelling Electric Stove

H.Hy. tec electric stove


This electric cooking heater is lightweight which is ideally appreciated for its low power consumption. It is the latest and exclusive electric stove from H.HY-TEC, which is extremely light in weight, shockproof, and environment-friendly. This electric stove has an eye-catchy design with an elegant structure. Moreover, this stove consumes only 1000 watts which is less compared to the other stoves in this range. Oh, wow!

Glad! It is more than a baby’s weight. It weighs about 1 kg 600 grams which makes it portable. Apart from that, you don’t need extra utensils to cook food. Make food, eat with the same utensil, wash it and repeat. Easy and simple. Right? It solved half of our problems with utensils. moreover, it is an electric coil stove.

  •  Electric chulha price– ₹1999 but with PaisaWapas discount ₹ 999 only.
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9) AmazonBasics Induction Cooktop-electric stove for travel

Amazon basics induction stove

AmazonBasics electric stove is highly used by users for its amazing features.  This is one of the best induction stoves, having an elegant LED display along with push-button control for easy operation. This electric cooker heater is safe and easy to use.

The stove comes with a power of 1600 with a powerful performance. Preparing tasty and yummy Indian dishes is the best option for every Indian kitchen. This electric stove comes with various safety features which make it one of the most reliable products.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile and Durable
  • Electric heater for cooking Flipkart

    MRP: 3300 Get@Rs.1959

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10) Ibell Electric Stove: best cooking range brands in India

i BELL Electric stove


Made with high-quality crystal glass, this electric stove from iBELL will surely add a modern touch to your kitchen and fetch compliments from the guests. Having an elegant appearance with an amazing design, this stove can be availed at the best prices. All you need to do is just press the control button to enjoy the hassle-free cooking. This wonderful stove comes with an LED display which allows you to know the exact temperature. The auto shut-off feature of this stove will save around 50% of your power bills.

Hope we have shared detailed information about various electric stoves of different features and brands. You can choose from any of the above electric stoves at reasonable prices.

  • Super wide voltage adaptability,
  • Auto shutoff safety protection,
  • Overheat protection,
  • High-quality coils,
  • Warranty: 1 Year Standard + 1 Year Additional on FREE Registration
  • Easy to use, lightweight
  • Value for Money
  • Easy to clean
  • Electric cooking stove price in India

    MRP: 3890 Get@Rs.1760

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3. Which is better induction or electric stove?

While electric is certainly more energy-efficient than gas, induction is still the clear winner for efficiency.

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