Best Pulse Oximeter India 2022 for Accurate Results

best pulse oximeter India

What is Pulsometer or Pulse Oximeter?

It is a portable pulse oximeter that measures your pulse rate just by putting your finger on the device. It will showcase the rate of pulse rate instantly. Subsequently, it works with a battery and can be used anywhere and anytime. Therefore, it is called a finger oximeter. Hence, it is a spo2 sensor that measures your blood oxygen level meter. In addition to that, an electronic device that measures the saturation of oxygen carried in your red blood cells and does pulse reading. Therefore, are you ready to see the best pulse oximeter in India?

The Covid-19 pandemic witnessed a sudden surge in the sale of oximeters and that is why it is pertinent to know how does a pulse oximeter work? Listed below are the most accurate pulse oximeter. 

Pulse Oximeter: how it works

An oximeter machine monitors the level of oxygen (also known as spo2 levels) present in the blood. The spo2 machine also measures the level of light being absorbed by your blood. The spo2 monitor also referred to as an oxygen meter tells you the level of oxygen that is present in your blood. Therefore, you can easily do an oxygen level checker.

How to check oxygen level?

Oxygen measurement which is considered normal may vary from 98 to 99 but if the pulse oximeter readings or the saturation levels drop below 90 then it signifies some serious underlying problem that must be addressed immediately. Pulse oximeter how to use and can be used at any time and any place. 

How oximeter works with a fingertip pulse oximeter? This fingertip pulse oximeter works by putting a finger in the device, where the blood oxygen monitor is done. At this stage, two lights appear namely red light and infrared light.  In an oxygen level monitor, when blood lacks oxygen, it captures additional red light and allows more infrared light to flow through. This is how a pulse oximeter works. 

Your blood cells will appear bluer if they don’t have enough oxygen. In this way, a pulse oximeter works and lets you know the spo2 levels in the body.
Best Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Available Online


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 List of 10 Best Oximeter Brand in India

S.No. Oximeter Buy Online Pulse Oximeter Price
1. Dr. Trust Pulse Oximeter Buy Now
2. Dr. Morepen Pulse Oximeter Buy Now
3. Bpl Pulse Oximeter Buy Now
4. Accusure Pulse Oximeter Buy Now
5. Omron Oximeter Buy Now
6. Microtek Oximeter Buy Now
7. HealthSense Oximeter Buy Now
8. Hesley Pulse Oximeter Buy Now
9. Beurer Pulse Oximeter Buy Now
10. Dr. Odin Pulse Oximeter Buy Now

1. Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter

(Trust Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter With Audio Visual Alarm and Respiratory Rate)

Dr trust oxygen saturation machine is the best best oximeter brand in India. It measures the pulse along with the spo2 levels in the body. This oxygen saturation monitor has established a name in this segment because of the quality of its products offered by it. This oximeter price amazon is priced at Rs. 1699/-. Therefore, it is the best pulse oximeter in India for home use.

best pulse oximeter

Below are a few pros and cons of this product based on the ratings by shoppers on various e-commerce platforms:

Pros Cons
Accurate and speedy measurements Process for registering warranty is complex
Alarm and memory function Bit Overpriced
OLED Screen along with IP 22 water resistance Customer service is not up to the mark.
Discounted Price


2. Dr Morepen Pulse Oximeter 

Dr Morepen Oximeter measures the pulse rate in an oximeter that can let you measure the spo2 saturation levels and the pulse at the same time. This pulse check machine is around 1410/-

best pulse oximeter

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Pros Cons
Auto off function Quality issues
1 year warranty Bit Overpriced
6 Display modes along with the pulse bar Few shoppers complained of Inaccurate reading
Discounted Price

3. Bpl Pulse Oximeter

This Bpl Oximeter is the best oximeter brand in India. It monitors oximeter function is to provide the blood oxygen level most accurately. The Pulse oximeter function is quite easy and simple. This Oximeter price is around 1410/-

pulse oximeter

Pros Cons
Oxygen saturation is accurate as rated by various shoppers Few shoppers faced Quality issues
1 year warranty Bit Overpriced
Batteries and carry pouch are included in the package. Few shoppers complained about the faulty readings.
Discounted Price


4. Accusure Pulse Oximeter 

Accusure Oximeter measures the oxygen saturation level in the blood most efficiently without any hustle and Tussle. Check out the Pros and Cons below and the pulse oximeter on Amazon at a discounted price. 

