6 Most Popular Thai Drinks That You Must Try

Thai drink

Are you planning to visit Thailand this year? Because of beaches, music, sand, and of course, the Thai drinks that are delicious and set your mood syncing with the music? Or, are you on a family vacation or a bachelorette trip and looking for the best drinks in Thailand? Then, dig it down because this is for you!

Going on vacation and not trying the local cuisines or drinks in Thailand then, what is the difference between going to the place and making memories with the new taste of the city.

List down the Thailand drinks that you must try while you are in Bangkok and enjoy the authentic traditional Thai drinks. Because, why not?

 Top Drinks in Bangkok

Thai Brands

If you are in Thailand, you should not miss this drink. It is like a traditional Thai drink that one must have while in Bangkok. The drink Sang Som is sweet, oaky, and rich in taste. And you can intake this drink with juices and sodas to bring a delicious taste. Hence, it is counted as the best alcohol in Bangkok.

 Sang Som

First introduced

Taste Sweet, oaky, and rich mix
Mix Juices and sodas
Distilled oak barrels
Blended herbs and spices for a rich, earthy flavor

Thai Drinks

This best alcohol in Thailand is distilled from around 95% molasses and 5% rice. If you are a drink lover, you will taste flavored and colored this Thailand alcohol are closer to rum. So, rum lovers, you should try this out and non-rum lovers you should try this out as it is a popular bucket list the traveler has when in Bangkok. This “Thai Spirit” is sweet for your hot summer day. Moreover, you can get this Mekhong Thai Spirit at any convenience store near you. And the best way to drink this mekhong is to mix it with ice.

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Are you are looking for a Thai drink that has caffeine that too in Thai drinks? Then, taste this out!

Thai Drinks

First Introduced 1975
Taste sweetened, non-carbonated energy drink
Mix Juices
Contains water, cane sugar, caffeine, taurine, inositol, and B-vitamins
Blended Ice

Krating Daeng is also known as a Redbull in Thailand. Because the similar brand symbol states the 2 bulls which represent power, red signifying perseverance, and the backdrop of the sun symbolizing energy. Moreover, this drink has 33% less caffeine compared to Red Bull. Apart from that, it is popular and mostly consumed in the US as it is highly uncarbonated which is a plus point, and has vitamins in it.

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Do you know, which is Thailand’s largest and one of Southeast Asia’s largest beverage companies? Dig it down!

Thai Drinks

Singha was first brewed in 1933 and is available in over 50 countries worldwide. Chang is owned by ThaiBev, and this brand is launched in 1995. These are Thailand’s largest and one of Southeast Asia’s largest beverage companies. It is the most popular beer in Thailand and is a traditional Thai drink. In addition to that, Singha is brewed with 100% premium barley malt, three kinds of hops from Europe, and 100% artesian water which is a unique combination that many drinkers crave!

Thai drink

If you are in Thailand or any part of it cha yen aka Thai Iced Milk tea is a must-have. It is made up of lengthy steeping of tea leaves and Thai spices, lending a herbaceous flavor to this unique Thailand beverage. This orange-colored ice milk tea changes its hues from place to place.  This Thai iced milk tea is sweet and heavy which can fulfill your thirst. Moreover, it is dessert cum tea, and surely a must that drinks when you are in Thailand.

Beach is all about smoothies, shakes, and sands. If you are in Thailand, you must try smoothies with different flavors- Pomegranate, grapes,  all the seasonal fruits, and of course Grass jelly. It’s like if you are in Thailand and you didn’t have Grass jelly then what did you have. These grass jelly-gelatinous cubes are made from plant proteins and are naturally sweet which makes them the drinker’s favorite.

Thai Drink

And the best part is this Thai drink-Grass jelly can accompany your Tea, juices, or even into juices. And you can also have this jelly with coconut milk with the brown sugar intake and have this traditional Thai drink and sip it in front of the beach.


Thai drinks are for every taste bud be it a sweet tooth or a sour. You will surely gonna love the taste with a vibe around. Moreover, you can also try Nam Anchan (Butterfly Pea); O-Liang Liang ( Thai Iced Coffee); Coco Yen (Iced Cocoa) and add an authentic taste to your mouth. Check the best price and cheap Thai drinks at stores at discounted prices.

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