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The Last Hour is an Indian thriller series. It is 7.2/10 IMDb rated and season 2 is the most expected among the fans crowd. The first season has only 8 episodes and is available both in Hindi and English. Here in this article, we have added a few basics about The Last hour Season 2. Be it Release date, plot, cast, and trailer we have covered almost all available information regarding this series. Read more to know more.

To start with, The Last hour as mentioned before is a thriller series. With its sharp plot twists and it has successfully managed to gain huge attention from the crowd. If you are a thriller fan, this series is one best suggestions. Hence watch it if you haven’t already. 8 episodes ! it a quite an easy watch. Post-watch, I’m pretty sure you would badly wait for season 2.


Arup is the main lead who is asked to move towards the north. This is because, he had to walk really, really long from his work to home. The long walk would literally kill him. There are no police officers in that area for anyone’s safety. This place only has Shaman who is ready to help his people. Though he doesn’t have any power, he can see the dead man’s last few hours.

Arup later takes Shaman’s help to find out who raped and killed the actress. Though this sounds like an easy task, it isn’t. Every other person who saw her wanted closeness with her. It was a hill task to find who did what and who didn’t.

Arup was a bit concerned about Shaman’s one-eyed appearance. but his daughter isn’t. She wanted his vision and therefore didn’t consider his physical appearance.



Just like season 1, it is confirmed that The Last Hour season 2 will be released on Amazon Prime.

Release Date | The Last Hour season 2

Team, The Last Hour didn’t release any official release date yet but considering the previous release, let’s tentatively assume that The Last Hour Season 2 will release on May 2023.




Here, we have added the trailer for The Last hour Season 2. Have a look at it.

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