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Steps To Complete Amazon Pay KYC

Amazon Pay is a service that allows customers to deposit money into their account and use it to make online purchases on Amazon and its partner sites. Due to RBI regulations, you need to complete your Amazon Pay KYC before using their services. It’s a free service provided by Amazon that entails in-person verification of your information. If you are a longtime Amazon customer, then, you must complete Amazon’s KYC process. Wondering how to complete your Amazon Pay KYC and all the Amazon KYC documents required? Read this article to know everything about Amazon Pay KYC.

A Step By Step Guide To Complete Your Amazon Pay KYC

amazon pay kyc

  • Open the Amazon app, or download it from Google Play Store.
  • Select Amazon Pay from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, click on KYC.
  • Check and upload all your Amazon KYC documents.
  • Make an appointment for document verification after you’ve uploaded all of your documents.

Amazon KYC Documents Required For Verification

amazon kyc documents

All Government-authorized documents can work for Amazon Pay KYC including an aadhaar card, pan card, voter card, passport, driving license, and others. You will need the following Amazon KYC documents.

  • A photocopy of any one of these id cards- pan card, voter ID, driving license, passport, etc.
  • A passport-size photograph

Once you have uploaded these Amazon KYC documents and your verification is complete, you will be notified through SMS and email for all further information.

And then follow the below for detailed Amazon KYC Verification,

Once you have uploaded all Amazon KYC documents, the next step is physical verification.

  • Choose a day and time period that is convenient for you.
  • Select your address for verification.
  • The Amazon representative will then visit your place to verify your original papers, such as your proof of address and pan card.
  • To get started, provide the Amazon agent with your government-issued address proof (driver’s license, passport, or voter card) as well as your pan card.
  • The agent will scan a QR code and then validate your physical verification.
  • You will receive a notification a few days after your verification is approved.

Thus, you can easily complete your Amazon Pay KYC in these simple steps.


FAQs on Amazon Pay KYC

1. Why is Amazon KYC important to complete?

KYC is a prerequisite for your Amazon Pay account within a year of account opening. The Amazon Pay balance is regulated by RBI and is mandatory for customer verification. Customers will not be able to add money to their account after one year, but they will be allowed to use their current balance.

2. Is it safe to use Amazon Pay in India?

Yes, using Amazon Pay is completely risk-free.

3. What should I check before submitting an Amazon KYC request?

The name on the Amazon pay balance must match the name on the Amazon KYC documents; you must have a valid government-issued address proof, and you must be present at the moment of Amazon KYC

4. Is it possible to complete Amazon KYC online?

Yes, you can digitally upload your Amazon KYC documents directly from the app. However, an agent will visit you in person for profile verification.

5. What is the estimated time for Amazon KYC verification?

The Amazon KYC procedure at your doorstep takes about 3 days to complete. Amazon will notify you whether your application is approved or denied.

6. Why was my Amazon KYC request turned down?

Here’s a list of possible reasons for your Amazon KYC request being denied:

  • You’ve uploaded irrelevant documents to Amazon.
  • The name or photo you entered on the Amazon App does not match the information in your Amazon KYC documents.
  • You uploaded Amazon KYC documents that are inaccurate or invalid.

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