pulse oximeter

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Pros (pulse oximeter uses) Cons
Excellent Display Few shoppers faced software glitch.
Accurate Results Result varies again and over.
Lightweight and Portable Few shoppers complained about the faulty readings.
Discounted Price


5. Omron Oximeter 

Omron Pulse Oximeter is a non-invasive gadget that uses the fingertip to measure spo2 saturation and pulse rate. This oximeter online is available on for Rs. 1451/- Also, it is known as the Pulse Oximeter India 2022.

pulse oximeter india

Pros Cons
Excellent Display Few shoppers faced software glitch.
Accurate Results Result varies again and over.
Lightweight and Portable Few shoppers complained about the faulty readings.
Discounted Price


6. Microtek Oximeter

Microtek pulse oximeters one of the cheapest oximeters that have been listed above. Also, it has been rated quite well by the customers on Flipkart.

best pulse oximeter

Check out the pros and cons below:

Pros Cons
Pocket Friendly Few shoppers faced inaccurate readings
Accuracy is high Quality issues.
Lightweight and Portable Claiming the warranty is complex
Discounted Price


7. HealthSense Oximeter 

This oxygen level check machine is made from a silicon-type anti-allergic material and ensures that it properly fits every finger. The excellent display shows the result only in 8 seconds.

best pulse oximeter

Pros Cons
Simple and Easy to use Few shoppers find inaccurate readings
One Year Warranty Fluctuations in oximeter level
Accurate results on 8 seconds Quality Issues
Discounted Price


8. Hesley Pulse Oximeter

This spo2 meter or pulse Oximeter online is made of durable and rigid material and has been widely sold on Amazon. Its pulse oximeter function is an easy operation makes it quite efficient to use.

best pulse oximeter india

Pros Cons
Simple and Easy to use Few shopperserrors errors in readings
Accurate oximeter level Quality Issues
Value for money product Bit Overpriced
Buy Now


9. Beurer Pulse Oximeter 

Its small and portable design records the blood oxygen along with the pulse. Because of its design, it is an excellent choice for high-altitude activities and sportsmen. It is a consumer gadget with a straightforward UI. Therefore, it is the best pulse oximeter india

best pulse oximeter

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Pros Cons
Excellent Build Quality Few shoppers find error in readings
Accurate oximeter level No pouch in the box
Small and Portable Few shoppers find inaccurate readings
Discounted Price


10. Dr. Odin Pulse Oximeter 

This oxy pulse meter feature-packed Oximeter comes with some unique features like pulse sound alert, 6 display sense, and low battery alarm.

best pulse oximeter

Pros Cons
Bright and Good Display Few shoppers find error in readings
Accurate oximeter level ‘Unreliable results’ – Posted by few shoppers
Alarming functions Fluctuations in Spo2 readings.
Discounted Price


The Pulse Oximeter has become a necessity in pandemic times. If you wish to purchase an Oximeter, then you can consider buying the above-mentioned oximeters.


  • How accurate are pulse oximeters?

The spo2 pulse oximetry doesn’t provide accuracy, but you will get an average idea of where your oxygen level is. Since it is a portable device, you can check the oxy level at any time and any place.

  • What is a normal reading on a pulse oximeter?

Pulse oximeter accuracy is highest at saturations of 90-100%, intermediate at 80-90%, and lowest below 80%. The pulse oximeter’s normal range should be 95% or higher.

  • Which finger is best for the pulse oximeter?

Pulse Oximeter fingertip should be the middle finger of the right hand. 

  • Which finger to use for the pulse oximeter?

As per the studies, the oxygen meter finger should be your right hand’s middle finger. As it shows the best results. Moreover, avoid using nail colors or cold hands, otherwise, there would be effective on the readings.

  • what are the 2 readings on a pulse oximeter?

If the oxygen level or spO2 level is below 95. Then, you need supplements of oxygen. Otherwise, consult a doctor on an immediate basis.

  •  How much is the pulse oximeter price in India?

So, the oxygen meter price in India ranges from 180 to 1000 bucks. It depends on the brand, the accuracy, the results, and the battery.

  •  What should be the Oxygen level chart by age?

It is not up to age, it’s all about the level of Oxygen level you have in your body.

Condition SpO2 Levels
Normal 95% to 100% on both adults and children
Abnormal (the brain may be affected) 80% to 85%
Bluish discoloration of the skin or Cyanosis Below 67%


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