Tips to Save Money While Booking ticket on BookMyShow 2024

Avoid internet handling charges on Bookmyshow ticket booking

Tips to Save Money While Booking Tickets on BookMyShow: Bookmyshow or BMS in short is one of the greatest inventions when it comes to movies and events ticket booking in India. Its flawless design helps users book tickets without standing in a huge queue for hours before the movie show time. But the internet handling charges are definitely not a small amount especially when we book tickets for the entire family. This article summarizes all the possible methods to save money on your Bookmyshow ticket booking by avoiding the internet handling charges and also talks about ways to get FREE movie tickets on Bookmyshow.

Table of Contents 

  1. How to Book Tickets on Bookmyshow for Movies and Events?
  2. Why does Bookmyshow Charge a Convenience Fee for Movie Tickets?
  3. How to Book Movie Tickets Without Convenience Fee on Bookmyshow?
  4. How to get FREE Tickets on Bookmyshow?
  5. How to Cancel Bookmyshow Movie Tickets?
  6. Conclusion

How to Book Tickets on Bookmyshow for Movies and Events?

Booking tickets on Bookmyshow is a very simple process that even people who don’t use the internet much can book without anyone’s help. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to successfully book your tickets on BMS.

  • Download the BMS app on your smartphone or, Head over to the BookMyShow website
  • Create a FREE account by filling in your personal details like Name, E-mail ID, Mobile number, etc.
  • Once you log in to the app or website, select the location in which you are looking to book tickets.
  • As per the selected location, BMS will show you nearby events and movies available currently to you.
  • You can browse through the list and select the event or movie of your interest or, you can search for the movie or event that you are looking for in the search bar.
  • Once you select the movie of your choice, you can select the number of tickets to book and the seat locations of your choice. You can also pre-order snacks or beverages available at the theatre as an add-on during ticket booking.
  • After completing the above step, you can go ahead and make an online payment.
  • BMS allows multiple payment methods like, credit/debit cards, Net banking, UPI payments, Mobile Wallets, Paypal, Gift Vouchers, and BMS redeem points.
  • Bookmyshow also allows you to buy tickets now and pay later by linking your account with Simpl and Lazer Pay.
  • Once the payment is done, you have successfully booked your ticket and you will receive a QR Ticket to your E-mail ID which is nothing but a digital ticket that you can show in the movie theatre as proof of ticket booking.


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What is the Convenience Fee in Bookmyshow?

Bookmyshow charges some amount as convenience fee or internet handling charges for the service that they are offering on every ticket booking on Bookmyshow for any events or movies. BMS has made our lives easier. But when you book 4 – 5 tickets for a movie, the convenience charge adds us.

  1. Book My Show charges 10% to 15% on every ticket booking as an internet handling charge or convenience fee.
  2. For this Convenience charge, an additional 18% GST will be applied to every ticket booking on BMS.

For example, If you have booked a movie ticket for Rs.1000 on BMS, there will be approximately Rs.100 as a convenience fee. And for the Rs.100, there will be 18% GST applied which will be Rs.18. So collectively, the total amount payable will be approximately Rs.1118.

Ticket Price Rs.1000
Convenience Charges Rs.100 (approx 10%)
GST Rs.18(18% of Convenience fee)
Total Rs.1118

Note: The convenience charges mentioned are the approximate amount as Bookmyshow has not revealed the exact number anywhere.

How to Avoid Convenience Fees in Bookmyshow?

To compensate for the internet handling charges or Bookmyshow convenience fee charged by BMS, We have brought some verified, tested, and 100% working methods to get huge discounts on your BMS movie tickets and events booking in some cases not just to compensate for the BMS convenience fee, but also help you get FREE complimentary tickets.

How to Save on Bookmyshow Ticket Booking? 

Below are the 6 Options to Save Money On Bookmyshow

  1. Bookmyshow Credit Card Offers

    BMS Offer of Rs.500 OFF

  2. Rupay credit card

    Flat 25% OFF up to Rs.200

  3. IDFC First Bank credit card

    Upto Rs.1500 OFF

  4. HDCF credit cards

    Up to 50% OFF on movie tickets

  5. ICICI credit cards

    Flat 25% OFF on selected credit cards

  6. IndusInd Bank credit cards

    Upto Rs.250 OFF on movie tickets

How to Get FREE Tickets on Bookmyshow?

Banks offer the best deals on Bookmyshow movie ticket booking. We have listed down the credit/debit card offers of different banks. Get the credit/debit cards today for the best deals on your BMS bookings.

BMS FREE Ticket Credit Cards Bookmyshow FREE Ticket Offer Details
Elite Credit Cards Get 2 complimentary movie tickets FREE on Elite credit cards every month.
AURUM Credit Cards Get 4 FREE complimentary tickets using AURUM credit cards every month
ICICI Credit Cards Get 1 complimentary movie ticket on selected ICICI credit cards
Play Credit Card Get 2 FREE movie tickets + Rs.100 OFF on Food and beverages using a Play Credit Card.
RBL Bank Credit Cards Use RBL Bank credit cards and get 2 FREE movie tickets every month
Federal Bank Credit Card Grab Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer on movie tickets with Federal Bank Credit card

How to Cancel Bookmyshow Movie Tickets?

Bookmyshow provides movie ticket cancelation prior to 4 to 5 hours of movie show time. But you won’t be getting the entire money as a refund. Instead, 50% to 75% of the money will be refunded depending on the cancellation policy of different movie theatres. But not all theatres allow ticket cancellation. If they did not allow it, then you will not be able to cancel the ticket booking. If they allow it, you will see the “Cancel ticket” option in the “Your orders” section on the BMS app. Then follow the below steps to successfully cancel the ticket booking and get your refund.

  1. Click on “Cancel ticket” in the “Your orders” section
  2. Select if you want the refund amount transferred to the source or BMS reward points.
  3. Click on “Get Refund
  4. You will get your refund in 5 to 7 days if you select refund to source. or,
  5. You will get within 2 hrs if you choose BMS reward points.

Note: Cancellation will not be available if you have applied credit card offers or any other coupons & offers while booking a ticket.


To maximize your discounts, there are a few things you should know before booking a ticket on BookMyShow. Check out more updated offers on Bookmyshow ticket bookings here. We at PaisaWapas keep updating the new offers and discounts for different credit/debit cards and mobile wallets for BMS bookings. Keep an eye on it and enjoy discounts on your movie ticket bookings.

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