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You may conduct any kind of transaction with the Paytm wallet. While you receive cashback on various purchases, you can also make money by adding to your Paytm balance. Locate the Paytm coupon code and add funds to receive cashback. Both new and returning customers can use these promotional coupons. Paytm creates fresh add money deals each month to assist consumers in saving money. Additionally, there are several user-specific incentives for money addition. Through this article learn about the Paytm add money promo code in detail.

Methods to Gain Paytm Add Money Promo code

1. Earn 2% Cashback with the Paytm Add Money BoB deal

To receive 2% cashback, add funds to your Paytm Wallet with a Bank of Baroda credit card. This promotion is applicable on add money transactions with a minimum of Rs. 5,000. Each user is eligible for this promotion only once.

  • Earn 2% Cashback when you add funds.
  • Get a rebate of up to Rs. 200.
  • A minimum transaction of 5,000 rupees.
  • Only One-time use per user

2. An automated money-adding system to earn 6K cashback points

Earn 2000 cashback points by setting up auto-addition of funds on Paytm. This promotion is valid on purchases involving an automatic add-money minimum of Rs. 1000. Along with the winning prize you will also receive a scratch card. You can use the payment method of your choice. For example, UPI, a credit card, a debit card, or net banking for auto-add money.

During this period of the offer, you can use it only three times and can earn 6,000 cashback points. This extra money offer is available to you once each month. When you’re done with your transaction, earning points will be credited within 7 days to your account. The Paytm Gift Card is exchangeable for the cashback points.

3. Additionally, when you add money, you can potentially uncover unexpected gifts worth up to Rs. 1000

A scratch card with unexpected benefits can be unlocked by adding Rs. 10 or more to your wallet. Each user may take advantage of this deal once while adding funds. A scratch card will be given to the user after the transaction is finished. The user will obtain his or her Voucher after scratching off the card. The cashback & offers the location of the app is where you may use the voucher you obtained from Paytm Vouchers & Deals.

Use of the Paytm Add Money Promotional Code.

  • Launch Paytm
  • Select “Add money”
  • Add the appropriate quantity.
  • Choose “I have a coupon code”
  • Use the discount code
  • Continue adding money by using the appropriate payment method.
  •  Within 24 hours your cashback will be credited to your account.

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4. Receive Rs. 25 on Money Addition for “Selected Users”

Get an Rs. 25 cashback when you add Rs. 500 to your Paytm wallet. Only a few users are eligible for this promotion. To take advantage of the deal, you must add a minimum of Rs. 2500. Select any payment method, such as a debit card, UPI, or online banking, to contribute money.

After your transaction, the cashback will be applied to your account. To determine your eligibility, visit the add money area since the promotion is user-specific.

5. New user Paytm Add Money Offer

Paytm frequently provides enticing promotions for new customers i.e., Paytm First Subscription Offer. On your first user transaction, recharge, bill payment, and add money, you also receive bonus benefits. You are qualified for the new user to add money offer if this is your first time adding money to your wallet.

6. Paytm’s Rupay Card Add Money Offer For customers of various credit and debit cards, Paytm also offers incentives.

You may add money and receive rewards by using your Rupay card. All holders of Rupay cards are eligible for the promotion. To take advantage of this promotion, use your Paytm Rupay card or any other bank card. Currently inactive, we’ll update the Rupay card and add a coupon code as it becomes available.

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7. Offer to Add Money to Paytm Wallet

Paytm has in the past offered rewards to consumers who contribute money through UPI. This promotion is valid when you use your Paytm UPI ID to add money. Follow the below-mentioned steps,

  • Create an account right now if you haven’t already with Paytm UPI. At any point, the back might return.
  • Utilizing UPI has a variety of advantages. Once you’ve added money to your Paytm wallet, it’s time to learn how to utilize it and what deals you can take advantage of with it.
  • On Paytm, there are several wallet deals that are refreshed each month. You may save money on anything from groceries and gadgets to telephone recharge. Using Paytm Gift Wallet

8. How can I move money from my Paytm wallet to my bank account?

Although the Paytm wallet is commonly used, it appears more beneficial to have money in your bank account. If you share this opinion and wish to transfer the funds from your wallet to your bank account, it is simple to do so. You need to complete your KYC to avail this option.

To transfer money from your Paytm wallet to your bank account after completing your KYC, follow the procedures listed below.

  • Activate the Paytm App. Simply click the wallet symbol.
  • Select the option for “Transfer to Bank Account” now.
  • Type the money and bank information in.
  • Validate the transfer.
  • Money will be promptly deposited into your bank account.

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Hacks to winning your Paytm reward

  • Old User Add Money Offer for Paytm Gift Wallet 

Get 100 percent cash back with the Paytm old user add money offer. With the promotion, the maximum cashback is Rs. 100. No transaction minimum applies. Cashback will be given to lucky winners within 24 hours of the purchase. Every hour, 100 fortunate users have a chance to win. 100% payback on additional funds for a hundred fortunate winners each hour Any number of times can be utilized with a coupon. Valid for both novice and seasoned users 100 rupees is the maximum cashback.

  • SBI Card and Paytm Add Money Offer 

Even when adding money, you might receive cashback through various bank promotions. Users of SBI Bank get access to a fantastic deal. Get 4% cashback when you use an SBI Debit or Credit card to make a purchase. Apply the discount code SBI ADD to your purchase. Your Paytm Gift wallet will be credited with the cashback. This promotion is fantastic for getting more value for your money.

  • Offer from Axis Bank to Add Money to Paytm

For a discount when adding funds to your Paytm wallet, use the code WLTAXIS. Axis Bank cardholders are eligible to use the promo code. Use the promotional code to receive 5% cashback when adding funds. The add money coupon is only good for a short time. So before it expires, use the coupon

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