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Stepping Out Of Winter With Loveina Fashionwear

“the best fashion advice I’d say would be just to do what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel cute, and that’s how you’re gonna look your best because when you feel your best, everybody else can feel it, too”-Ariana grande.


Its getting bit warmer suddenly. Though the weather still don’t allow to wear a Skirt but its high time to play with our looks. Though I am not much of a winter person but i had  always been fond of layering up clothes. I went shopping a few days back and got a couple of amazing denims from Shoppers stop. And what I bought was a pair of ripped jeans which i think complements my outfit so well. I have styled my maxi dress from Team Loveina as a slit top. As I have mentioned above, its time to play with the look, I paired my slit top with ribbed jeans which i bought from Shoppers stop. This adds to the carefree look. So this is how I styled my Maxi dress from Team Loveina.
39914036-5833-489E-9C53-94CDA6BCEEE0I have used it as a slit top with a blue ripped denim and to complete the look added chunky purse & heels. Also added a watch from Titan to the look so it just adds that oomph to the look. This look is really outgoing i.e. you can go with this look anywhere and everywhere as its extremely light look and yet stands out in the crowd.


I have tied my hair in a bun to keep the look simple yet stylish.
High buns give a tidy and a decent look which is required when you are wearing something like slit top or ripped jeans.
Opening hair along with this look can make it look over the top.
I have completed this look with a pair of shoes which are super comfortable and add glamour to the look.
Makeup should be kept minimum as you need to highlight your inner self and carefree look.


Applying too much of makeup along with this outfit is a big NO NO.
yu can simply apply mascara to your eyes and you are ready to go out with this enviable look.



Dress: Team Loveina
(you can find them on insta,their username is :loveinathe store)
Jeans: Shoppers stop
Shoes: Forever 21
Sunnies: Puma
Watch: Titan
 Eyelashes: Mac

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