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MWC ’16- What To Expect

As the Mobile World Congress 2016 approaches our excitement increases for the new tech we are going to witness this year from huge manufacturers.

Mobile World Congress or MWC like the way many know it, is the biggest mobile trade showcase stage of the year.
All the big mobile phone makers from around the world come to Barcelona in order to unveil their great devices.

This year, we are going to see a few well known manufacturers as well as some newbies too. So, here is everything you should expect this year at MWC.


Although it was pretty obvious but Samsung has officially confirmed that they are going to release the next Galaxy Flagship at MWC 2016.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to be launched with it’s big brother the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, evolving the design from last year and offering enhanced internal specifications.


Along side the two Galaxy Smartphones we are expecting some advancements in VR, probably another headset? There have also been some rumours going around that Samsung is going to release a 360 degree camera to capture VR content. All we have to do is wait a few days until 21st of Feburary…

LG AT MWC 2016

On the same day we are going to see another big manufacturer unveil it’s next Flagship. LG is going to have a press event at 2pm on Sunday 21 February for the next flagship that is the LG G5.


The LG G5 has seen plenty of rumours. The new phone is going to be a drastic change in design as compared to the previous generations. It’s said to be modular in nature, with a metal body, but changeable battery, as well as offering a Magic Slot. An always on display has been teased too.


LG has moved away from it’s schedule in order to go head to head with Samsung. Seems like LG has a lot of confidence in the G5. It could be a game changer, we’ll have to see…


LG also announced that they are going to launch the X series and LG Stylus 2. While the former category has 2 phones aimed at mid range category the X Cam and X Screen, the latter is a sequel to the LG G4 Stylus…



Lenovo recently teased a new smartphone that they are going to release at MWC this Year. It would be their first time at MWC as it’s now finally trying to get into the western market.


The device is going to come with an all metal body supposedly and reports claim that it would be a successor to the Lemon 3 which is going to be called Lenovo Lemon 3 Plus.

The company said in it’s tweet, “A gorgeous new device has been engineered from scratch to deliver the #Knockout punch.” So, all the best Lenovo!

Other than that a few other companies are going to be making appearance too…


We probably aren’t going to se Huawei Mate P9 this time around, but surprisingly we are expecting a 2-in-1 device from them that’s rumoured to be called Huawei Matebook, and according to our guesses it would run on Windows 10 because that’s probably the most suitable for 2-in-1 systems.


The picture is quite blur for SONY, although they have sent invites be we aren’t very sure as to what we are expecting to see at MWC. We are guessing that Sony may unveil their next Tablet, Probably a new device in M or C series, and there have been reports of Smart Bluetooth Headsets, and other wearable tech.



HTC has really declined in the smartphone market in the past couple of years. So probably after seen what happen last year with HTC One M9, we aren’t going to see the One M10 right now, so there will be come focus on other line ups by the company, like the Desire series, UA Healthbox and may be some VR Vive too….


Xiaomi is going to launch the long awaited Mi5 at MWC this year. The company is going to unveil the phone the same day it’s holding a press event in Beijing.


Xiaomi global VP Hugo Barra has also sent some tweets regarding the phone being powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and a screenshot of the device’s interface too.

So, CES is going to be a nice event probably dominated by Samsung and LG war this year… There are other manufacturers too in the game but we’ll have to wait and watch how it goes … Till then enjoy this leaked video of the Galaxy S7…

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