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Many Indians will have told you that while they can go the entire day without eating, they cannot go a day without drinking tea. India has a sizable number of tea manufacturers and sharing tea is a culture that has always united friends and family. The best tea names in India are distributed from north to south and east to west. Tea is one such beverage whose popularity and appeal have not changed over time. We’ll talk about the Top 10 Indian tea brands that are known for their flavor and are available in the form of tea bags, and tea powders. And flexibly available now since tea purchase online is made easier.

About Demand for Best Tea in India 

We have already mentioned that tea is the most preferred drink of most people in India. It is worth mentioning in this context that two places in India namely Darjeeling and Assam are considered the best places in the world for tea production.

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Tea produced in Assam is world-famous and is known for its taste. Whereas, tea produced in Darjeeling is world-famous for its aroma. Being able to produce and distribute the best tea in India across the Asian continent, is indeed the best development in the agriculture field. Apart from this many local and international tea companies are engaged in tea production in this country which is the reason why you can get flavourful and exotic tea in India.

Price List of 10 Best Tea Brands in India July 2024

Best Tea Brands in IndiaTea PriceOffers
Blue Tea Organic₹269/25gBUY NOW
Brooke Bond Red Label Tea₹547/1kgBUY NOW
Lipton Green Tea₹275/250gBUY NOW
Organic India Tulsi Green Tea₹240/100gBUY NOW
Pataka Tea₹479/1kgBUY NOW
Taj Mahal Tea₹410/500gBUY NOW
Tata Tea Agni₹192/1kgBUY NOW
Tata Tea Gold₹250/500gBUY NOW
Tetley Indian Tea₹299/-BUY NOW
Wagh Bakri Tea₹535/1kgBUY NOW

List of Top 10 Popular Tea Brands in India

Now we will discuss the best luxury tea brands in India that are very popular not only among Indians but also among people from different countries around the world.

1. Tata Tea Gold – No.1 Tea Brand in India

Tata Tea | Best Tea Brands in India

It will surely be the best tea in India sold in the contemporary market. There are some points to ponder about one of the best tea brands in India. Tata Tea Gold is now India’s best-rated and most popular tea brand. It’s a high-quality Assam tea made from precisely rolled leaves that produces a rich, sweet, and full-bodied mug of chai. addicts love how harmonious the flavor is and how the scent and color last long after multitudinous beverages. The starting price of Tata tea gold – is INR 51/- (100g)

Tea lovers highly appreciate this tea brand for producing good quality tea at very reasonable prices.

Facts about Tata Tea Company:

  • Fine Tea mix: Tata Tea Gold is noted for its distinctive mix, which includes the finest tea leaves from the Assam area, which are known for their powerful and malty flavors.
  • Aromatic Experience: The tea is developed to provide consumers with a distinctive and premium cup of tea by giving a rich and aromatic experience.
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Tata Tea Gold has acquired the Rainforest Alliance Certification for its fidelity to sustainability, indicating ethical and environmentally conscientious sourcing practices.
  • Stringent Quality Norms The tea is subordinated to rigorous quality testing to ensure that it matches Tata’s high norms, reflecting the brand’s commitment to continually producing a superior product.
  • Tata Group tradition: Tata Tea Gold inherits the tradition of one of India’s oldest and most respected businesses, emphasizing the brand’s dependability and devotion to excellence.

Tea Powders Offered by Tata Tea

  • Tata Tea Gold
  • Kannan Devan Tea Powder
  • Tata Tea Agni Elachi Tea
  • Gemini Tea Powder
  • Tata Tulsi Green Tea Bags

2. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea – Top Tea Brand in India

Organic India | Best Tea Brands & their Prices

Many people are very fond of drinking tea but cannot drink milk tea as per the doctor’s advice. This is surely one of the best tea companies in India for them. Starting Price of Organic India Tulsi Green Tea – INR 149/-

Facts about the Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Brand

  • Keeping all these tea lovers in mind, Organic India has created its recognition as a Tulsi Green Tea bag brand. This will surely satisfy your love for tea without causing any harm to your body.
  • Rather, it can be said that it is particularly beneficial for health as it contains various organic substances such as Tulsi and many other natural substances.
  • This is considered the best tea brand in India for those who love organic drinks.

Types of Tea Powders by Organic India

  • Tulsi Green Tea Classic
  • Lemon Ginger Tulsi Green Tea
  • Tulsi Ginger Turmeric tea bags
  • Tulsi Honey Chamomile
  • Organic India Tulsi Mulethi Tea

3. Brooke Bond Red Label Tea – Popular and Best Tea Brand in India

Red Label Tea | List of Best Tea Brands in India

Brooke Bond’s Red Label is a popular Indian tea brand with a devoted following across the country. Every time, the powdered black tea offers a warm, soul-satisfying cup of robust desi chai flavor. It is described by users as the ideal accompaniment to breakfast and late snacks. The powdered version helps you to brew tea faster on the go. It is available in 1kg quantities and offers tremendous value without sacrificing taste.

