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Tips and Tricks to Earn Good Money in Paytm Games

Paytm first Games handcrafted by Paytm, the ultimate destination for online gamers. It has become India’s best gaming app that is fully secure and safe in a relatively short time. Also, When it comes to games collection, they are huge compared to other online gaming destinations and can be played by any age group. So, let’s make some bucks sitting on the comfortable couch.  

When you start playing and winning the games on Paytm’s first games, the winning amount will instantly be transferred to Paytm cash. Besides, the other benefit of Paytm games is that there will be a fair referral bonus amount when you refer the app to your friends. Isn’t it astonishing, just by a click, you can get instant Paytm cash?

Paytm First Games Bonus and Referral code

Paytm First GamesDetails
Signup Bonus50 Bonus Cash.
Referral Bonus.Up to 10% Referral bonus

Categories of Paytm First Games

Online gaming platforms have reached unprecedented heights. It gives the chances to prove yourself by competing against the best players throughout the world. Besides, when it comes to Paytm first games, they offer you to choose among 300+ games. On top of this, you can earn good money for having fun!

Paytm Action Games Paytm Puzzle Games Paytm Sports Games 
Snake War Candy Match Basketball Hero 
Cooking Master Wars Block Puzzle Games Fantasy Games 
Hot Blood Hunter  Cricket Smash 

Snake Wars

Most of the readers might be familiar with snake wars. In this, you need to collect as many stars as possible by manoeuver your snake and evading other snakes on the screen. The more the coins, the more Paytm cash.

Candy Match

In a candy match, the gamers have to catch the candies. Further, users progress, the levels of the games get more stringent. To get instant Paytm cash, users have to get the title of champion: more the coins, more Paytm cash.

Basket Ball Hero

As by the name Basketball hero, you have to be the hero by scoring as much as possible in a given time. As you move ahead, the rounds will get more challenging till the champion round. Win the champion tag to get the instant Paytm cash.

Popular Paytm First Games Contest

Number  Paytm First Games Popular Contests
2Wheel of Fortune

Paytm First Games Contest: Ludo

Lockdown has made the ludo life saviors. The days are gone when kids play the ludo; instead, it is a must for everyone. You can play and win up to 5 corers online by playing the ludo. Also, there are tournaments through which you can seriously make a jaw-dropping amount. Besides, the invite is there to play with friends and family. 

As the user joins, they enter the available room and start the game when the room is filled with four players. By winning each round, you will be the champion and get Paytm cash. 

Paytm First Games Contest: Wheel of Fortune

If you ever are in a casino and love to go there and get entertained but afraid of losing an immense amount, this game is just for you; the wheel of fortune is wholly based on your luck. In this game, you have to select a random number, and if the number got lucky and the wheel stops on that number, you will get the money. Don’t worry about losing the bet money as there is nothing like this; if you get lucky, then the amount will transfer to your Paytm cash.  

Paytm First Game Contest: Quiz

The game based on general knowledge, and as in the Paytm first quiz, there are some questions of encompassing categories like entertainment, fashion, sports, food, and many more. You have to answers those questions and can get instant cash in your Paytm account. There is no time frame you can play 24/7. For playing a quiz game, below are some fantastic facts.  

  • You can start playing the game by log into your Paytm account. 
  • For every correct ten-question, you will be paid.  
  • By earning more Paytm cash, you can sharpen your mind too.  
  • By playing this, you can even earn up to 5 crores.  

Paytm First Games Contest: Rummy

If you love spending time playing poker or blackjack, then there is no need to explain this Paytm first game rummy for you. Besides, it is just a classic rummy with some rules. Users have to gain the champion title to get the instant Paytm cash.

Paytm First game is the one app that gives a chance to earn good money while having fun. The highest money earn is five crores, so what are you waiting for? Download the app and start earning.

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