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Top 10 Make up Essentials and Must Haves for Every Indian Bride

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Your wedding day is perhaps the most significant day for you and surely the most attention seeking one!

So grab the uninterrupted attention of one and all by looking the best ever at your wedding with the following Make up essentials at your behest. Make your wedding day memorable with smiles and happiness amidst countless photographs. These photographs will be something which would take rounds of recap with the onlookers just everywhere and in every phase of life.

So you probably do not have a choice but to Look the Best On Your Wedding Day. 


The basic essential of every bride’s make up kit is a good moisturizer that suits one’s skin and leaves it Soft and glowing. Buy the Best Moisturiser for Bride and feel deeply nourished.


A good foundation is definitely going to be the turning point. The most important asset of a wedding kit is a foundation, for it adds extravagantly to your makeup, making your skin bright and beautiful. Checkout Foundation for the Bride .

Foundation for bride



One thing that has remained constant since the traditional age of Madhubala to modern day Deepika Padukone is this charm of the eyes..Kajal !!! The Kajal has become one of those essential things that one can’t leave home without it, for if missed, everybody around will make the hell of your day..asking What went wrong with you 😛 and as far as the wedding day is concerned, Best kajal for your wedding awaits you.


Laung Da Lashkara..Come on Do it with a MASCARA !  The mascara is definitely something that is going to enhance the look of your eyes and the face altogether. Mascara, a must have for any Bride and has to be applied in good quantity to get all eyes rolling on you.




Eye Shadow is like the icing on the cake. The glamour associated with an eye shadow is something that reminds me of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and we cannot swipe the memory off. If you are looking forward to leave that permanent imprint of yours, Do it with Eye Shadow .


Oh Come on, it is your wedding and you can’t blush at the thought of having some shiny yet elegant blushing done to your cheeks. Blush adds a tinge of sweetness to the face making it look just lovely to behold. Get the Bridal Blush , a must to have make up essential on the Big Day.

Bride Cosmetic Box


Lipstick is one thing that goes without even saying. The dearest asset in the purse of a women of all ages is the lipstick. Get the Lipstick of your choice and rock the wedding floor with those shiny bright attractive lips that will surely make your better half skip several heartbeats 😉

Lip Stick



The finishing touches have started and a touch up with compact is a must. Evenly done compact will add that confidence on your face and keep the glow on for a very long time. Fill the Gap with Compact.

Just the Right Bridal MakeUp Brush

Continuing the touch up session with the best Makeup Brush for bride is a must in the list of make up essentials for a bride. 

Make Up Brush


Nail Polish for the Bride

Complete the incomplete with Nail paints that match, or are in good contrast to your wedding attire.

Nail Paints for the Bride is a must to do on your wedding makeup checklist.

BB Cream/Concelar

BB Cream is a power pack of the moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation. This wonderful combination is  a must have in the bridal make up KIT as it hides the uneven lines on the skin and hydrates it.

The Concealer hides the blemishes and marks of the face and has to be applied only on the affected area.

Try the best BB Cream and Concealer for your wedding day and see the magic.

Bride with Makeup


MakeUp Remover

We promise to stay with you throughout your wedding day and beyond. To put a pleasant end to your makeup after the wedding ceremonies are complete, the make up remover comes into picture. The make up remover for the bride has to be like the really best quality one as we need not leave even a tinge of makeup behind lest it harm your face. End with a great Remover and we will leave wishing you a Happy Married Life Forever.

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