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Pokemon go gen 2 tips and tricks

Pokemon go gen 2 tips and tricks, tips and tricks in Pokemon go gen 2, secrets in Pokemon go gen 2:

Pokemon go is very popular game by Niantic. Even though game has been has closely followed by the pokemon series, There are some hidden tips and tricks in pokemon go game. Some of the tricks may be related to particular episodes of series pokemon so watching series helps.

tips and tricks in pokemon go

There are many hidden pokemon go gen 2 tips and tricks you may don’t know. These are the top 8 tips and tricks in pokemon go game. Hope these tips and tricks in pokemon go makes your gaming experience better.

How to get Pikachu at start:

tips and tricks in pokemon go pikachu

As soon as you start the game you will get choose any one of the pokemon among charmander, bulbasaur and squirtle. But in series ash comes late so he gets Pikachu as his starting buddy. The same trick is applied here. When the game offers you those three pokemon just run around a bit, you will get Pikachu.

Eevee evolution:

tips and tricks in pokemon go eevee evolution

Eevee is a normal type pokemon which evolves into 5 different type of pokemon. You can change the name eevee as following to get required evolution. Beware it works only once for each pokemon i.e you can change the name only 5 times.

Pyro: flareon(the fire type pokemon)

Sparky: jolteon(the electric type pokemon)

Rainer: vaporean(the water type pokemon)

Sakura: espeon(the  psychic type pokemon)

Tamao: umbreon(the dark type pokemon)

You can also get espeon and umbreon by making eevee as your walking buddy; if it evolves during day then it will be espeon, during night it will evolve into umbreon. But moves sets by this method will be crappy.

Tyrogue evolution:

tips and tricks in pokemon go tyrogue evolution

tyrogue  evolves into hitmontop, hitmonlee or hitmonchan. The following is how it evolves

If defense is greater than attack stat: hitmonlee

If attack is greater than defense stat: hitmonchan

If attack and defense stat are equal: hitmontop

Hope this helped, will  be back next time with rare pokemons of gen 1 and gen 2 that you can capture and best movesets to have in a particular type of pokemon.

PS: The number of pokecoins required to upgrade your pokemon storage is reduced to 100 coins valid only till 28th February. Enjoy !!


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