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Best Independence Day Songs in 2024

Top 10 Independence Day Songs 2023

Indian culture and art are incomplete without the combination of traditional and energetic freedom-based music. Independence Day is the time when we all Indians and our country celebrate the victory of freedom from the Britishers. Hence, special music has become mandatory on this special day. Independence Day songs in Hindi list are available in this post. No matter if you are from South India or North India? Listening to Independence Day Songs from Bollywood is ordinary because this industry has already released countless Hindi Songs on Independence Day.

Patriotic Songs for Dance on Independence Day

We have completed 75 years of freedom, and people across various regions celebrate this festival with their style. However, music is essential for both traditional and modern Independence Day commemorating the idea. This blog is all about “Patriotic Songs for Independence Day,” according to the updated 2022 movie list. Hence, stay tuned with us till the end to celebrate Freedom Day of India uniquely.

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1). Vande Mataram

It is a national song of India and is known as the best patriotic song for dance on Independence. Beats are different, and that’s why dance must be prepared by representing the various cultures in this song. AR Rahman is the singer of this song, and high-end energy can be seen in it.

2). Jan Gan Man – National Anthem

SANTOSH MULEKAR gives music to this song, and this is the national anthem of our country. This Anthem is played every day in every school. Jan Gan Man is a very special Independence Day song because of its royal and old identity.


An iconic song that is ideal as the 15 August song for people to play, and the soft touch of the song makes it unique and ideal. The song expresses – how every Indian is attached to his country, even after living abroad.

 4). TERI MITTI from the Movie KESRI

Already crossed over 300 million views on YouTube and ranked among the top 10 Independence Day song list in Hindi TERI MITTI, the song track from the movie KESRI. Akshay Kumar played the lead role in the film. We all love the tune “TERI MITTI MAIN MIL JAWAN” and so on. The picturization of this song is done very well, and that’s why it became a massive hit. B PRAAK gave the magical voice to this song with ARKO’s music.

5). SANDESE AATE HAI from the Movie Border

The Border was a big hit in 1997, and the song SANDESE AATE HAI is still popular. It is the top Independence Day song in Hindi from Bollywood. The soldiers’ emotions, feelings, and patriotism are the song’s visualization. The legend SONU NIGAM and ROOP KUMAR RATHOD are the singers of this song, and ANU MALIK is the music composer. This song can be played as the 15 August Songs.

6). AISA DESH HAI MERA from the movie VEER-ZAARA

Thinking of listening to a fresh and energetic Independence Day Song means you should not miss the track from the movie VEER ZAARA. AISA DESH HAI MERA is the top song to play on Independence day. JAVED AKHTAR wrote the song. The singers of the music are Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan, Gurdas Mann, and Pritha Majumder. We can see the different cultures, traditions, and many more things in one song, AISA DESH HAI MERA.



VANDEY MATRAM was a famous patriotic movie, and one more song that can secure the name in the list of top Independence Day songs is MAA TUGEY SALAM in the voice of AR RAHMAN.

8). India Wale from Happy New Year

India WAALE is a pop-tune song, and it has also secured a place on the list of best Independence Day songs in India. The song is from the movie “Happy New Year”. This movie was Shahrukh Khan’s blockbuster movie. Hence, play this fantastic Independence Day song this time to make the event atmosphere energetic.

9). Jai Ho From the Movie Slumdog Millionaire

One more song by AR Rahman in this checklist of Patriotic Independence Day Hindi Songs is Jai Ho from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. AR Rahman received an Oscar award for this movie song.


In the voice of LALIT Pandit and UDIT NARAYAN, PHIR BHI DIL HAI HINDUSTANI’s track became the top title track of the Independence Day song in Hindi. The movie’s name is PHIR BHI DIL HAI HINDUSTANI, and it is the film’s title track.


11). AE WATAN From the Movie RAAZI

The magical voice of two leading singers from Bollywood, Arijit Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan, in the song AE WATAN from the movie RAAZI, is the top track on the list of Independence Day Songs List. Both male and female title tracks are different, but the song is the same. You must check out this song and play this stunning track to celebrate 75 years of freedom. The track is mainly based on the new generation of melodic vocals and has traditional lyrics. You can imagine the devotion of a simple lady in this song.

12). Jai Hind Ki SENA From the Movie SHERSHAAH

Looking for a perfect new Generation Independence Day song means you must check out the Jai Hind ki SENA from the movie SHERSHAAH. The acting of SIDHARTH MALHOTRA and KIARA ADVANI in the epic biography of Major Vikram BATRA was real-time and memorable for the Cinema industry. On the other hand, the music album of this movie is still trending on the top singing charts as the top songs. Jai Hind ki SENA is the best song to play on the occasion of Independence Day to give tribute to our army officers.


The following Patriotic Song for Independence Day in Hindi is MAA TUGEY SALAM, the title track from the movie VANDEY MATARAM. AR Rahman was the music composer of this song, and we all know about its popularity in our country on Independence Day and Republic Day. Mehboob writes the tune. This song was released in 1997, but on every 15th of August, people never forget to play this song as a “Happy Independence Day song.” One more unique thing you need to know about this song is that it is the most massive Indian non-film album to date.

Wrap Up –

We hope this checklist of Independence Day Songs’ top 13 in Hindi is helpful for you to add more versatile music to the Freedom Day party. India is celebrating its 75th Independence Day in 2024, and this year, India will celebrate the victory of India in various sectors. If you are planning to celebrate 15th August uniquely, then don’t forget to add these top 13 Songs for Independence Day 2024.

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