Now Play, Answer, and Win assured Prizes: iPhone 11, One Plus Nord, Amazon vouchers much more

We all are bored at home waiting for months to resume the breathiness of life. One such excitement that we nearly lost was Dream 11 IPL which we have now. But, what else does it bring wit itself? Exciting games offers deals, and quizzes online to earn amazing prizes from the comfort of our homes.

Best IPL Cricket Quiz 2020: PaisaWapas – PW T20 Prediction Contest

PaisaWapas has started an online quiz based on Cricket for Cricket lovers predicting daily IPL matches 2020. The more you predict every day in this IPL Quiz the more you earn. every day towards grand prizes.

Online Cricket QuizOnline Cricket Quiz 2020 ‘Predict and Win’
PW T20 Contest Start Date 2020 – PW T20 Prediction Contest18th September 2020
PW T20 Contest End Date – PW T20 Prediction Contest10th November 2020

Top IPL Cricket Quiz 2020: What are the prizes for online IPL Quiz?

Daily Prices for Online Quiz 2020

■Top 20 players will get Rs.100 Prizes (Rs.50 Amazon Voucher + Rs. 50 BalleBazzi Ticket) 

■From 21-100 Will get Rs. 50 BalleBazzi Ticket

How to Redeem Balebaazi tickets?

Visit – Download the App – Enter your unique code in “Invite Code” and mobile number – Enter OTP – Registration is complete and you can check the bonus in your wallet.

  • Check your Free Ticket in the Mega League.

For Old User On BB
Step 1. Open the BalleBaazi application.
Step 2. Go to “More” at the bottom right corner.
Step 3. Click on “Redeem Code”
Step 4. Enter the unique code and click on the submit button.

Tournament Winner (Highest Scorer) for Online Quiz 2020

■iPhone 11 64GB (Rs. 68,300) 

■OnePlus Nord 5G – 256GB (Rs. 29,999) 

■Redmi Note 9 128GB (Rs. 13,499)

 Grab more Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 1,000

Tips and Tricks to win online IPL Cricket Quizzes

IPL Cricket Quizzes are the trendiest games in 2020. To win a Quiz try to be consistent and play early on a regular basis. Keep the earliest time to play the entire tournament a priority. Answer the questions correctly the moment they are announced to grab the first come first serve position.

Never miss earning Free Points in any online game. Online quizzes are majorly fluctuated based on the ways to grab free runs where you leave behind other players by considerable numbers.

How to earn Free points in Online Games/ Online Quizzes?

Every game has their cheats and free points are a kind of cheat codes where you excel over others at times even make up for the lost points in an online game.

PaisaWapas Online Game Free Hits/ Free Points for the Quiz

  • You can get 4 Runs as Free Hit on every Rs 500 Gift Voucher that you purchase from Amazon through PaisaWapas. Only 3 gift cards per day are allowed to earn some extra runs.
  • If you predict all the 60 matches then you will win 100 runs on Final day.

Rules to Play online Quiz Game 2020: PaisaWapas – PW T20 Prediction Contest

  • To play in the contest you need to be a PaisaWapas user. ‘Predict to Win’, play now by Sign Up or log in through PaisaWapas.
  • Ensure that your email verification and profile are completed to participate in the contest.
  • There will be 10 questions with multiple choices to answer.
  • 1 correct answer is equal to 4 runs in the game.
  • Bonus runs of 6 ‘a Sixer’ will be added if your name enters in top 100 for the day.
  • Winners for every day’s contest will be announced by next day 11 am on the same contest page.
  • You can not participate more than once for a single contest. Your first entry is final and it is unchangeable. So, be careful while predicting the answers.
  • If the match for the day is not played for any unforetold reasons then that day’s quiz will not be considered and zero runs will be awarded by default to all the participants.
  • In case of a tie for the highest scores, the winner will be declared on the basis of early submission.
  • More you play more the chances to enter as grand winners. 
  • If nobody makes an exact prediction then there will be no winner for that particular day’s contest.
  • The scores will be updated on the “Leaderboard” tab. There exist two leader boards: Daily Match and Tournament based.
  • PaisaWapas reserves the right to change the above terms without any prior notice.
  • There will be Grand prize for Tournament winners as well as daily winners.

I am up to play this amazing contest and grab some exciting prizes what about you? Are you ready?

Posted by Srishti