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10 Most Popular Raksha Bandhan Drawing Ideas in 2023

Raksha Bandhan Drawing Ideas

Raksha Bandhan is a major Hindu Festival in India where sisters pray for the good health and life of brothers by celebrating this festival and doing all rituals related to Rakhi. Are you looking to draw the Raksha Bandhan drawing? This post helps you a lot to draw a perfect drawing of Raksha Bandhan’s drawing ideas. You can keep these ideas in your mind if you want to draw an amazing and modern sketch of Rakhi drawing.

These ideas are important for all those students who get the homework to draw a perfect drawing of Rakhi 2023. Therefore, without any delay let’s get started with these ideas one-by-one and know more about these ideas from the above post.

Drawing Ideas for Raksha Bandhan

1). Brother and Sister Celebrating Rakhi

It is the first Raksha Bandhan drawing idea that you can follow, and the idea works very well for students who are looking for an easy-to-draw Raksha Bandhan image. You can look at the simplicity of the picture. Sister is feeding sweets to her brother in the above Raksha Bandhan drawing idea 2023.

2). Simple Rakhi-Tie Picture

A simple Rakhi-tie picture is also an amazing drawing idea for Raksha Bandha, that readers can follow for their drawing. This sketch can easily be drawn by a kid as well. You can choose the color combination as per your choice.

3). Raksha Bandhan Pencil Drawing

It is a pencil drawing which is easy to create for the readers. It is a pencil drawing that you can draw for your requirements, and it is quite easy, no colours are required in this drawing design.

4). Show The Festival Colors

In this picture, you can explore the festival colors of Rakhi. Hence, to add more things, you can customize the drawing as per your requirement. You can show these festive colors in one picture and that is the drawing of Raksha Bandhan.

5). Simple Raksha Bandha Drawing Card

A simple card of Raksha Bandhan is also an amazing idea that you can portray in your sketchbook. Therefore, choose a simple drawing for Raksha Bandhan and make your festival memorable with this unique drawing idea.


6). A Sketch of Brother and Sister

A sketch of brother and sister is a good choice for all of us which we can draw as the drawing of Raksha Bandhan. Thus, follow this idea and manage the drawing task easily and hassle-free. The color selection is your choice.

7). Traditional Village Brother and Sister Picture

It is a traditional Raksha Bandhan drawing idea that reflects the life of the village. Here you can check the idea and draw as per your art skills. This picture reflects our tradition and traditional India in just one click.

8). Rituals of Rakhi by Sister 

There are many rituals of Rakhi done by the brother and sister. Here is one more. You can check this Raksha Bandhan drawing idea 2023 and make a perfect picture or drawing on the same. These ideas are only for examples and you can also add your own creativity to them.

9). A Simple Happy RakshaBandhan Drawing Idea

This is a simple idea but unique to follow because there are no colors and it is a pencil drawing. Therefore, if you are interested in making something different in your sketchbook then you can simply take over this idea because it is among the best Raksha Bandhan drawing ideas in 2023 that you can consider.

10). Simply Show Hands and Rituals

When you are not interested in making big sketches or drawing with people, then you can choose this idea because in this Raksha Bandhan image, you can see, only hands are showing with the rituals of Rakhi.

Final Words to Know

Therefore, these are the drawing ideas on Rakhi 2023 that you can also follow for your requirement. These are the basic ideas and from beginners to smart people can easily draw these ideas.

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