Red Label Tea is a brand that is cherished is most households in India. It has been a well-known brand in the list of tea names in India for decades now. Many elegant families in India have a worthy partner for their breakfast, Brook Bond Red Label Tea. The average price of Brooke Bond Red Label starts at INR 510/1kg.

Facts about the Brook Bond Red tea brand:

  • Since 1903, this brand has been producing great quality teas and has become the best tea from India among the people of India.
  • Brooke Bond is the brand by Unilever that even has tea brands like 3 Roses, Tazaa, Bru, and Taj Mahal.
  • Brooke Bond Red Marker has a strong heritage dating back to 1869 and is considerably recognized and cherished as a classic tea brand.
  • Red Marker is known for its expert blending processes, combining tea leaves from different places to produce a distinct and well-balanced flavor.
  • Sustainable procuring: The business has shown a commitment to sustainability by frequently procuring tea using ethical and environmentally appropriate ways.

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4. Taj Mahal Tea – Popular Tea brand in India

Taj Mahal Tea

Taj Mahal offers a variety of premium quality teas in unique packaging. For quick milk teas on the go, their tea bags feature an excellent blend of powdered Nilgiri and Assam tea leaves. The rich, consistent flavor, and pleasing flavors are praised by reviewers. The fine tea powder dissolves rapidly, resulting in a perfectly balanced cup of tea. Taj Mahal tea bags are extremely portable and ideal for when you need a quick chai fix while on the go. We are all confident that this is one of the premium tea brands in India that has been doing well in the Indian market for ages. Price of Taj Mahal Tea – INR315/500g.

Facts about the tea brand:

  • Taj Mahal Tea is a well-known Indian tea brand recognized for its high quality and distinct flavor. It has become a renowned mix that embodies India’s rich tea tradition.
  • The brand’s name, Taj Mahal, is derived from the world-famous landmark in Agra, India. This link is meant to reflect the elegance, tradition, and cultural richness connected with tea.
  • Meticulous Selection: Taj Mahal Tea is created from meticulously selected tea leaves, resulting in a rich and aromatic combination. The careful selection process contributes to the tea’s distinct flavor and quality.

5. Blue Tea Organic – Best Tea Brand in India 

 Blue tea

There are various types say flavours of tea to enjoy. Like, black tea, white tea, herbal tea, green tea, and more. Certainly, this is one of the best tea brands in India for tea lovers who want to stay healthy while consuming tea. As they offer a healthy way of hydration and also to burn certain calories. This tea company is for tea lovers who love to taste new flavors. The price of Blue tea organic INR-1200/kg

Facts about the Blue Tea powder brand:

  • This brand is the best premium tea in India for people who don’t want to harm their health in any way but want to get a great taste of tea.
  • You will find various flavors of organic tea in this brand which is completely caffeine-free.

6. Tetley Indian Tea – Top Tea Brand in India

Tetely Tea | Best Tea Brands in India

Since 1837, this brand has gained great popularity in making various types of tea. It has also managed to do good business in the Indian market with a great number of tea lovers. The most popular tea type from this tea brand is the green tea. The health advantages of green tea, combined with its light, refreshing flavor, make it an excellent choice.

Tetley now offers the most popular and loftiest-rated green tea in India. It features hand-picked full-length leaves that give the traditional robust green tea flavor with light sweet saturations. Users who dislike the bitter flavor of regular green teas adore this brand. Tetley Indian Tea Price INR 194/- (100g)

Facts about Tetley tea brand:

  • This best tea brand is a popular choice among health-conscious consumers due to its implicit health benefits and antioxidant parcels. Tetley sells flavored green teas similar to mint, bomb, and gusto in addition to plain green tea.
  • Sustainable Sourcing In response to rising consumer demand for ecologically friendly products, the company fosters sustainable and responsible sourcing practices. Tetley Green Tea is constantly vented in tea bag form, making it easy for addicts to include into their regular routines.
  • Tetley’s Green Tea, a well-known transnational brand, is adored by tea addicts all over the world, which adds to its broad fashionability.

7. Wagh Bakri Tea – Best Tea Brand in India

Wagh Bakri Tea | List of Best tea Brands in India

Wagh Bakri is another well-known Indian tea brand, best known for its premium leaf teas. This Premium Tea mix is their unique product, made from hand-picked Assam leaves. It steeps into a robust, refreshing tea with sweet undertones and the signature malty Assam tea flavor. Users describe it as the ideal morning ‘cutting chai’ to get your day started.

For families that have a habit of drinking tea several times a day, the search for a reasonable yet healthy tea is often natural. This tea brand can fulfill their quest as it is completely caffeine-free and affordable. Starting price of Wagh Bakri Tea INR-58/- (100g).

