Are Tablets Dead!? The 2-in-1 War!

In the past couple of years we have fused the tablet category into both Smartphones as well as laptops and that has resulted in lesser and lesser number of tablets. Following the trend all the major manufacturers have switched to even bigger tablets and doubled them up as laptops with special add on accessories.


In this article we are going to compare some of the choices out there in the market and let you know what exactly is going on …

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Microsoft Surface Pro was released recently with some unique features and a lot of improvements over the previous generations so that now people can actually buy them without second thoughts.

The Surface Pro 4 is definitely a great choice for a 2-in-1 Tablet. You will have a smooth and great overall experience with the new and upgraded Windows 10. It hardly feels like a tablet when it is capable of doing so much more just like any other laptop.



  • New and improved Keyboard+Trackpad (with backlighting).
  • An awesome Surface Pen.
  • Closest to a laptop out of all the following devices with all the great processing power and an inbuilt fan.
  • Has a full size USB port, comes with upto 1TB SSD, full size SD Card port.
  • and much more…


  • Being such a good laptop it actually struggles being a tablet.
  • Not everything is optimized for touch based environment as it’s now secondary when keeping the awesome keyboard attachment in mind.


amazon logoPrice Starting From Rs. 89,990/- [CASHBACK UPTO Rs. 3,600/-]

2. Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is insanely huge, but following the same iPad line-up it actually is very good in terms of what it does and hence is still one of the best tablets out there in the market.

Just like the Surface Pro 4, the tablet is filling the gap between tablets and laptops by getting closer and closer to the laptop world, hence causing such massive display sizes.



  • Insanely fast performance overall because of that A9x chip inside.
  • Best tablet only battery life amongst the competitors.
  • Unlike Surface Pro 4 the touch is the major interaction here, it’s optimized for touch with it’s iPad specific apps, and much more.
  • The Apple Pencil is great in terms of what it’s supposed to do, it’s a great stylus for the ones who wanna get creative.
  • The keyboard accessory is what makes it a laptop so it has to be good, and it is… The keyboard is fully functional with all the necessary keys to make it a laptop.


  • As all the apps and interface is optimised for the touch, it kind of suffers as a laptop so the keyboard is just an accessory to be fair.
  • The size can be a downfall for some as it’s a little difficult to handle considering a 12.9 inch display size.
  • The Apple Pencil (Charging) is just the most weird thing I have ever seen and we expected an eraser within the pencil too… *not complaining though*.


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3. Google Pixel C

…It’s complicated…

It wants to be a laptop, it wants to be a tablet. Its powered by Android, it was supposed to run chrome OS…
As I said, it’s complicated but it still stands here in this list because it’s good may not be the best and may not be doing what was expected but it’s trying…



  • It looks great!
  • The Speakers are great, the always on colorbar also looks cool.
  • The magnetic attachment mechanism is great and reliable.
  • The secondary battery in the keyboard acts as a wireless charger so the combined battery life is great.
  • It has the goodness of Android’s versatile range of apps.


  • The keyboard isn’t functional enough and seems pointless, there isn’t much to use except for the alphabet keys on the keyboard.
  • The tablet isn’t optimized well for android.
  • The lag and stuttering is more common here as compared to the other competitors, it isn’t a problem by any means but it just doesn’t match the performance of the other tablets, mentioned here.

*Not Available In India Right Now…*

 Let me know what you guys think of the tablets… Are they soon going to merge into the laptop world?

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