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Indians were introduced to continental cuisine through McDonald’s. Hard to believe? But it’s true. McDonald’s launched its first outlet in India in 1996. In fact, this food chain boosted up the dining culture in the country. McDonald’s is especially famous for its burgers and meal combos.

You can choose from a number of burgers available at the restaurant. From McVeggie and Aloo Tikki McD to Veg Maharaja Mac and Spicy Chicken, the outlets have a unique menu for Indians. McDonald’s is believed to be one of the cheapest burger sellers in India. A McAloo Tikki costs only 49 INR. McDonald’s in India has the lowest price compared to the rest of the world. Plus, the restaurant also gives you various offers on ordering food online.

We thought why not make the work easy for you and do the research ourselves? Here are the best deals you can get on your McDonalds online ordering. Check them out and enjoy your McDonalds food.

Order Food from McDonald’s

Best McDonald’s Online Deals

Get 1 McPuff and McSpicy Chicken for 170 INR.

Customizable 1 McChicken and 1 McSpicy Chicken burger for 281 INR.

2 Aloo tikki McD burgers plus 2 Large Fries for 309 INR.

2 McVeggie, 2 McAloo Tikki, 2 Medium Fries, and 2 Strawberry shakes for 770 INR.

1 McAloo Tikki, 1 McVeg Puff, and 1 Medium Coke for 131 INR.

McDonald monsoon special combos

With monsoon season around the corner, Mcdonald’s has decided to surprise the foodies. The food chain has launched some amazing monsoon combos for you. Have a look:

2 Masala McEgg BOGO – 52 INR

Aloo tikki mcd  and 1 Regular fries – 104 INR

McVeggie Burger and 1 Regular Fires – 146 INR

1 Pizza McPuff and 1 McSpicy Chicken – 170 INR

1 McChicken Burger and 1 Regular fries – 146 INR

Coupons and discounts

GOFREE – Free delivery on orders above 259 INR

B299 – This coupon code gets you a free McAloo Tikki or Chicken Kebab burger on orders above 299 INR.

Why McDonald’s Burgers?

A foodie needs no reason for ordering food online. Cravings are enough. The food chain offers a wide range of burgers that you would not find anywhere else. The restaurant has burgers for both vegetarians and nonvegetarians. McDonald’s is famous for adding an Indian twist to Continental cuisine. The McAloo Tikki is famous not just in India but in other countries as well.

Spicy food is what makes us drool and Mcdonald’s online menu knows this pretty well. Almost all the burgers sold in their restaurants have spicy flavors. They are extremely tasty and the Indian taste is what makes them a hit.

How to order Mcdonald’s online?

Ordering food from Mcdonald’s online order is very easy. All you need to do is open the app or website and follow these simple steps :

  1. Add the food items to the cart.
  2. Insert your address and other details.
  3. Make the payment or opt for Cash on Delivery
  4. Apply promo code
  5. Confirm the order and checkout

Interesting facts about McDonald’s

  • The food chain is the largest toy distributor in the world. Through its Happy Meals, it has excelled in making kids happy across the globe.
  • 17 special ingredients go into the making of your favourite McFries. A food item so simple, yet so many ingredients used. Isn’t this amazing?
  • McDonald’s has its outlets in more than 34,000 locations.
  • In 2012, Mcdonald’s spent $ 788 million on advertising. That’s a lot, right? But not a big deal for one of the leading food chains in the world.

Now that you have gone through the best McDonald’s deals and offers, your mouth must be watering? So, why not grab the phone and order a delicious McVeggie or Spicy Chicken, or nuggets, or an aloo wrap McDonald’s? Well, the choice is yours. But hurry, don’t let the promo codes expire.

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