Facts about the Wagh Bakri Tea Brand

  • Wagh Bakri Premium Tea is a well-known heritage brand with a long history in Indian tea assiduity.
  • Tradition The tea brand is profoundly rooted in traditional Indian tea culture, which is reflected in its distinct taste and artistic significance.

8. Lipton Green Tea – Best Tea Brand in India

Lipton Green Tea | Best Tea Brands in India

Lipton, best known green tea brand for introducing delicious Darjeeling tea to the globe, now provides 100% pure and authentic Darjeeling tea in premium long-leaf form. This green tea, hand-picked from respected estates in Darjeeling, is ideal for savoring the lovely Muscatel flavor notes. The taste has been described as magnificent, with floral and fruity overtones complemented by the distinctive nutty murkiness.

Even after several infusions, the complete tea leaves retain optimum flavor and aroma. It performed admirably in our taste test due to its multi-layered flavor and lack of bitterness. This is one of the best Green tea brands in India that will help your sleepy face in the office and enjoy your evenings with your family. The Price of Lipton green tea is Rs.350-400/kg.

Facts about the Lipton Green tea brand:

  • A pound of tea yields 181 cups of tea. Lipton Black Tea sells loose-leaf tea in half-pound boxes that contain 90 cups!
  • Butter is commonly added to milk and tea in the Himalayas. At that altitude, the fat and salt are thought to keep you hydrated better.
  • If the leaves are not harvested, a tea tree can grow to be 52 feet long. Harvested tea trees are typically shorter and only reach waist height.

9. Pataka Tea – Best Tea Producer

Pataka Tea | Top Tea Brands in India

Looking for very reasonable yet delicious tea? This brand has been ready to fulfill your needs since 2000. It is a common consumer brand that gives hygienically packed tea. This best tea company offers special tea leaves that are unique in flavor and also the price is reasonable.

Facts about the Pataka Tea Brand:

  • This brand is a good option for making very strong tea.
  • Since its inception, this brand has gained a lot of popularity in various rural and semi-urban areas of India due to its very low prices compared to other top Indian tea brands.
  • Right now there are many varieties of rich tea from this brand for Indian tea lovers.

10. Dharmasala Tea – Top Popular Tea Brand in India

Dharmasala Tea | Top Tea Brands in India

An ayurvedic Himalayan tea company in India. That is known for its wonderful flavors and health benefits. It carries tea types that contain Hibiscus, Lemongrass, and mint flavors which make this tea brand the best in the region.

Facts about Dharmasala Tea

  • Caffeine-free can be consumed both hot and cold.
  • This best tea manufacturer in India has been known for its tea delicacy since 1882, and it is called superior for the way it is grown and placed.
  • The Dharamsala Tea Company is famous as it offers tea that will benefit health in multiple ways. Like, Anti-stress, skin, digestion, weight loss, and more in one tea brand.

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Teas of Several Varieties

Aside from basic black teas, there is a wide range to discover:

  • Caffeine-free blends of herbal tea: Calming and soothing characteristics, it’s ideal for unwinding.
  • Light oxidation of white tea: The flavor is light and refreshing. Fluoride content is high for dental health.
  • Oolong Tea: This tea has been partially oxidized. Tastes fruity and nectar-like. It aids in the acceleration of metabolism.
  • Iced Tea: Sweetened, cold tea. The flavors of guava and peach are popular.


1. Which state is called the largest tea producer?

Assam is the largest tea-producing state in India

2. Which are the top tea exporting companies in Karnataka?

Aishwarya Tea Industries, Prakash Tea Agency, and M/s. Hillmark Associates is the top tea manufacturing company from Karnataka.

3. Tea or Coffee which carries less caffeine?

Coffee contains more caffeine than tea. 1 cup of coffee = 80-100gm of caffeine. Whereas 1 cup of tea = 50gm of caffeine.

4. Which is the No.1 Tea Brand in India?

Tata Tea is the No.1 Tea Brand in India.

5. Which tea is the most nutritious?

Because green and white teas are reused as little as possible, they have the loftiest attention of antioxidants. Herbal teas, which are innately caffeine-free,  give fresh health benefits.

6. Is loose-leaf tea superior then tea bags?

Yes. Complete tea leaves give a fuller flavor and advanced nutrient content compared to fannings in tea bags, professionals prefer loose leaves.

7. Which is the best Indian tea?

From the bestselling teas on Amazon India, Tata Tea Gold surfaced as the most popular and best-tasting Indian tea. It’s drafted from sweet Assam tea leaves to deliver a rich, strong yet balanced cuppa.

8. Which tea brand has the best flavor?

While taste can be private, Tata Tea Gold ranked the loftiest in terms of stoner reviews praising its rich, soul-satisfying taste. For further decoration, subtle flavors Society Tea, also largely rated, offers the most pleasurable mug with its complex Darjeeling bouquets.


Keeping in mind all types of tea-loving people, we have detailed information about the best tea brands in today’s discussion. Hopefully, this will be a great help for them.

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