Namma Bengaluru- The Technical Hub of India

Often referred to by travellers as the ‘Prince of India’, due to its unconditional weather throughout the year, well-laid out gardens, alluring lakes, established educational institutions, top of the line international airport and state-of-the-art IT set-up, Bengaluru is truly one of the best cosmopolitan cities in India. Bengaluru is one city in India that’s always buzzing with young and vibrant energy! Even a summer afternoon is breezy with people hanging out on streets and quaint cafes lurking in every corner; Bengaluru is the city of freshness, the city of best hand-crafted beer, the city of fashionistas and the city of love and hospitality.

A day or two in this bustling city

Whether one visits the city for work or pleasure, it will always welcome them with open arms! While in this beautiful garden city there are few things one can’t give a miss like hanging out in a pleasant and antiquated cafe, shopping at some posh malls, grabbing some authentic meal, or visiting some of its iconic gardens. All this can only be possible if one has a car at their disposal for easy breezy commuting. All one needs is to get hold of the steering, set the Google map to the direction, and just discover the city in its crudest form.


No matter which city one visits, reporting to places in time becomes an issue due to the ever-increasing city traffic. While most prefer booking a taxi as it just a matter of few clicks on the phone these days and do seem like the easiest way to travel around but sometimes waiting for the taxi to arrive on time for the pickup itself seems like a never-ending wait! Playing the blame-game may be an easy option but there is a better way to deal with this crisis; just have a self-drive car. This gives people the option to start whenever they are ready to start, follow whichever direction they wish to follow, take a break wherever and whenever they want, and still reach the destination within the expected period!

Freedom to do things independently

It is always a luxury to be independent in a new or a neighbouring city. Visiting for work or on a holiday with one’s family, waiting for cabs or bargaining with local auto drivers can really be tiresome and time-consuming too. One can now hire a range of four wheelers from one of the leading pioneers in self drive cars rentals, Zoomcar. If you want a car on rent in Bangalore without too much of fuss, then just download the Zoomcar app or visit their website. From hatchback to sedans to SUVs, it has all kinds of luxury cars on rent in Bengaluru.

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