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Things that girls expect on first date

“First impression is the last impression.”

     First dates are all about impressing each other and making it a memorable time of your life. As much important as it is to choose a perfect setting to plan a date, it is equally important to have a certain behavior. Knowing a little bit of details about what girls expects on the first date beforehand is quite helpful and might save you of any stupid or lame mistakes that most of men make on their first dates. Whilst some relationships survive the gentle damage other might not get that lucky and end up losing what could turn out to be a “real thing”. But, wait up! Who said that there isn’t anything that could be done to make it just right?

Below is a list of things that a girl expects on any date (Well, the first ones uphold the highest priority).

Pick her up for the date

Yes, sounds a bit old fashioned, romantic movie kind of stuff but it’s really sweet. Girls love it and it is a perfect start to a perfect date. Pick her up from wherever she might be comfortable with and greet her like a perfect gentleman.

Greet with a Gift

Greet her with a nice and meaningful gift. It’s all about being creative. Put a little bit of effort and think of something must really love and really is meaningful to her. Say, a flower, a card with a personal message, chocolates or a book. It can be anything.

Prepare a backup plan

Always have a backup plan. Life is full of unexpected surprises and they are not good news every time. You should be prepared with an alternative to save the day. Believe me, planning for a dinner at a fancy restaurant and ending up in a huge queue for the table is gonna cost you your precious bonding time. So, plan ahead and be prepared.

Plan more than just a movie

Movie dates work out just fine. But the first dates are meant to be a bit more intimate. The dim-lighted and loud movie theaters never really give you a time to actually talk about stuff or look into each other’s eyes. Plan something more than that. Do something spontaneous and adventurous.

TIP: Never ever ask a girl where to go. We never want to decide because the surprises are always welcomed and it also shows what type of person you are and what interests you. Also, try to make it a date with a dress code.


Dress to impress

Whilst many say that looks doesn’t matter, there are a few things that really matter. It is really important to double check on what you are wearing on your first date. Take your time and dress appropriately. Girls appreciate well-dresses gentleman.


Compliment her

Girls cannot get enough of compliments. Appreciate every little sweet little detail about her and be frequent enough. For example, tell her she has a cute smile, or how beautiful she looks. Acknowledge the efforts she made to dress up for you.



Just the meeting and greeting isn’t enough. Rooting for something meaningful always starts with a REAL conversation. Talk about the things you like and the ones you don’t. Tell her about your passions and future dreams.

Pay attention! Really listen to what she says, ask her questions. Show that you are really interested in her and be genuine about it.

Pay for her

If you ask a girl out and it is your first date then it’s kind of a chivalry for you to be a gentleman about it. However, if the girl offers to pitch in, let her. This will show that you appreciate her independence and self-responsibility.

Physical gestures

It’s important to make appropriate physical gestures at the right time. Hold the door for her; pull out the chair for her. A romantic dance is always appreciated. These simple, sweet, little things never go unnoticed and are remembered for a lifetime.

Leave her impressed

Drop her home, safely; Give your end-of-the-date, sweet farewells with a non-awkward physical gesture (hand-shake, hug, kiss). Just go with the flow.

Every person is different and therefore, enjoy different things and have different ideas for their own kind of an ideal date. However, these are some sure-things that you should always keep in mind while you plan your first date.

Happy Dating! LOVE!

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